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Cathetrization in detail

Published in: Health & Medicine


  1. 1. Catheterization By:- Mr ASHOK DHAKA BISHNOI Director, JINC
  2. 2.  Is the introduction of a tube or a catheter through the urethra into the urinary bladder to drain the bladder.  Purpose:-  To relieve bladder distention  To empty bladder prior to delivery or abdominal surgery.  To obtain sterile specimen
  3. 3.  Anesthesized or sedated for surgery or other medical care  Urinary incontinent patients  BPH  Acute urinary retention.  Paralysis or physical injury to use either standard toilet facilities or urinals.  Following urethral surgeries  Before and after cesarean sections  Before and after hysterectomies  On patients who had genital injury Indication:-
  4. 4.  Types of catheter 1.An indwelling catheter, also known as Foley catheter, is left inside the bladder to provide continuous urine drainage.  Two way  Three way:- A 3-way catheter for continuous bladder irrigation (CBI) is a type of indwelling catheter. It is inserted to irrigate the bladder to prevent obstruction (i.e bleeding
  5. 5. 2. A straight catheter, is used when the catheter is to be inserted and removed immediately. 3.Condom catheter:- consists of a soft plastic or rubber sheath, tubing, and a collection bag for the urine. The sheath is placed over the penis and the collection bag is attached to the leg. Collects urine when there is no need for catheter insertion.
  6. 6. 4.A suprapubic catheter is a type of indwelling catheter. The suprapubic catheter is inserted into the bladder through a surgical incision made in the abdominal wall, right above the pubic bone.
  7. 7. Catheters Straight Suprapubic Indwelling Condom
  8. 8.  URINARY CATHETER SIZES. :-The French scale (Fr.) is used to denote the size of catheters.
  9. 9. Age Weight (kg) Foley (Fr) 0-6 months 3.5-7 6 1 year 10 6-8 2 years 12 8 3 years 14 8-10 5 years 18 10 6 years 21 12 8 years 27 12 12 years varies 12-14 Female 14-16 Adult (Men) 16-18 Typical weights and tube sizes for age: Foley catheters
  10. 10.  Position – Dorsal Recumbent Position  Male: supine position  For female client:-Cleaning is done from urethral orifice to the anal orifice.  For male client:- Retract the foreskin & draw the penis upward & forward at 90 angle to the client legs in order to strengthen the urethra.  The urine drainage bag is kept below the level of bladder.
  11. 11.  Lubricate catheter (2.5 to 5 cm for women) and 12.5 to 17.5 cm for men) *Note: there may be an order for lubricant containing local anaesthetic*  Apply sterile drapes keep gloves sterile women: under buttocks and fenestrated over perineum men: over thighs and fenestrated over penis
  12. 12.  10-15 ml of fluid is inserted in the balloon of Foley’s catheter. Length of urethra:-  Male :- It is about “19-20” cm long  Female :- it is about “4” cm long & “6” mm in diameter.  If the patient get bladder spasm and pain, gently manipulate the catheter to change the position of balloon resting on the neck of bladder.  Rotate the catheter if urine is not passed out.  During insertion of catheter if any obstruction experienced. Withdraw the catheter a little. rotate it and then reinsert it in to the bladder.