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Adam Vincenzini's presentation on implementation at the Google+ for businesses and brands conference.

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  • How to be prepared and take advantage
  • Also add ParatusComms FB page link and link to G+ page
  • Key takeout from section one…
  • A lot depends on where you are on the social media lifecycle chart
  • There are pluses and minuses to both approaches…
  • At the moment is it just a marketing platform for Google products?
  • Is there any way to make this slide a bit less confusing? Less arrows maybe?
  • If you do decide to create...
  • This was the Decathlon example. I have amended the copy.
  • All this slide is saying is that if you just feed your community ‘salesy’ product or marketing messages you won’t appeal to hem as much as you could. The key to any community, online or offline, is to identify shared interests. Once you have your bucket of shared interests / passions, you can connect on more than just a product level. If you can be useful within this context, you will generate an even greater rapport.
  • Balance, again, is key here. By using each of these different types of consumer engagement techniques you can keep your destination fresh and followed.
  • A very common sense slide but getting the balance right is often difficult. Yes, communities thrive on great and relevant content, but it needs to be something they can interact with. And, if you don’t promote your community, there won’t be anyone there to interact with the environment you are creating.
  • Key takeout from section one…
  • Key takeout from section one…
  • I think point 3 might be difficult for a lot of businesses to do unless you run your ‘followers’ through the company’s CMS you won’t know whether they are customers or buyers. A more relevant example might be Male, Female, Staff or Age groups
  • Intro
  • Implementation - Google+ for businesses and brands

    1. 1. Getting the most out of Google+ pages Activation framework The good, the bad and the ugly #Gplusbrands
    2. 2. Today’s Focus Creating and maintaining relationships with the people who matter to you. #Gplusbrands
    3. 3. Outline1 2 About 3 What are Google+ Basic pages? Activation 4 Principles Case Studies 5 Practical Advice #Gplusbrands
    4. 4. About#Gplusbrands
    5. 5. About Paratus @ParatusComms• We Create and maintain relationships with people who matter• 8 years old and counting• London based, global reach• Integrated team of 25•• And we’re on Google+: #Gplusbrands
    6. 6. Our process 1. Listen 4. Analyse 2. Create 3. Engage #Gplusbrands
    7. 7. Our ethos
    8. 8. What are Google+ pages?User experience and audience profile #Gplusbrands
    9. 9. Google+ pages – Why?Google, after having watched other social networks evolve overrecent years, is hoping to solve some of the problems businessesface on existing platforms.The key challenges Google hopes to address with Google+ pagesinclude: 1. Fragmented marketing 2. Recommendations that lack staying power 3. Comments, not conversations 4. Impersonal messages 5. Limited insights #Gplusbrands
    10. 10. DNA Comparison - Style 61% of the world’s Lifestyle top 100 businesses have a presence on Google+*Broadcast Dialogue Professional *Source: #Gplusbrands
    11. 11. DNA Comparison - User Technophobe Niche Mass Current Google + male / female split is 63:37* Tech-Savvy *Source: #Gplusbrands
    12. 12. Keu features - Circles• A selective sharing function• Enables ‘grouping’ of audiences / stakeholders• You can label your circles in any way that you wish and have as many people in each circle as you like Everyone Targeted
    13. 13. Key features - Hangouts• A video broadcast function• Connects people with the page / brand• Potential to be used as a virtual press conference solution• Post-product launch Q&A sessions also a possibility
    14. 14. Key features - Search• One of the best features of Google+ is Google+ search (Facebook dismal in comparison)• Search can be split by content type... – Pictures and pages – shows links to the most popular profiles and pages – Google+ Posts – shows posts that are accessible to you – Sparks – shows content from around the web• You can toggle between the tabs to get at the information you want
    15. 15. Key takeout Google is transforming from a search engine to a recommendations engine. #Gplusbrands
    16. 16. Basic activation principlesSocial media in general and specifically for Google+ #Gplusbrands
    17. 17. Dilemmas+• Do you actually need a Google+ yet (pros and cons)?• Will you need one at some point?• What organisational factors are worth considering?• Which sector are you in and how does your core audience interact with you currently?• Which existing platforms take a back seat?• How powerful is Google +1 going to be in the future? #Gplusbrands
    18. 18. Social media lifecycle ? Inactive Reinforce and Semi-active maintain Active and growing #Gplusbrands
    19. 19. Pluses (and minuses)Active brands Inactive brandsAdvantages Advantages• Earlier internal buy-in • You’ve had longer to listen and plan accordingly• Loyal communities have been established • Aligning global and domestic strategies should be easier (theoretically)• Feedback has significantly shaped directionDisadvantages Disadvantages• Challenges in realigning global and local • Competitors have established key strategies stakeholder relationships• Inconsistent channel use from too much • Nervousness about engagement grows trial and error by the day #Gplusbrands
    20. 20. Most ‘followed’ Google+ pages As at: 07/03/2012
    21. 21. Applying our process Are your stakeholders there? 1. Listen 4. Analyse 2. Create 3. Engage
    22. 22. Strategic Approach – Guiding PrinciplesSuccess in the social media space is shaped by fourprinciples: Be useful – Be useful – Be available Be available – Be human – Be transparent Be humanBy making these elements part of a brand’s approach,the communities the brand operates in will be farmore likely to follow, trust and recommend them. Be transparent “Add value” #Gplusbrands
    23. 23. Strategic Approach – Attribute MetricsPopularity: page rankings; following/fanbase; references; engagement; traffic PopularityReceptiveness: linking; generosity; Receptivenessresponses to questions; subscribingInteraction: content sharing; activity; InteractionconversationNetwork reach: linking; reach; audience Network reachsize; subscriber growthTrust: influence; authority; favourability; Trust Source:
    24. 24. Content balance cube 10%Issues / Crisis Mgmt Air Traffic Control 80% Sharedinterests with your Passions / Interests Big community opportunity for brands 10% Product Core #Gplusbrands
    25. 25. Examples of ‘passions’
    26. 26. Brand output cubeSomething to 20% keep youcoming back / Apps / Interactive properties share 20% Genuineconversations Discussions 40% Most cost effective Goodies fromaround the web Curated content 20%Owned blogs,photos, events etc Original content
    27. 27. Content calendar / plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayBLOG Blog post What are your thoughts on “Golf is an awkward set of Link to blog post “Golf is deceptively "That cant be my ball, the PGA Tour in California bodily contortions Caption time! simple and endlessly caddie. It looks far too this weekend? designed to produce a complicated.” old.", said the player It’s the time of the year for graceful result.” “Anybody who plays golf - Arnold Palmer looking at a ball deep in bad weather, and even the - Tommy Armour will tell you that you play the trees pros can be affected by the Joke: against yourself.” An alternative World "Its a long time since we seasons: “Please stop checking you - Martin Sheen Championships started, sir." watch all the time, caddy. The best holidays are Blog post on Golf The world’s greatest golf Joke: Its distracting!” golf holidays. What is the Fitness: courses: “Caddiemaster, that boy “This isnt a watch, Sir, it’s best golf trip you’ve been isnt even eight years old." a compass!” on? Continuously answer With Christmas season A year without the Ryder Continuously answer questions from the "Better that way, sir. He under way, how are the Cup is always questions from the audience and engage probably cant count past late nights affecting your disappointing, so let’s audience and engage with them ten." golf? watch 3 Irish legend’s with them Continuously answer Continuously answer reflect on their favourite questions from the questions from the moments: audience and engage audience and engage with with them them Continuously answer questions from the audience and engage with them
    28. 28. Community building cube 30%Paid, earned, owned Promotion 40% Real-time Engagement Often forgotten 30% Scheduled Content
    29. 29. Key takeout What role does Google+ play within your broader strategic framework? #Gplusbrands
    30. 30. Case studies #Gplusbrands
    31. 31. Who’s doing it well?• Clear content plan• Variety of posts / formats• Engaging regularly• Using all features• Making video a key pillar• Segmenting audiences• Exclusive content #Gplusbrands
    32. 32. Android“Using Google+ as a tumblr-style blog” #Gplusbrands
    33. 33. Dallas Cowboys “Taking fan engagement to another level” #Gplusbrands
    34. 34. NASA “Compellingoriginal content” #Gplusbrands
    35. 35. H&M “Interactive lookbook / catalogue” #Gplusbrands
    36. 36. Key takeout Making the purpose of your Google+ page clear to your audience is vital.
    37. 37. Practical advice#Gplusbrands
    38. 38. Creating a compelling page• Make it look and feel ‘live’• Decide on a tone and be consistent• Use circles to segment your visitors #Gplusbrands
    39. 39. Engage your fans and followers• Create a post-scheduling / content plan• Share exclusive photos and videos• Ask questions / encourage feedback• Host hangouts regularly #Gplusbrands
    40. 40. Promote your page• Share your page via various methods• Include a Google+ badge on your web properties• Use the author tag function #Gplusbrands
    41. 41. Other tips and tricks• Create an easy-to-read • Hide tabs you aren’t using URL re-direct (yet)• Hide your follower count • Try out the ‘lock this post’ for the first few months option• Scan your circles regularly #Gplusbrands
    42. 42. Final thoughtWhile it is still early days, the indicationfrom Google is that Google+ will be theperfect extension of your YouTubepresence.As online and mobile video continues toexplode, is your business ready tocapitalise?Video production and promotioncapability should potentially be thepillar of your Google+ strategy. #Gplusbrands
    43. 43. Thank you!Adam VincenziniM / +44 7932 082 124E / adam@paratuscommunications.comTwitter / @AdamVincenziniParatus Communicationswww.paratuscommunications.comTwitter / @ParatusCommsFacebook / ParatusComms #Gplusbrands