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Tips for Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool


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Curious about how to use Twitter as a Marketing tool? Join us during your lunch hour to discover how to simplify this noisy platform and make it a practical communication tool for your business.

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Tips for Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

  1. 1. Julie Kittredge Business Services Advisor Arlington Heights Memorial Library February 28, 2017
  2. 2.  “Just what is Twitter?”  Social networking site for "micro blogging".  Tweets are messages of 140 characters or less.  Share photos, links, videos, updates.
  3. 3.   Connect and network with customers & other businesses  Can become a go-to space for breaking news  Constant source of ideas, resources, and recommendations, and links  Twitter users can go to Twitter for timely questions and answers  Use it to link to or “re-tweet” related twitter accounts and news Twitter as a communication tool?
  4. 4.  Learn the lingo @: Used before a Twitter handle to ‘mention’ or ‘tag’ another user @ahml @chicagoblackhawks @ArlingtonHtsChamber @ArlingtonHtsGov #: Hashtag: #ArlingtonHeights #FrontierDaysAH #business #library #arlingtonheightslibrary MT: “modified tweet”
  5. 5.  Tweets
  6. 6.  #hashtag Searches
  7. 7.  Keyword Searches
  8. 8.  @Username Searches
  9. 9.  Your Organizational Brand  Create a Twitter bio that reflects who you are.  Include your website or LinkedIn URL.  Create. Share. Reply. Be active with the community.  You are creating a organizational brand
  10. 10.  Your Organizational Brand
  11. 11.  Be strategic about what you share  What is your strategy? What do you want to communicate?  Marketing?  Information Resource?  Communication tool?  Twitter is your voice.  Be consistent.  Be intentional.
  12. 12.   Identify who your audience is.  This will guide your content  Every post must have a purpose.  Content should include  Education  Inspiration  Solve a problem  Identify one person or two to create, respond to & monitor content What is your purpose?
  13. 13.  Share content that others will want to share.  Share your Twitter URL  Share content that adds value to customers or business partners.  Interact with others on twitter  Businesses  Customers  Local organizations (AHML)  Use #hashtags and keywords to become more visible How to Build Your Audience
  14. 14.  Creating Lists Creating lists helps to make sense of it all and changes your feed from noise to organized information you can use.  Filter content  Friends & Family  Business Partners  Colleagues  Research  Specific Topics (Athletics, personal interest, news)  Hashtags!!
  15. 15.  Hashtags Create your own hashtags to help filter and find tweets specific to an event or an audience or both! You can publicize these hashtags so others can use them in their tweets too. #AHMLBusiness #FWPopMueller #FrontierDaysAH
  16. 16.   Create a marketing calendar  Decide what you will share in advance  Establish a regular rhythm so customers know what to expect  Streamline and schedule your content – Hootsuite Create a Content Calendar
  17. 17.  Let’s practice! Put it to work for you!
  18. 18.  March 7th 6:30-7:30, Business Center SCORE Program – “30 Ways to Grow Your Email List” March 14th 10 – 11am, Business Center “Marketing Your Business with Stories” March 23rd 12-1pm, Webinar “5 Ways to Identify Your Audience” Upcoming Programs
  19. 19.  Julie Kittredge, Susan Mayer, Contact Info