An Overview of Digital


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Why go digital? Why is digital overtaking print in the media space? This presentation will answer all your questions! It sums up why a brand should have an online presence and includes some unique international case studies.

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An Overview of Digital

  1. 1. • Digital in India • Scope of Digital + Case Studies
  3. 3. Daily Internet Usage is way more than circulation of News Papers and Magazine Most visited web properties as on Oct 2013 Unique Visitors (000) Google Sites 69,393 Facebook 59,662 Yahoo! Sites 38,909 Microsoft Sites 31,332 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 24,934 Times Internet Limited 23,968 BitTorrent Network 22,640 Network 18 18,549 Ask Network 16,187 13,897 Daily Circulation of top English Newspapers Circulation of top English Magazines Times of India 7.25 Hindustan Times 4.34 Mumbai Mirror 1.08 The Telegraph 0.94 Economic Times 0.72 Others 1.75 Manorama Weekly 1.60 India Today 1.10 Morning Offers 0.70 Readers Digest 0.60 Business Today 0.18 Others 0.43 20 Mn + Are exposed to print advertising >90 Mn + Use the Internet Each Day SOURCE: COMSCORE MEDIA METRIX | MRUC – INDIAN READERSHIP SURVEY
  4. 4. Social Networking in India 96mn ON FACEBOOK 22mn ON GOOGLE+ 33mn ON TWITTER SOURCE: BUZZ MASTER AT ID8LABS REPORT 2014
  5. 5. India is the Second Largest Market for Facebook SOURCE: FACEBOOK PUBLISHER TOOL
  6. 6. Total Online Ad Spend 41% 34% 7% 10% 3% 5% 38% 29% 10% 13% 3% 7% Search Display Mobile Social Media Email Video Total Online Ad Spend (FY 2011-2012) INR 1,750 Cr Total Online Ad Spend (FY 2012-2013) INR 2,260 Cr (Estimated) SOURCE: IMRB INTERNATIONAL Growth in Ad spends for Mobile, Social Media and Video Fall in Ad spends for Search, Display
  7. 7. Well Targeted Media Solutions Customised Creative Campaigns We believe Creative and Media Solutions work best when they are tailor made for each other 360° Digital Services Social Search Website Mobile Display Advertising Video Emailers ORM
  8. 8. Digital Social Search Website Mobile Display Advertising Video
  9. 9. Social
  10. 10. Social
  11. 11. 96 Mn + Indians on Facebook 50 Mn Indians on Facebook via Mobile Phones
  12. 12. Lets You: • Have a 2 way communication with your fan • Know who your potential consumer is and induce trials • Build a loyal community of followers • Co-create your brand and content with your consumer
  13. 13. Budweiser The Buddy Cup
  14. 14. Social
  15. 15. Social
  16. 16. 33 Mn + Indians on
  17. 17. Ability to instigate a conversation using Hashtags Ability to connect with audience on Twitter through Influencers
  18. 18. Starbucks TWEET a coffee
  19. 19. Social
  20. 20. Social
  21. 21. InstaGlam by Maybelline New York India Instaglam is a Tumblr blog by Maybelline, where celebrity looks and makeup related topics are discussed
  22. 22. Social
  23. 23. Social
  24. 24. Ability to instigate a conversation using Hashtags Ability to connect with audience on Twitter through Influencers The Menu
  25. 25. Social
  26. 26. Social
  27. 27. Google+ is a social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc. It is the second-largest social networking site in the world, having surpassed Twitter in January 2013. It has approximately 359 million active users..
  28. 28. Build a personalised Toyota in a Google+ hangout
  29. 29. Social
  30. 30. Social
  31. 31. Social
  32. 32. Social
  33. 33. One of the most popular social platforms from a ‘time spent’ perspective. LinkedIn provides advertisers an option to reach out to professionals basis their • The organisation they work for • Their job profile • Their designation
  34. 34. Digital Social Search Website Mobile Display Advertising Video
  35. 35. Keywords which may not be directly relevant to you but are used by your Target Audience eg. Chocolates Keywords related to what you do / what your website is all about eg. Blackheads Keywords that your audience is looking for eg. How to get rid of blackheads Keywords that are relevant, unique and longish in nature eg. Best blackheads removing cream Your brand name and names of products and services you deal in eg. Garnier Neem Facewash Picking the right Keywords
  36. 36. Interesting use of SEO by Volkswagen
  37. 37. Digital Social Search Website Mobile Display Advertising Video
  38. 38. Website • A one stop destination for all information • Should look great across screens ie. web, mobile phones or tablets • Should be integrated with Social Platforms
  39. 39. Key metrics to monitor the performance of a website • Number of visits • Number of repeat visits • Number of pages viewed per visit Website • Time spent per visit • Bounce Rate
  40. 40. Pharrel Williams presents ‘Happy’ – The world’s first 24 hour video
  41. 41. Digital Social Search Website Mobile Display Advertising Video
  42. 42. Mobile Facts in India 40% of searches on Google originate from mobile device 30% of new registrations on Facebook are coming through mobile SOURCE: AVENDUS REPORT INDIA'S MOBILE INTERNET 2013 | IAMAI 2013 30% of mobile internet consumption in 2013 was from tablets 103Mn Indians access internet from their phone
  43. 43. Interesting use of QR codes
  44. 44. SMSCampaign Customer receives the code Customer shows code to shop owner, shop owner verifies the same Standee/Poster says “To avail a *** sample, SMS ShopCode_Name _Age to xxxxx now! ShopCode is 01 Custome r sends message “01_Poo ja_22 to xxxxx” Server receives the message, stores the data, and send back a code unique to that user Once the code is legit, the code will be exhausted, the *** sample offer will have been availed and the customer will receive a message* *Message: “Enjoy your free sample!” Server sends him a message if the code is legit or expired (if code is expired he will ask the customer to message again) The process illustrated below has been successfully implemented for brands such as Foster’s and Hayward’s , where the consumer buys one can / bottle and can avail a discount on a subsequent purchase.
  45. 45. Mobile Applications Applications which serve a purpose and personalised work best on Mobile - It recognises a SmartPhone when it is next to a store - Sends points to the phone each time it passes by the store - Allows the points to be redeemed when at the store
  46. 46. Digital Social Search Website Mobile Display Advertising Video
  47. 47. Nestle Viral Video – Share Your Goodness
  48. 48. Dewar’s YouTube Channel – Content is King
  49. 49. Integrating videos with Print / Outdoor Advertising
  50. 50. Follow us: @BeFoxy