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Handout for the Presentaion on Enhancing your Brand through Social Media delivered to the OD Network of WNY on June 10, 2011

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Odn of wny 6 10 11 Handout

  1. 1. Enhancing Your Brand through Social Media For ODN of WNY June 10, 2011 Presenter Terry Babij Social Media Revolution by Socialnomics Click Here to start Video 2
  2. 2. Conversation PrismClick for Source Listening for pulse of community • Lurkers • Use search and other tools to listen for positive and negative conversations • Promote Social Media with SHARING on Web-Sites and E-Mail messages
  3. 3. Various Platforms– LinkedIn– Facebook– Twitter– You Tube– RSS– Blogs
  4. 4. Social Media Iceberg• So much going on out of sight!• Need to pick your strategy• Be prepared to alter course• Once you have committed there is no stopping • Originally a place to post resumes and look for work. Now a popular B2B or Professional Social Network • Single profile • Business Networking • Company pages • LinkedIn Groups –Discussions • LinkedIn® Answers
  5. 5. My LinkedIn Profile• Must be invited to join someone’s network and are only supposed to invite people you know (if you know e-mail)• May ask others for introduction• Some people have profiles but do not accept invitations???• Publications ETC• Links Company Page• A Place to Promote Company• Upload Products• Make Announcements• Publicize Events• Others can follow
  6. 6. Social Compass Click for Source Facebook• Many changes and updates. Hard to keep up.• More conversational and less management than Web Site• How to manage different profiles • Personal Profiles – Limited to 5,000 friends – Personal – Should not conduct business – Small print may find your page gone
  7. 7. Personal Profiles cont’d• May want multiple profiles? – Personal – Professional• News feed delivered by FB to your wall• Others can post or write on your wall• Direct messages• Pokes• “PAGES” and “GROUPS” Company Pages
  8. 8. Company Pages• Business Focused or Not For Profit• Create “Welcome” page so 1st time visitors do not land directly on wall using FBML• Ideally less about you more about what the readers or FANS would like to see• Find good content and share with questions or comments• Goal 25 Likes to customize Page URL• Real traction starts at 500-1,000 Likes Pages Cont’d• PEOPLE can Like not PAGES• Use FB as Page to post to wall and others Need to post as Page to have Impressions• People and Pages who “Like” can post on CO Wall if settings permit – Admin can remove inappropriate posts• Aim to be “REMARKABLE”• Impressions and Insights
  9. 9. Insights Impressions• Similar context to advertizing. – Impression = viewing – Higher comment and LIKE should produce more impressions – FB will suggest to others they think may be interested• The Life of a post does last! – Can be shared and then show on other walls• Resides on Company Wall
  10. 10. Group Pages• Groups different from Pages• For Not 4 Profits, Clubs or Orgs.• NKBA WNY• NFCC• Great way to have open conversations and community input Insights to Goals• Likes or Fans good for organic growth can this correlate to business growth?• Active users Monthly, Weekly, Daily• Interactions• Comments• Link back to Web Site measure with Google Analytics (Referring Site)• Share and comments are gifts
  11. 11. Click for SourceTwitter Twitter• Profiles (“@” Handles) – Personal – Professional • Not required to follow all who follow – Company • Department or Job Specific • Some companies have unique handle for each person • Etiquette to follow all who follow• @BestBuy many respond to question
  12. 12. Twitter Cont’d• Half life of Tweet about 90 seconds – Those who are communicating will see and it will be stored in your timeline• No such thing as butting in on Twitter• Need to listen and look for opportunities to contribute• Twitter ideal way to publicize Blog• It is okay to repeat yourself Twitter Jargon• Tweet• Retweet• #Hashtags• Searches Saved• #FF• Tweetups• Many Texting Acronyms used
  13. 13. Blogs• Many platforms – Wordpress – Typeworks – Blogger – LinkedIn• On website• Must be scheduled and regular• Use to create Social Media activity – What would your readers be interested in? Google as a Content Tool & other Applications • Analytics • Google Alerts • Good News • Google Reader – Show Blog stats! • Dashboards – Tweetdeck
  14. 14. Click for Source Goals• Likes• FB Impressions and Feedback• Company Web Site Registrations• Inbound links from Social Media• Added traffic on Web Site• Blog traffic created• Added traffic at Trade Shows
  15. 15. My Reading List• Content Rules by C.C. Chapman and Anne Handley• Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel• UnMarketing by Scott Stratten• Flip the Funnel by Joseph Jaffey• Engage Brian Solis• Poke the Box Seth Godin• Empowered by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler Forrester Research Do the Work by Steven Pressfield Resources• http://www.briansolis.com/• http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/• www.google.com – Many Blogs and podcasts subscribed to• iTunes for Podcast management• Intersection Consulting
  16. 16. Where to Find Me?LinkedIn Terry BabijFacebook Business Profile Terry Babij Personal Profile Terry Babij Different Picture Company www.facebook.com/berenson.corpTwitter Business Handle @TerryBabij Personal Handle @FE_CameraGuy Company @BerensonCorpFlickr Terry BabijE-Mails: Tbabij@Berensonhardware.com, Tbabij@cogeco.ca,Phone: Desk 716-332-4271 Cell: 716-348-7830 You can find many more free templates on the Presentation Magazine website www.presentationmagazine.com Questions?