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The magic of twitter

By Emma Selby from The Farnham Hub
How to use Twitter to make friends and infuence people.
This talk will cover the basics of twitter and uncover some of the more interesting tools. We will be talking about hashtags, lists and twitterhours, advanced search options, local search and tweetups. We will take a look at Buffer for automation techniques and twitter analytics for metrics.

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The magic of twitter

  1. 1. The Magic of Twitter Ways to make friends and influence people potential customers
  2. 2. •Find(the right) Followers •Organisethem intoLISTS •Entertainand inform them •Convert them intopayingcustomers •Measure and •Repeat whatworks What you need to do:
  3. 3. Followers see your tweets in their stream. Communicate correctly and they will become: 1. friends 2. potentialcustomers 3. customers 4. advocates (very powerful)
  4. 4. How canyou find the right followers? Who do you wantto followyou? (Clue: Your idealcustomer avatar) Lists Hashtags Search 3rd party apps Your magic tools:
  5. 5. Lists Subscribe to interestinglists thatare likelyto include your perfect customer avatar and / or create your own. Tip: use www.justunfollow.comto quickly create and managelists usingkeywords and other people (competitors, influencersin your space) Hootsuiteis also excellentfor this
  6. 6. Examples of lists – could you use these ideas? For Reference: Co working spaces Businesses in Surrey For customer relationship building Stop and Stare Marketing : ‘Favourites around Farnham’ Webtools WIKI : Active and Interesting’ UK Podcasts :People that could leverage podcasting to the advantage of their business For creating buzz around a product Clare Chaney : Free business book chapter – you may be interested For shameless promotion Sticky Products: We’d love it if you would follow us back For PR The Farnham Hub: Local Press
  7. 7. Hashtags andchats for example #1pmlunch, #wineoclock #surreychat, #sbs #satchatuk,#purplebiz Fulllistshared in the Facebookmembers group
  8. 8. #purplebiz
  9. 9. Driving Engagement Use @, #. Be brief – people ‘can’t RT you if you use up the whole 140 characters Be relevant Tweet what your audience likes to hear Don’t turn people off with endless about football , shopping or politics (unless that’s relevant to your business!!-) (Have a second personal twitter account if you want to reach out to celebrities, comment excessively on a football match or post dubious drunken selfies) Be human – pictures of you and your team doing their job are great Check what’s trending Can you include any trending keywords in a tweet that will entertain or inform your audience?
  10. 10. Trending: Dippy
  11. 11. Search Search bar in Twitter Try using Advanced Search (this only appears on search results page) if you want to find people tweeting about a certain thing (what are your ideal customers likely to be tweeting about?
  12. 12. If dentists are your ideal customer …..
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Tip: Scheduleyour Content •Decide onnumber of posts per day (2 – 20) •Use a content calendar •Scheduleposts thatlink to your blog •Scheduleposts thatlinkto your websitepages •Scheduleposts thatlink to a databasesign up •Use an automatedsystem •Buffer andHootsuite
  15. 15. Tip: is magic because– You can search for lists of people via keyword Search a fellow tweeters followers Quickly add people to lists Fire inactive followers and people who aren’t following you back Tip: is magic because It knows what your followers are interested in Identifies influencers in your space Shows you how much impact your different platforms are creating
  16. 16. Tip: Use a contentcreator • • •Stumbleupon •Buffer andHootsuite • - but remember you are entertaining and informing your ideal customer
  17. 17. Measure, repeat (paid version excellent for $15 per month) Google Analytics
  18. 18. Measure, repeat (paid version excellent for $15 per month) Google Analytics
  19. 19. The tweetstorm! From Jack@Jack, co founder and tweeter of the first ever tweet
  20. 20.
  21. 21. How to be Magic at Twitter - ten top tricks 1. Always start a conversation - don’t broadcast 2. Respond and retweet 3. Ask people to retweet worthwhile stuff 4. Include a @, a # and / or an image in most of your tweets 5 Know your target audience (that’s your customer!) 6. Watch and use trends (sensitively) 7. Use a content creator 8. Tweet often 9. Use relevant hashtags like #surreychat 10. Have fun 