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Complete content regarding Hypothyroidism

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Hypothyroidism/Myxedema By, Mr ASHOK DHAKA BISHNOI Director, JINC
  2. 2. “”It is due to hyposecretion of T3 & T4 hormone characterized by Decrease BMR”” This disease occur mainly in 50 yr of age but it can occur in any age. It is 5 time more in female then the male Normal level of :- 1. T3 (Tri-iodothyronine) 80-230ng/dl 2. T4 (Thyroid)-5.0-12.9 microgram/dl Meaning:-
  3. 3. Tumor of thyroid gland Deficiency of TSH Iodine deficiency Hashimatto’s disease Graev’s disease Etiology:-
  4. 4.  Fatigue  Anorexia  Wt gain  Protrusion of tongue  Puffiness of face  Dry skin  Peri-orbital edema  Intolerance of cold  Menstruation disturbance C/F;-
  5. 5.  History. PE  Thyroid function test  T3-T4 level  Thyroid scan D/E:-
  6. 6. M/M:-  Thyroid H. replacement therapy:-Levothroxin (Most commonly used drug)  Vevothroid Nursing management:-  Provide warm environment to the patient Diet:- Low calories diet Management:-