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Creating a Business Presence on Facebook


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This is an overview of what you can do to create an authentic presence on Facebook. Topics include content, frequency, Ads and Groups

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Creating a Business Presence on Facebook

  1. 1. CREATING A BUSINESS PRESENCE ON FACEBOOK Julie Kittredge, Business Services Advisor February 14, 2017
  2. 2. Why Facebook for Business Drive traffic to your website Create conversations & engagement Build relationships Establish your expertise Education customers Monitor your competitors Great for referrals
  3. 3. The “New” Marketing
  4. 4. Facebook Pages Over 1 billion users on Facebook. Your friends, colleagues, customers and business competitors are already using Facebook. More than 13 million business pages on Facebook. Individuals have profiles, businesses have pages. Easy to update and share news, photos and videos. Comment and engage online conversations.
  5. 5. Creating Your Brand Develop your reputation, how people feel about you, what they think when they think of your business Consistent across all platforms Same headshot or logo for all profile pictures Consistent personality and “voice” Consistent colors
  6. 6. Ideas for Engagement Share content that is worth sharing with others Are you adding value to your customer’s life? Content should be interesting, educational, inspiring Content should be helpful Content should be generous with what you know Every post should have a goal Respond authentically End most posts with a call to action
  7. 7. Types of questions/calls to action Start a conversation Ask a question at the end of each post Take a poll Ask for opinions Ask for feedback Ask them to click to your website Ask them to like the post Ask them to like your page
  8. 8. Other platforms include …
  9. 9. Images. Images. Images. Photos ideas: Behind the scenes Anniversary, milestones Customers, staff Events Menu Quotes Local business, news Recipes
  10. 10. Easy text overlays  PicMonkey Gimp Photoshop Elements
  11. 11. Frequency 1/day vs. 2-3/week Use the 1/3 rule Schedule your posts for later Use a marketing/editorial calendar to plan ahead Be intentional about your posts
  12. 12. Paying for Visibility Facebook ads Facebook algorithms change often More difficult for users to see your posts organically Ads can target specific audience Need to measure results Page analytics
  13. 13. Facebook Groups Businesses can offer exclusive contact within groups. Build a community around your business. Can be used as a bonus to signing up for coaching, online courses, membership groups.
  14. 14. Contact for more assistance Julie Kittredge, Business ServicesAdvisor