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TV Webinar - Social Media Marketing and Advertising


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Webinar presented to Tourism Vancouver members - Social Media Marketing and Advertising

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TV Webinar - Social Media Marketing and Advertising

  1. 1. Social Media MarketingUnderstanding Social Media and Advertising Online
  2. 2. Quick Sound Check• You should now be able to hear the presenter speaking• If you are having any difficulties hearing this presentation, please type a message in to the chat box to alert webinar organizers
  3. 3. Social Media MarketingUnderstanding Social Media and Advertising Online
  4. 4. Webinar Recording• FAQ: Will this recording be made available after the webinar?
  5. 5. About Us• Provide advanced digital marketing solutions• Business of all sizes and industries• Our goal is to help businesses: – Elevate their online brand reputation – Generate more leads through the Internet – Tap into new revenue opportunities – Take their profit potentials to higher levels• World’s largest network of Internet Consultants• Service more than 80 countries internationally• Corporate head office in Toronto, Canada
  6. 6. Speakers• Mauricio Rojas • WSI President’s Circle member • VP of Information Systems at “Internet Marketing Center” • Information Systems Sr. Executive for 3B+ company • BD Manager at Oracle Corporation Canada • MBA and a MA at University of Southern California
  7. 7. What this Webinar will CoverSocial Media • Basics & Benefits • Video Marketing Opportunities • Social Networks • Social Syndication • Online Reputation Management • Measurement • Next steps
  9. 9. What is Social Media?social media is basically a conversation Did you You won’t Hi! What’s up? hear? believe...
  10. 10. What is Social Media?• Using Networks such as:
  11. 11. What is Social Media? Social Bookmarking Video/Photo/Music Sites Sharing Sites•Tumblr •Wikipedia •Blogger•Facebook •Scribd •Wordpress •Digg •YouTube•Google + •Squidoo •Moveable Type •Technorati •Flickr•LinkedIn •Gather •Yahoo 360! •StumbleUpon •Photobucket•Twitter •MSN Spaces • •Picasa Social Networking Content Sharing Blogging Sites Sites Sites
  12. 12. Use of Social Media Today
  13. 13. Use of Social Media Today
  14. 14. How often do you use Social Media? (personal) Poll Question
  15. 15. Barriers to Social Media Adoption
  16. 16. SEO & Social Media Work Together• Just adding pages and pages of content as an SEO strategy doesn’t cut it anymore And I’m Social Media.• Social Media is the new way Hello. I’m SEO. to take your SEO strategy to the next level• Social Media increases the number of high quality links and targeted traffic
  17. 17. Social is Dominating Search Results Video Sharing Site User Generated Site Video Sharing Site Social Networking
  18. 18. Social Media important for my business (?) Poll Question
  19. 19. Use of Social Media Today
  20. 20. Use of Social Media Today
  22. 22. Is there a video of your business available online? Poll Question
  23. 23. Opportunity with Video Results
  24. 24. YouTube Optimization
  26. 26. Most Popular Social Networks
  27. 27. Who Uses Facebook?
  28. 28. Facebook Pages• In February 2010: there were 1.5 million local businesses that have active pages on Facebook.• In December 2011: 9 million businesses use Facebook to promote themselves. 3.2 million of them have active pages.
  29. 29. Facebook Pages
  30. 30. Does your business have a Facebook page? Poll Question
  31. 31. Using Facebook Events
  32. 32. Facebook Advertising
  33. 33. Facebook Advertising Information You Can Tell Google: Someone searches for a keyword phrase, and they are in a certain location  show my ad
  34. 34. Facebook Targeting
  36. 36. Create Blog Post
  37. 37. Publish Post to Blog
  38. 38. Tweet on Twitter
  39. 39. Post on Facebook
  40. 40. Syndicate to Gain Rankings RSS Directories Blog Post TwitterPress Release Website Facebook Content Article LinkedIn Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon
  41. 41. More Time Spent Online Than Ever Internet 32.7 hours per week Watching TV 16.4 hours per week Reading newspapers & © Reach Local. magazines 3.9 hours per week
  42. 42. Did you know?Toronto Star Article (September 2010)Source: Google Canada• Consumers spend more time online than TV• Consumers rely heavily on the internet to research their purchases• Less than half of researchers are committed to a brand before starting their search• The internet is twice as important than family or friends in making a purchase decisionYet, advertisers on average spend10% of their ad spend online...
  43. 43. What Social Media networks are the most popular amongyour clients? Poll Question
  45. 45. Measuring Social Media
  46. 46. Measuring Social Media Google Analytics “Visitor Flow”
  47. 47. Measuring Social Media Google Analytics “Visitor Flow”
  48. 48. Exclusive for Members• Download: “Social Media Strategy Guide” From: www.TourismVancouverSeminars.comComplimentaryGuide
  49. 49. Additional Resources Member Knowledge Center Webinars Resources Offers• Recordings • Guides • Special offers• Presentations • Whitepapers exclusive to • Reports members 49
  50. 50. Upcoming WebinarWEBINAR # 5: Online Reputation Management3 Steps to Balance Risk and RewardDate: Tuesday Aug 21th 2012Time: 10 AM AUGUST 21st