How brands can effectively use Google+


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A brief presentation on how brands can effectively utilize Google+ for Social Outreach

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How brands can effectively use Google+

  1. 1. Google+ - How can brands effectively utilize it for Social Outreach
  2. 2. Facts about Google+
  3. 3. Philosophy of Google+ o Messages are Impersonal o Comments are not conversations o Recommendations lack staying power o Marketing is fragmented New ways of sharing, across all of Google This is what their tagline stands for. The core philosophy extending Google’s Information upheaval and taking it to the next level, defines Google+ trying to at least come up with concept of Social Sharing and Social Consumer engagement in terms of brands and people connecting with each other.
  4. 4. Why Google+ for brands? • Millions of people are already using Google+ in what feels to be an organic and referral-based ecosystem. • Google uses information gathered in Google+ to improve search rankings and findability of information. • Being that Google is the no. 1 search engine in the world, you might have now another reason to be present on Google+, a Google product. • Google+ is tied to Google search, so by using it well you can use your primary website’s findability for folks searching for it. • Google+ is a clear signal that Google, a company that dominates search, thinks that social platforms send important information that validates and verifies the importance of specific links. • Therefore, you’re likely to get better search rankings and results if you appropriately use Google+.
  5. 5. Why Google+ for brands What are some key differentiators of Google+ 1. Google+ Pages in Search 2. Google+ Hangouts 3. Google+ circles When your customers search on Google, the results to the right may include relevant posts, photos, and videos from your Google+ page. Get found across Google, right when your customers are most interested. From customer appreciation events to feedback sessions, distributed team gatherings to concerts, Hangouts make it easy to reach out and talk with people around the world. With one click, you can set up video conversations with customers and colleagues alike -- all over high- quality, easy-to-use video chat. You can make the conversation even bigger by hosting a Hangout on Air, allowing you to live-stream and record your Hangout so the whole world can watch. Google+ Circles helps making Social more accountable and sharing of content stream to relevant audience, influencers is much more easier.
  6. 6. Google+ pages in search
  7. 7. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Pages in Search Think of your Google+ page as your brand hub. Your page, along with your profile image and recent posts, is eligible to show on the right-hand side of our results when relevant to a customer’s search. Relevant posts can also show up within search results for your page’s followers.
  8. 8. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Pages in Search It’s now easier than ever for people to connect with you or your business—right on Google. People can find popular and engaging Google+ profiles and pages on the right hand side of results when relevant to their search. For specific searches, such as the name of a popular band, we might show the band's Google+ page.
  9. 9. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Pages in Search – 3 steps to become eligible 1. Be sure to verify your page or profile and fill out the “About” section to let people know who you are, how to find you or your business, the URL to your website and other information relevant to people that might want to follow your profile or page. 2. Grow your audience so more people can join in the discussion around the content you post and make your profile or page stand out. 3. Tell your story and post content regularly (within the last 72 hours) to make sure that when people search for you, you have fresh posts to engage with them. The more your followers engage with the content you post, the stronger your following will be.
  10. 10. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Pages in Search – Improve content appearing. To improve the likelihood of your Google+ content appearing whenever it’s relevant, you should link your Google+ Page to your website by installing a small snippet of code. This code lets Google know that your website is associated with an official Google+ Page. Social Extension for Adwords From ads, to your site, to Google+, there are lots of ways for people to recommend your company. Social extensions let people see more of your customers' recommendations across Google by linking your Google+ page to your AdWords campaign. We tally the social interactions with your brand, including +1’s for your Google+ page, website, and ads. The bottom line? Ads with annotations average 5-10 percent more clicks. Why use social extensions? Search ads with Google+ average 5-10 percent more clicks, and AdWords social extensions let you show more of them to people across Google. Whether they’re seeing ads, search results, or your Google+ page, your customers will see the annotations -- like +1’s -- your business has received.
  11. 11. Why Google+ for brands Inspire visitors to recommend and share with +1 People trust recommendations from people they know, and adding the +1 button to your site makes it easy for visitors to show their support and share what they like about your content. You can also extend that reach even further by enabling AdWords social extensions with a simple snippet of code. Why use the +1 button? Encouraging others to share your Google+ and site content expands your reach. Drive greater engagement with your company and your content by letting people see recommendations from friends and colleagues. How to add the +1 button? Just place a short snippet of code to your site's HTML where you want to display the button. Visit our +1 tool to customize your button size and and generate the code snippet.
  12. 12. Google+ Hangouts
  13. 13. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Hangouts From customer appreciation events to feedback sessions, distributed team gatherings to concerts, Hangouts make it easy to reach out and talk with people around the world. With one click, you can set up video conversations with customers and colleagues alike -- all over high-quality, easy-to-use video chat. You can make the conversation even bigger by hosting a Hangout on Air, allowing you to live-stream and record your Hangout so the whole world can watch. Connect face to face with Google+ hangouts
  14. 14. Google+ Badges
  15. 15. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Badges One of the easiest ways to promote your page is to add the badge to your site so visitors can engage with you on your Google+ page. How well does it work? Top publishers have seen an average follower increase of 38 percent after adding the Google+ badge to their sites. You can add the Google+ badge to any of your pages simply by adding a short snippet of code to the page’s HTML. Visit theGoogle+ badge configuration tool to customize your badge size and generate the code snippet to add to your page. Why use Google+ badges? How to add the badge to your site?
  16. 16. Google+ Ripples
  17. 17. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Ripples Your content is your social currency, and now it’s easy to see who’s sharing the wealth. Google+ Ripples’ data visualization shows you who’s sharing and resharing your posts most often. This lets you identify influencers and follow how their communities react to your content. Ripples visualizes sharing interaction data for your posts over time. This makes it easy to follow key influencers and learn what content is most compelling to your audience. Trace your post with ripples Why use Google+ Ripples? How to use Google+ Ripples? Ripples provides a visual guide to who has publicly shared a post or URL and the comments they’ve made. Use it to spot trends and track the spread of posts over time, or see how a post was shared and in which languages.
  18. 18. Attract followers to your Google+ page
  19. 19. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Pages – How to attract followers? It's never a good idea to start promoting something before it's truly "ready," whether it's a new blog, a new campaign, or a new social presence. Spend some time optimizing your Google+ page and building it up with content and posts before you start promoting your presence. This way, when new visitors land on your page, they'll have a rich, positive experience that engages them. Optimize and Populate Your Page With Content First: Promote Your Presence in Other Social Networks Once your page is ready for prime time, use the other weapons in your social media arsenal to promote your new Google+ presence. Leverage the reach you've already built up on these other channels to encourage fans and followers to check out your new Google+ Page and follow you there. Write a blog about your new Google+ page Speaking of leveraging your current reach in other channels, why not use your blog to promote your presence, too? Write a blog post about your new Google+ Page, what you'll be sharing there, and why your blog readers should want to follow you.
  20. 20. Google+ Communities
  21. 21. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Communities Whether it’s for your family, your book club or people around the world who share your interests, communities give each of your different groups a home base. Post beautiful photos and videos, plan events or even have face-to-face discussions in a hangout. And stay connected on the go through the Google+ mobile app. Gather Together Have rich conversations Explore your interests? From foodies, to volunteer groups, to football fanatics, communities help you find people who are into the same things you are. Share news, ideas and passions with just the right people, or meet some new ones by joining public communities.
  22. 22. Why Google+ for brands Google+ Communities Gather real-world groups of people like your basketball buddies, fellow classmates and family. If you find yourself sharing regularly with the same core group of people, communities are a fast and fun way to stay in touch No matter what you’re into, there are people on Google+ you can talk with about it. Search for public communities around the topics you’re passionate about and join the conversation. You’ll be learning new things and making friends in no time. Create Private / Open Communities Join Public Communities Share how you want where you want There are lots of way to share with your communities. Get home welding tips from your DIY pals in a hangout, share restaurant reviews with fellow foodies, or use Google+ Events to plan your next block party. You can share with communities from anywhere you find Google+: on YouTube, Google Maps, or through the +1 button on sites across the web.
  23. 23. THANK YOU Srinivas Kulkarni Social Web Advocate @srinistuff