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Detail information belong from airway Suctioning

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. By : Dr.ASHOK BISHNOI Director, JINC
  2. 2. Suctioning Definition Aspirating secretion through a catheter connected to a suction machine or wall suction outlet.
  3. 3. Sites for Suctioning Oropharyngeal/ Guedel airwayNasopharyngeal Endotracheal. Tracheostomy
  4. 4. Oropharyngeal /Nasopharyngeal suctioning Endotracheal/Tracheostomy suctioning Remove secretion from the upper respiratory tract . Remove secretion from the trachea and bronchi or the lower respiratory tract .
  5. 5. Tracheal/ Endotracheal suction Oral / Nasal suction 1- Maintain oral/ nasal hygiene. 2- Comfort for the patient. 3- Remove blood & vomit in an emergency situation. Remove pulmonary secretions P U R P O S E S of S u C T I O N I N G
  6. 6. Size Adult 12to 18 Fr Children 8to 10 Fr Infant 5to 8 Fr • Half the diameter (or less) of the tracheal tube. Size of Catheter
  7. 7. Articles Suction source: Portable suction wall suction unit
  8. 8. Wall Unit Portable Unite Adult 100to 120 mm Hg . 10to 15 mm Hg Child 95to 110 mm Hg. 5to 10 mm Hg Infant 50to 95 mm Hg. 2to 5 mm Hg Normal Pressure
  9. 9. 1. Position the patient. Conscious patient Unconscious patient Semi – Fowler’s position with: Head turned to one side for oral suctioning For Nasal suctioning with the Neck hyperextended. Lateral position & the patient facing you .
  10. 10.  Oropharyngeal suctioning Pull the tongue forward . Do not apply suction during insertion . Advance the catheter about 10 to 15 cm along on side of the mouth into oropharynx.
  11. 11.  Nasopharyngeal suction Advance the catheter along the nasal cavity with out suctioning.  Never force the catheter against an obstruction .
  12. 12. Allow 20 t0 30 second intervals between each suction & limit suctioning to 5 minutes in total . Time duration for suction should not be more than 10 seconds
  13. 13. Complications Trauma to the airway Hypoxemia Cardiac dysrhythmi a Nosocomial infection