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Presentation skills


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Presentation skills,
Tips on preparing effective presentation
Every minute of presentation needs hours of preparation

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Presentation skills

  1. 1. It takes one hour of Preparation for each minute of an effective presentation .. -Sam ©Sam
  2. 2. ©Sam
  3. 3. AGENDA  What is a Presentation?  Preparing Your Presentation  Organizing the Presentation Material  Deciding the Presentation Method  Working with Visual Aids  Body Language  Communication Skills  Dealing with Questions ©Sam
  4. 4. What is a Presentation? ©Sam
  5. 5.  A presentation is a means of communication which can be adapted to various speaking situations, such as talking to a group, addressing a meeting or briefing a team. ©Sam
  6. 6. Preparing Your Presentation ©Sam
  7. 7.  Preparation is the most important part of making a successful presentation.  Presentation preparation can be broken down into the following elements:  The objective  The subject  The audience  The place  Time of day  Length of talk ©Sam
  8. 8. Organizing the Presentation Material ©Sam
  9. 9.  Irrespective of whether the occasion is formal or informal, always aim to give a clear, well- structured delivery.  Organising the presentation material may include:  Blue Sky Thinking (the ideas).  Selecting the main points.  Deciding whether to illustrate.  Introduction and conclusion. ©Sam
  10. 10. Deciding the Presentation Method  Few people are able to give a presentation without notes.  Even the most experinced speakers will usually have to hand at least some form of notes to jog their memory and aid thier presentation.  You will need to know your own abilities and decide how best to make the presentation. ©Sam
  11. 11. Working with Visual Aids ©Sam
  12. 12.  Bullets  Fonts size, style.  Consistency.  Spellings.  Slide effects.  No Animation to text. ©Sam
  13. 13. Body Language ©Sam
  14. 14.  Dressing sense.  Proper attire  Shoes.  The way you stand. ©Sam
  15. 15. Communication Skills. ©Sam
  16. 16.  Proper usage of sentences.  Effective speaking.  Being clear about ideas.  Volume - to be heard.  Clarity - to be understood.  Variety - to add interest. ©Sam
  17. 17. Dealing with Questions ©Sam
  19. 19.  Proper Research.  Treat your audience with the respect you would like to have shown to you.  If you do not know an answer then say so and offer to find out and ensure that you do so.  Listen carefully to any question and, if the audience is large, repeat it to ensure everyone in the audience has heard. Answer briefly and to the point. ©Sam
  20. 20. ©Sam
  21. 21. ©Sam