Making Effective Presentations


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This is presentation focuses on effective delivery of information, how do you walk through your entire presentation while moving with your audience and delivering messages to remember.

Making Effective Presentations

  1. 1. Lawrence Muganga
  2. 2. ON TARGET Agenda Objective Why make effective presentations? What makes a presentation effective? How do we present effectively? What if you don’t pay attention to detail?
  3. 3. ON TARGET
  4. 4. ON TARGET Why make effective presentations? Inform Make a difference Influence Inspire
  5. 5. ON TARGET What makes a presentation effective? Thinking of the Audience Preparing for the Presentation Using Visual Aids Practice Effective Delivery
  6. 6. ON TARGET How do we present effectively? Focusing on purpose Caring about the audience Focusing on what you want the audience to remember
  7. 7. ON TARGET Delivering the message effectively
  8. 8. ON TARGET TOP 10 TIPS TO TURN YOU FRIENDS 1.Start Strong to grab the attention of your audience; 2. Show people what to expect – Provide an outline of your presentation
  9. 9. ON TARGET 3. Package your presentation using 4Cs C Clear C Concise C Compelling C Convincing
  10. 10. ON TARGET 4. Master your Main Idea, Don’t read just Talk…......... 5. Show Empathy and realness to your Audience
  11. 11. ON TARGET 6. Use Visual Aids – If ii. Meaning of the Power Point mind the word SLIDE following; i. Respecting the PPT Rule iii. You vs. Visual Aid
  12. 12. ON TARGET 7. Speak as if you are talking to one Person But: ii. Smile passionately i. Pause while talking during your talk! to allow the audience digest what you tell them
  13. 13. ON TARGET 8. Remember the Body Speaks
  14. 14. ON TARGET
  15. 15. ON TARGET Research on Message Composition Body, Voice or Words…? 55% 38% 7% Body Language Voice Words
  16. 16. 9. Manage your movementON TARGET (Use the Walk – Stop – Talk Rule)
  17. 17. ON TARGET 10. Behave like Evangelists • Product Evangelists • Christian Evangelists • Walk the Talk • Get the Audience to be with you
  18. 18. ON TARGET What if you don’t pay attention to detail?
  19. 19. ON TARGET
  20. 20. ON TARGET Did I hit the Target! Tell Lauryn and Wonderman who have missed part of this contribution at least two Tips that would make a presentation effective.
  21. 21. ON TARGET “Success today depends on how you present yourself and your message to the market place. Presentation Skills are your Competitive weapon”.
  22. 22. ON TARGET