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Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool


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Learn how to use Pinterest strategically in your branding and social media marketing. Find out how to drive traffic to your website, gain visibility, and establish your expertise. This is a great tool any business can use with a little creative thinking!

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Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

  1. 1. May 10, 2016 Susan Mayer Specialty Services Advisor Arlington Heights Memorial Library
  2. 2.   Social Media platform started in March 2010  Visual bookmarking and link-sharing platform  Image curation  Platform used by 100 million worldwide (9/2015)  Pew Research: Pinterest users are more likely to be female (44%), between 18 – 49 years old (37%), and earn $50,000 - $74,999 (41%)  Additional statistics can be found here. What is Pinterest?
  3. 3.   Drive referral traffic to your website or blog  Share content to attract new customers  Wonderful platform for visual businesses  Educate customers regarding your business or industry  Gain inspiration for your own business  Keep an eye on, or learn from your competitors Why Pinterest for Business?
  4. 4.   people bypass Google and go directly to Pinterest  to search for products and lifestyle topics  content is curated by actual users  powerful way for users to discover things they might not have expected to find Did you know?
  5. 5.   Board  Pin  Likes  Followers  Following  Guided Search  Topics  Rich Pins Learn the Lingo
  6. 6.  Ask some questions:  What is your purpose for using social media?  Identify your audience and your goals  Is your business ‘visual’? If not, don’t worry…  Who will create content, respond and monitor? If you decide Pinterest will work for you & your business,  Set up a business account Where Do You Begin?
  7. 7.   You can convert an existing personal account to a business account.  Benefits of business accounts include insights and analytics  Number of unique users, repins, likes, views, etc.  Additional resources such as “Pin it” buttons to install on your website  Always include and verify your website url  Your profile image should either be your headshot, your logo, or an item that is representative of your products Setting up a Business Account
  8. 8.   Fully fill out bio  Make categories for all boards  Verify your website with Pinterest  Add contact info  Add text to all areas that request some  Pin content from other people & businesses, not just your own content  Be social! Be sure to …
  9. 9.   Follow others on Pinterest  Pin regularly = visibility  Embed the and “Follow Me on Pinterest” button on your website or blog  Pin content from your blog to drive traffic  Pin content from your e-commerce shop  Share a link to your social media (facebook, youtube)  Share a link to an individual Pinterest pin or board on social media  Pinning great content will create a visual personality for your business Increase Your Followers
  10. 10.  button & other widgets  button allows pinners to pin item when they hover or click on your image  Follow button:  Profile widget  Board widget
  11. 11.  Content “rules” 34% 33% 33% What to share 1/3 Business 1/3 Industry 1/3 Personal Know seasonal trends and topics (Ahalogy has good information and downloads)
  12. 12.   Showcase your company  Your work or services  Share links to your products (etsy, e-commerce site)  Host a competition  Share items that are interesting to your target market  Curate images that reflect your branding  Create inspiration relating to your industry  Create inspiration relating to educating your customer  Example: Photographer might include a board of what to wear, or ways to display images  Create a referral board for local businesses, affiliates, partners or organizations (networking) Inspiration: Content Ideas
  13. 13.   Collaborate with Co-workers  Event planning  product launch  Collaborate with a client  Great for branding ideas  Collect gift ideas for customers Note: Secret boards can be converted to a public board, but once public cannot be changed back. Inspiration: Secret Boards
  14. 14.   Image size and image quality does matter  Cheat sheet for images sizing  Basically, a minimum of 735 pixels in width – height will be adjusted based on the size of the image  Vertical images post best  Pixelated or too small to view = unprofessional  Beautiful images get repinned  Mobile friendly Image details
  15. 15.  One on one appointments with Business Services  Training Center classes: Look for Photoshop classes to help with formatting photos, and Photowalk With Your Smart Phone to help take quality photos  Tutorials in the AHML Databases  Gale Courses – Using Social Media in Business  – Pinterest courses  Treehouse – Social Media Strategy, How to Market Your Business Additional assistance @AHML
  16. 16.  Books:  Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest by Beth Hayden  Platform by Michael Hyatt  Best Practices for Brands Using Pinterest   Grow your blog with Pinterest   Pinterest tips for your business     Cheat-Sheet.png  Further Resources
  17. 17.  Photographer – K +B Photography  Crafter – Riens Handmade Soap  Landscape design – backyard bliss  Etsy shop – Studio Jewel  Designer Heather Cleveland – success story  Arlington Heights Library Real Life Inspiration