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How to Make a Good Presentation

Flexmedia 's Internal Readiness Program - The Main Purpose of Presentation is to update Presentation Skill.

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How to Make a Good Presentation

  1. 1. a good presentation
  2. 2. a good presentationTo deliver a good presentation, you should follow the four steps below Planning Delivering Preparing Reviewing
  3. 3. a good presentationPlanning Preparing Objective Coverage Encourage responsesUnderstand your audience, Encourage responses, andPlan your coverage so you stimulate reactions and theircan present within the time learning desire.frame available.
  4. 4. a good presentationDelivering•  Visual aids such as Graph, Animation, Chart, Table, icon•  Putting summaries of each slide in the "note” not “word” or “paragraph”
  5. 5. a good presentationReviewing Use a Template•  Use a set font and color scheme.•  Different styles are disconcerting to the audience.•  You want the audience to focus on what you present, not the way you present.
  6. 6. a good presentationReviewing Use a Template Use Sentiment and Emotions for Judge a color.
  7. 7. a good presentationExamples
  8. 8. a good presentationExamples - Cover
  9. 9. a good presentationCaution on Presentations•  Keep characters large enough to be read by your audience – minimum 18 pt font.•  Consider the place where the presentation will be delivered, and also the visual ability of your audience.•  Use Bullet Points sparingly. Use visual images instead as these will increase message retention.•  Avoid tables with too many rows and columns (such as balance sheets, as when people cannot read the characters, they become useless)•  Avoid jamming too much content in a page. Break it into two or three pages. Keep only a few points on each page.•  Make sure that you rehearse your presentation. You should plan to rehearse your presentation out loud at least four times.
  10. 10. a good presentationExamples
  11. 11. a good presentationExamples
  12. 12. a good presentationShowcase
  13. 13. a good presentationShowcase
  14. 14. a good presentationShowcase
  15. 15. a good presentationAlmost Done!
  16. 16. a good presentationSpeaker
  17. 17. a good presentationSpeaker must do!•  Keep eye contact with the audience and not the visual.•  This shows you know your information well.•  Do not block visuals with your body.•  Do not pace or walk around unless it is part of the presentation.•  Practice the presentation so that it is pulled off with ease and always be prepared for the unexpected.
  18. 18. a good presentationPresentation is a King Question is a queen Hint: Speaker is a king of king
  19. 19. Thank You for your Attention