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What is Google+? What are the features that are important for businesses? Why is this important?

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Google+ for business

  1. 1. Google+ for BusinessAn introduction to the platform
  2. 2. What are Google+ Pages • Google+ Pages are social profiles that empower businesses to connect directly with consumers in a new way. • Through Circles, +1 buttons and Page Badges, Google+ helps brands build better relationships with their consumers.2
  3. 3. Google + Pages allow brands to build relationships in ways that are more similar to how they would interact in Real Life
  4. 4. Businesses have a variety of audiences to communicate with: Customers, employees, VIP’s, etc.4
  5. 5. Google+ allows brands to consider these different audiences and address each with targeted communications which take into consideration: •The other person and their relationship to the business •The content being communicated •The urgency of reply required •The level of privacy required5
  6. 6. Google+ Features Circles Circles are at the heart of Google+. Similar to follower lists, or groups of friends. Brands can tailor and broadcast posts to specific user types (i.e. customers, VIPs, employees, etc.)– provided that you have put those in a Circle. It is important to understand, however, that a user must add a business before that business can add them back. Hangouts Allow brands to chat live with users, using webcams. You can chat simultaneously with up to nine users and also collaborate on Google Docs in real-time, share videos and pictures, and use a virtual whiteboard. Huddle/ Google + Messenger Functions like a group messaging app that works across Android, iPhone, and SMS to allow you to communicate with the people in certain Circles. Page Badge Helps grow your audience on Google+ and show more recommendations in Google search by letting people add you to their circles and +1 your page, all without leaving your site.6
  7. 7. Google+ Features Nearby Mobile feature that displays a stream of public posts on Google+ from people relatively nearby (within 20 miles or so from the looks of it). Direct Connect Provides users with a simple way to find the Google+ Pages of the businesses or organizations they want to reach. Users can reach any Google+ Page by simply adding a ‘+’ symbol to the front of a search term in Google. + Pages, but it is thought that it will be gradually rolled out.
  8. 8. Google+ Features • Sparks – Allows users to search for an interest. These can be links to blog posts, videos, books — anything that Google searches for. If you find something you like, you can click on an item to add it to your interest list. Features/ sponsored sparks are where the opportunity is for a brand to connect with users.
  9. 9. The Value of Google+ The+1 button: This widget is Google’s answer to the Facebook Like button and an acknowledgment that links are no longer the only way to rank websites. Recognizes that more and more, people are discovering content through other people9
  10. 10. The Value of Google+ • Improving relevance through targeting (circles) • Improving the effectiveness of paid media through personal recommendations – The larger vision for Google+ is to integrate a brand’s presence and activities across the Google network as a whole (extending into SEM, SEO & display ads). The Google +1 button is a way for people to recommend a brand or business across the web, integrating Google+ Pages, corporate websites, and the Google Display Network • Wholistic analytics inclusive of traffic, OLA and social measurements (this is rumored to be in the works)10
  11. 11. The Value of Google+
  12. 12. Google+ has the opportunity to help break down the barriers between social technologies (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) which would allow users to communicate with users on other social networks regardless of the platform they are using– Platform agnostic social communications12
  13. 13. Coming to Google+ in 2012 • Multiple administrators for brand pages coming in Q1 2012 • AdWords is coming to Google+ • Full integration across all Google apps and plug-ins