Advertising Stunts And Ideas Q42009 Vol.II


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  • LAFA: Where will 100 000 condoms end up this summerCampaign blog (in swedish): http://kondom08.casemate.seAdvertising Agency: Ester, Stockholm, SwedenCopywriters: Emma Zetterholm, Daniel VaccinoArt Directors: Emil Jonsson, Ulrika Eriksson, LottaMellgrenCreative Director: LottaMellgrenAccount Manager: Roger KempeAccount Coordinators: Anna Wennerström, Emil CouchGraphic designer: Dennis Hankvist
  • Axe Day&Night: SMSTo complete this ad send Axe to 2345 after 9pmNew Axe Day&Night.One is suitable for general audiences. The other one is not.Advertising Agency: Lowe Ginkgo, Montevideo, UruguayCreative Directors: Fernando De Clemente, Sebastián Mir.Art Director: Agustín AcostaCopywriter: Alvaro Palombo
  • Mini: 50 years of cool, trend wheel50 years of coolTrend wheel shows how thing’s come “in” and “out” but MINI’s always been “in”.Advertising Agency: Black RiverFC, South AfricaCreative Director: Ahmed TillyArt Director: Justin JoshuaCopywriter: Iain ThomasIllustrator: AM I CollectiveOther additional credits: Hilary SimpsonPublished: September 2009
  • Women’s room: Bring the problem to the light of dayStating the truth is often the first step in solving the problem of sexual harassment…PROBLEM: Most people do not realize that non-physical violence is also a form of abuse. Even if the recognize it, they do nothing about it. Unwanted verbal or physical behavior of sexual nature often leaves invisible consequences.SOLUTION: To prevent the violence and alarm the audience people need to speak about the problem – BRING IT TO THE LIGHT OF DAY.Advertising Agency: Imago reklamnaagencija, Zagreb, CroatiaCreative Director: VanjaBlumenšajnArt Director: SašaPerićCopywriter: VanjaBlumenšajnOther additional credits: Iva Kaligarić, Marina Jelić, DarkoBosnarPublished/Released/Aired (Month, Year): July, 2009
  • LA Folding Bike: FoldAdvertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok, ThailandExecutive Creative Directors: WisitLumsiricharoenchoke, NopadolSrikieatikajohnCopywriter: JutatipPraditgateAdvertiser’s Supervisor: JantanaTiyawatchalapongAccount Manager: VichananDechnarapanArt Director: WisitLumsiricharoenchoke, NopadolSrikieatikajohn, GumponLaksanajinda, SomchaiDejnarongpitakIllustrator: SurachaiPuthikulangkura; IllusionPhotographer: SrimongkolPhachonkaew; Illusion, SuttisakDisthasongchan; KakeehnungAgency Producer: PaiboonSuwansangrojImage Composer : SurachaiPuthikulangkura; Illusion
  • Nestea: FaceAdvertising Agency: Publicis VenezuelaCreative Directors: Douglas Rios, Eduardo Capuano, Demian CamposCreatives: Demian Campos, Jose bajares, Manuel Fleitas, Prato MaruAttendance: DougmaryEsquirajosaPlanning: Julio GrandePhotography: Harold Gonzalez
  • NhaXinh Furniture:Miniatures that fold out of the centre-fold, and fold back in when you close the magazine.Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Hochiminh City, VietnamCreative Director: AdityaUpadhyayaCopywriter: Rajib Gupta, AdityaUpadhyayaArt Director: Tuan Vu, Rajib GuptaIllustrator: Uyen Vu, Tuan Vu, IndikaMunasinghePhotographer: Guy GonyeaTypographer: Tuan Vu/Rajib GuptaPublished: March 2009
  • BR Petrobras Oil: VictoryTurn this page from right to left several times.Now you know how our pilots feel when they cross the finish line.Advertising Agency: Master Rio de Janeiro, BrazilExecutive Creative Director: FlavioWaitemanCreative Director: LucianoToaldoArt Director: Andre MacenaCopywriter: Rafael MirandaArt Director: Henrique Lara
  • Wired Magazine: Get connectedAdvertising School: Art Center College of DesignArt Director/ Copywriter: David StylerInstructor: Dennis Lee
  • AnurakJanmas "Private Detective“There are many private detectives working in Thailand today. They are, however, anonymous and unknown to the general public. Their client considered himself to be in this category and tasked them with making him stand-out and be more memorable to potential customers. At first glance it looks just like any other name-card, but upon closer inspection, reflects the talent, dedication and experience that the detective has at his disposal when working on a case. Inquiries from potential customers tripled within the first month after the name-card was circulated. Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Mixtape Generation: Card and holderA mixtape Generation Card from Koji Sueyoshi.Designer: Koji Sueyoshi.
  • La Charcuterie: StationaryHere’s a stationery package that was recently designed for a sandwich shop. La Charcuterie is a deli/restaurant hybrid well known around Vancouver for serving up sandwiches filled with deli meats. To play off this, business cards were created to look like cold cuts then were strung in netting similar to the way salami’s and other cured meats are hung in delis. Finally, we printed meat stickers for the letterhead and envelopes made of butcher paper— the same paper they wrap their sandwiches in.RethinkAdvertising / Design Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, CanadaCreative Director: Ian Grais, Chris StaplesArt Director/Designer: Lisa Nakamura
  • Mundo do Condomínio cleaning products: Sponge cardBusiness card printed on a real sponge, small enough to keep in a wallet.Advertising Agency: Fields, BrazilArt Director / Designer: Lucas ZaidenCreative Directors: André Sartorelli, Fernando Lopes
  • Active Watch: WalletAdvertising Agency: Grey Bucharest, RomaniaHead of Art: Bob TomaCreative Director: ClaudiuDobritaSenior Copywriters: Oana Gheorghe, Alex StrimbeanuAgency Producer: EugenAlexe
  • Agudol: PainAgudol is a nonprescription painkiller specially formulated for headache. For general confidence and gain ground in May to its competitors, is developing a piece of direct marketing aimed at clinicians who recommend the product to their patients. Through its own medical representatives, Agudol to him a small wooden box, inside was a racket toy with a rubber ball attached to it with an elastic thread. On one side was printed the face of a frowning man and the other the same face but relaxed. GrupoFarma del Ecuador S. A. received excellent feedback and compliments from doctors and health visitors who rated themselves action as the fun and seller.Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, EcuadorCreative Directors: PipoMorano, Luis CampoverdeArt Director: Luis CampoverdeCopywriter: PipoMorano
  • Microsoft : Concrete EnvelopeMicrosoft wanted to show software sales staff that Windows breaks down the walls in customers’ lives. So they showed them what that felt like by putting the letter in a concrete envelope, complete with a hammer to smash it open. The letter invited them to join a sales promotion where they could win a trip to where the Berlin Wall used to be.Advertising Agency: Y&R Auckland, New Zealand
  • Coral: Light Bulbs” Decoration starts with color”Coral, with the objective of promoting its premium decoration line, distributed colored light bulbs which when lit and pointed towards a white wall revealed how much a different color can make environments better looking. 200 lights in total were produced and delivered to consumers who can now experiment with other colores in their house in a simple and fun manner. Then it’s just paint with the corresponding Coral paintAdvertising Agency: Leo Burnett Brasil, São Paulo, BrazilCreative Director: RuyLindenbergArt Director: Luiz RamonCopywriter: Fabio OzórioPublished: August 2009
  • Save the Children Australia: LetterAdvertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, AustraliaCreative Director: Steve CrawfordArt Director: Tony LeishmanCopywriters: Doogie Chapman, Sandra GaliazzoTypographer: Ed Croll
  • Immersion Creative: Return to senderWe turned expensive Canpages (Yellow Pages) ads into laminated envelopes and mailed them back to their owners with an offer to take them online for half the price.A two-page, full-colour spread in Canpages (or the Yellow Pages) can cost up to 80,000 dollar per year. However, these days, most people search online for the very same services. Immersion Creative sent a letter to everyone with a two-pages, full color ad, in an envelope made out the very ad they use. Included was a screen capture of their current Google ranking, and an offer to make it even better - for half the price.Advertising Agency: Immersion Creative, CanadaCreative Director: Mike CatherallArt Director: Lucas GaudetteCopywriter:MikeCatherallPhotographer: Maria HruschakPublished: August 2009
  • Rigidur: SoupAdvertising Agency: The Secret Service, RomaniaCreative Director / Copywriter: MihaiEneIllustrator: E.C.Released: May 2009
  • Adidas Colombia "Gazelle fridge”Adidas wanted to launch its new sportswear Gazelle with Cool Climate technology, that keeps the users fresh while running. This product was being launched in hot climate cities such as, Cartagena, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga (Colombia). In order to sell the benefit of this technology, the stores were equipped with refrigerators. Inside, laid the Cool Climate outfit (shoes, shirt and shorts). Once the user opened the refrigerator he/she obtained the outfit in a cool temperature. In addition to this, ventilators were situated below the clothes, a constant movement of the clothes supported the freshness concept. This strategy communicates that staying fresh while exercising is essential. The runners that took part of this experience are now Gazelle users. Therefore the Cool Climate sportswear is now seen as the ideal gear to exercise in hot climates.Agency: Pull & Push Y&R, Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Greenline Gym: ThreadmillBurn what you eat.To promote a well-being center, a communication activity was developed with the aim of establishing a presence in one of the places where people make key lifestyle decisions: the supermarket. The creativity was based on the idea of turning a check-out conveyor belt (feeding your food to the operator) into a treadmill (the classic calorie burner).Advertising Agency: JWT, Milan, ItalyExecutive Creative Director: PietroMaestriCreative Director: Bruno BertelliArt Director: Marco ViganòCopywriter: Michele PicciPublished: February 2009
  • UAE Red Crescent
  • Telemach Broadband provider: A road to WarsawAdvertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, SloveniaCreative Director: MatejKodricArt Director: AleksandarJordacevicCopywriter: Tine AcimovicAdditional credits: MatjazSkufcaPublished: August 2009
  • Vodafone Phone Insurance: Well-meant ThievesIs that easy to grab your phoneAdvertising Agency: McCann Erickson RomaniaCreative Director: Adrian BotanArt Director: RazvanChifuCopywriter: CatalinDobreAdditional credits: AlexandruPlatonPublished: August 2009
  • Elmex: LockersElmex helps prevent cavities.Advertising Agency: ShalmorAvnonAmichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, IsraelChief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
Executive Creative Director: NirLivni
Creative Director: Eylon Goren
Art Directors: Shay Kirshenzvaig, ErezAvshalom
Copywriters: Or Sitt, Elran Levy
Account Director: Adam Polachek
Account Supervisor: Tal Cohen
Account Executive: Revital Levy
Photographer: ShlomiArbiv
  • This partially-rolled up poster promoting season 3 of Weeds on DVD was created by Lowe in the Philippines to be hung in a local video store.
  • Mattel: BinocularsAdvertising Agency: McCann Erickson Genève, SwitzerlandCreative Director: TimoKirezArt Director: MartijnSimoonsCopywriter: David von RitterPublished: March 2007
  • Kleenex: Soap dispenserGot flu?Advertising Agency: TrampolimComunicação, João Pessoa, BrazilCreative Director: Bob FerrazArt Director / Illustrator / Photographer: Gustavo FrazãoCopywriter: Bob FerrazReleased: June 2009
  • NSW Health: Get testedGet tested for STIs because sleeping with one person is sleeping with many.Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Sydney, AustraliaExecutive Creative Director: James ProcterArt Directors: Robbie Kantor, Josh EvansCopywriter: Bart Pawlak
  • Romanian Traffic Police: Pissing testThe urinals in the men’s bathroom were transformed in an active reminder of the reduced ability to drive when being drunk.Advertising Agency: Mercury 360, Bucharest, RomaniaCopywriter: CristianScurtuArt Director: Diana SerbanCreative Group Director: LiviuTurcanuAdditional credits: CorinaGligaPublished: August 2009
  • Folliderm: Bald man“Scared of losing your hair?”The task was to increase Folliderm prescriptions – a brand that prevents hair loss by strengthening hair roots. Hair fall is an extremely common condition, but seldom referred to a doctor. They had to tap this potential. The use of the brand name was not permitted. So they used a surrogate brand name based on its unique formulation: Power of 1+4. They used elevators in corporate offices and residential buildingss to deliver the message. A face of an man was stuck on the elevator door. Such that his hair was stuck on one door and the rest of his face on the other. When the door opened, the hair pulled away. Another print was stuck in the inside of the elevator – where the man was shown bald. The line read: “Scared of losing your hair? Ask your doctor about Power 1+4″. It was highly amusing for people – and the centre of conversation in the elavators. More importantly there was a significant rise in enquiries about the therapy among doctors in adjoining localities (where the creative was placed).Advertising Agency: Sorento Healthcare Communications, Mumbai, IndiaExecutive Creative Director: Rajesh RaiCreative Group Head - Art: DineshGhosalkarCreative Group Head - Copy: SarveshRaikarVisualisers: Sabin Antony, AmrutaKarandikarGroup Account Manager: PreethaVasanji
  • Planetarium Prague: Get into the UniverseAdvertising Agency: Euro RSCG Prague, Czech RepublicCreative Director: DejanStajnbergerArt Director: JakubKolarikCopywriter: PavelBrazdaPublished: September 2009
  • Plaza Avenida Shopping "Plaza on ice“Sticker by the elevator at the Plaza Avenida Shopping (Avenue Plaza Mall) at São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brasil (one of the hottest towns in State, in summer temperature reaches near 40 degrees celcius and never snowed) in form of termometer to promote a temporary skating ring in the basement of the Mall.Agency: Rede M., São José do Rio Preto/São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Doritos - Brazil - Ask and you shall receiveDoritos prides itself on being a brand that listens to its consumers. So, when the crisp manufacturer came across a group on Orkut – the most popular social networking site in Brazil – named ‘We want a 5kg bag of Doritos’, it decided to help realise the groups’ dream.Doritos has always looked to engage with its young target audience in its advertising. Past campaigns have challenged consumers to create videos and participate in computer games. By reacting to the topic being discussed on Orkut, not only did Doritos involve its consumers in a two-way conversation, it also showed it is prepared to engage them on their level.Doritos launched the campaign by showing off a giant 5kg packet of Doritos at Mercado Mundo Max, an event where new ideas and trends in art, fashion and music are put on display. 5 kg bags were then sent out to Doritos lovers and opinion setters across Brazil, including influential bloggers and advertising agencies. Finally, a live stream of a 5kg bag was put on Doritos website, as well as on You Tube and flickr, and consumers were invited to guess how many crisps were in the packet, with the bag being offered as a prize.The campaign ran for a month. In that time, the Doritos site received 113,126 unique visitors and 41,135 bets, with users spending an average dwell-time of almost 3 minutes. It turned out to be the biggest social media campaign in Brazil in 2008, so successful that Doritos decided to release a limited edition run of 5kg bags for sale in selected Brazilian supermarkets.BRANDDoritosBRAND OWNERPepsiCoCATEGORYConfectionery/ SnacksREGIONBrazilDATEOct 2008 - Nov 2008MEDIA AGENCYCuboccMEDIA OWNERN/AMEDIA CHANNEL
  • Lenor: Flower bucketsThe challenge was to create awareness for Lenor flower – scented laundry softener. They replace the flower buckets of the Romanian florists with Lenor bottle-shaped buckets, emphasizing the flower fragrances of Lenor softener in a free of charge and powerful way. The flower buckets from most Romanian flower shops are neutral and kind of dull. The simple action of replacing them, offered the brand free media space with great exposure, highlighting the product benefit in a fresh way. The idea came to life in the flower shops across Magheru Avenue, one of the Bucharest’s most circulated street; between 15,000-20,000 pedestrians per day. One an non-spot-qualitative research, in terms of creativity and distinctiveness, on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the maxium), 85% of the respondents rated the idea above 4.Advertising Agency: Grey, Bucharest, RomaniaCreative Director: ClaudiuDobritaArt Director: Bob TomaCopywriters: Alex Strimbeanu, Oana Gheorghe
  • Pizza Hut: Bike ClockA large digital countdown clock was installed on the back of Pizza Hut delivery bikes to dramatize their on-time delivery promise. Passersby bear witness as the riders literally beat the 30-minute time limit to their destination.Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero/Proximity, Makati City, The PhilippinesChief Creative Officer: David GuerreroExecutive Creative Director: David Guerrero, Simon Welsh, Joel LimchocCreative Director: Brandie Tan, Tin SanchezCopywriter: Rey TiempoAdvertiser’s Supervisor: Elaine V. GuzmanAccount Manager: Shirley GadiaAccount Supervisor: OmbetTraspeProducer: Al SalvadorArt Director: Gary AmantePhotographer: Marlon Balangon
  • Audi: GarageAdvertising Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto, CanadaChief Creative Officer: Geoffrey RocheAssociate Creative Director: Sean OhlenkampCopywriter: Daniel BonderArt Director: Chris HobsonAccount Executive: VidasKubiliusProducer: Beth MacKinnonPhotographer: Todd Mclellan
  • Akatu Institute for Conscious ConsumptionMore cities. Less forests.Advertising Agency: Lew´LaraTBWA, BrazilCreative Directors: JaquesLewkowicz, André Laurentino, Victor Sant´Anna, Felipe LuchiArt Director: Pedro RosaCopywriter: Roberto KilciauskasIllustrator: Seagulls FlyPublished: September 2009
  • Mini: Bumpers stickerAdvertising Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, USAExecutive Creative Director: John Butler, Mike Shine, Steve Mapp, Lyle YetmanArt Director: Alex RiceCopywriter: Chris JacobsPublished: September 2009
  • MundoCar Shopping: For Sale” For sale.So many options that you’ll want to get a new car right away.”In Brazil, when you want to sell a vehicle, it’s common for people to put a sign in the car window. To promote a new used cars shopping mall fake signs were produced to be put in the windshields of parked vehicles. In the back of the sign the campaign was revealed.Advertising Agency: Kaapora, Florianópolis, BrazilCreative Directors: Felipe Rosito, MaurícioCarpenaArt Director: Fábio CastroCopywriter: GuilhermeCarvalhoPublished: July 2009
  • Titanium.” eye-glasses company ”Giant rounded mirrors in this underground garage are styled like eye glasses, which apparently look exactly like one of Titanium’s designs. There are several of these mirrors, and in different designs.Passers-by will stop to take a look, and read an information plaque beneath saying that it’s a promotion by Titanium.Portuguese readers out there, if you can see the letters on the plaque…. translate please for the rest of us!The agency responsible for the campaign is Publicis Brazil.
  • McDonald’s "Open 24 hrs“As every restaurants have their closing hours. They feel that this is a great opportunity for McDonald’s to communicate the new 24 hours service. McDonald’s places a night image of its restaurant onto the pull-down shutter of various restaurants. Once the shutter is pulled down after the restaurant’s operating hours, passer bys will see an image of a McDonald’s in late hours. This is to deliver the message that while other restaurants are closed, one can enjoy good meal at McDonald’s 24 hours a day.Agency: TBWA Bangkok, Thailand.
  • McDonald’s | “Open 24 hours”
  • Fiat 500 C: Tree PlantersFrom August 5 to September 30, the cutely nostalgic Fiat 500 C, unveiled in February, appears on Milan’s world-famous fashion street, Montenapoleone, in an unexpected role. Exactly 20 fiberglass replicas, precisely the same size and shape as the little Fiat, have become planters for real trees of various shapes. The happening, called “Per fare un albero” (Create a tree), is a cooperative effort between the City of Milan, Fiat, and artist-designer Fabio Novembre. In Novembre’s words, his solution to merge into one object trees and cars, two elements always vying for urban space, is a “symbol of a new way of living.” According to Fiat’s spokespeople, Fiat 500 C’s cheerful, friendly, innovative and eco-friendly character is a perfect fit for such an undertaking.Artist-Designer: Fabio Novembre, Milan, Italy
  • Nestle Beneful: Fragnant posters.Special realisation on advertising pillars by Beneful, a brand of Nestlé Purina PetCare. The campaign ran from 4th to 17th of September in Duisburg, Cologne, Essen and Düsseldorf, Gelsenkirchen, HerneAgency: Optimedia, Frankfurt 2009
  • Making a markBRAND: Save the ChildrenBRAND OWNER: Save the ChildrenCATEGORY: CharitiesREGION: UKDATE:Aug 2009 - Sep 2009MEDIA AGENCY: Exposure
  • Petitions are so ubiquitous, sometimes they do not create the impact intended particularly as many are filled in online, giving a slightly distant, impersonal feel. Save the Children wanted a visual way for people to identify themselves as a supporter of change. Its solution: to collect 100,000 thumb prints as a protest against the plight suffered by those living in the third world.The charity’s Make Your Mark campaign aimed to draw attention to the 10 million children that die before their fifth birthday each year in developing countries, and to get the UK public to urge politicians to keep their promises and do something about preventing these deaths. Save The Children focused on 4 key areas where it felt it could instigate change – stopping hunger, giving access to clean water, providing healthcare and planning for and containing the effects of natural disasters.It created a 5x9m oriental lantern that toured around some of the most popular summer festivals, including V Festival, Bestival and Bristol Balloon Fiesta. People could place their thumbs in one of four giant drums of coloured ink then ‘make their mark’ on two 12-metre long canvases. Each colour represented a different issue: blue for clean water, red for healthcare, yellow for stopping hunger and purple for natural disasters.To date, 70,000 signatures have been collected at the five festivals putting Save The Children on track to reach its target of 100,000. Total footfall currently stands at close to 1 million, data capture at 5,686.
  • Latet Charity Organization: Urban Protest ExhibitAn Urban Protest Exhibit featuring 1.3 kilometers of empty dinner tables to raise 200,000 holiday meals.Advertising Agency: ShalmorAvnonAmichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan
Creative Director: Yariv Twig
Art Director: MeronSasson
Copywriter: Sharon Refael
Account Director: Adam Polachek

Account Supervisor: Dana Cogan, LirazKolodro

Account Executive: Alon Segal
Office Producer: Marina Akilov, ShiraRobasReleased: August  2009
  • Latet Charity Organisation: Join my tableAdvertising Agency: ShalmorAvnonAmichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, IsraelChief Creative Director: Gideon AmichayExecutive Creative Director: Tzur GolanCreative Director: Yariv TwigArt Director: MeronSassonCopywriter: Sharon RefaelAccount Director: Adam PolachekAccount Supervisor: Dana Cogan, LirazKolodroAccount Executive: Alon SegalOffice Producers: ShiraRobas, Marina AkilovDigital Agency: Y&R InteractiveChairman: EranGefenCEO: Guy PorehProject Manager: AmichayKattanCopywriter: Roy Cohen, NadavRavivAccount Supervisor: Dana CoganAccount Executive: EstiSmilgSite Development: YKM Content Design TechnologyCredit Payment Technology: TranzilaInterspaceCellular Solutions: Unicell Advanced Cellular SolutionsWebsite hosting and storage services: Evolution Online
  • Basheer Graphic Books: Rainbow by PantoneWhat you see is what we got. Pantone. Available at Basheer Graphic Books.Advertising Agency): Bates141, Jakarta, IndonesiaCreative Director: HendraLesmonoArt Directors: Andreas Junus, IrawandhaniKamargaCopywriter: IyanSusantoReleased: July 2009
  • Israel Cancer Association: Grill towelsSun exposure killsAdvertising Agency: Gitam BBDO, IsraelCreative Director: Guy Bar, IgalHazanArt Director: Yael GerzonCopywriter: Daniel ZaksPublished: August 2009
  • Burger King of sand
  • First Ontario Credit Union: BikeExtra safe. Guaranteed investments.ThinkFirstNow.comAdvertising Agency: TBWAToronto, Toronto, CanadaCreative Directors: Joe Amaral, Steph Mackie, Mark BiernackiArt Director: Noel FennCopywriter: Danielle HaythornePhotographer: ShanghoonPublished: November 2009
  • Renaissance Foundation for Education, Health and Culture: Discover the bumps in good timeDiscovered a bump? Call 0800 300 300 and set an appointment for a breast cancer check up.Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson RomaniaCreative Director: Adrian BotanArt Director: RazvanChifuCopywriter: CatalinDobreAdditional credits: Dana Hogea, AndreeaHarjanuPublished: August 2009
  • GAM3: Traffic signsAdvertising Agency: Plant, Copenhagen, DenmarkCreative Director: Thomas NorgaardArt Director / Copywriter: Mathias HøstNormarkPublished: June, 2009
  • Rexona Women Naturals: LeavesAdvertising Agency: Lowe Ginkgo, Montevideo, UruguayCreative Directors: Fernando De Clemente, Sebastián Mir.Art Director: Agustín AcostaCopywriter: Alvaro Palombo
  • AXE Day & NightOne is suitable for general audiences. The other one is not.A poster that is modified using the light of the panel. During the night, a black vinyl lighten from behind reveals the zone wiches not suitable for the day. Advertising Agency: Lowe Ginkgo, Montevideo, UruguayCreative Directors: Fernando De Clemente, Sebastián Mir.Art Director: Agustín AcostaCopywriter: Alvaro Palombo
  • United Way of Greater Milwaukee: Cardboard Roof Cardboard does not constitute a decent roof over your head.A reminder that with all the people losing their homes during the economic downturn, donating to the United Way is more important than ever. These were printed on actual cardboard boxes and hung in bus shelters throughout the city.Advertising Agency: Jigsaw Agency, USACreative Directors: Steven Wold, Nick PipitoneArt Director: Grant BernsteinCopywriter: Nick Pipitone
  • McDonald’s: Bus stopAs part of a national campaign promoting McDonald’s restaurants, a downtown Vancouver lamppost became part of an out-of-home (OOH) optical illusion, appearing to pour coffee into a giant cup on the sidewalk.At the time, McDonald’s was giving away free small cups of its brew for a two-week period, in an effort to attract new breakfast customers. Ad firm Cossette’s Vancouver office developed the concept for a lamppost near 6th Avenue and Cambie Street. The post was wrapped in brown vinyl to resemble poured coffee, while an oversized carafe was attached to the end.Elsewhere in the city, a transit shelter was turned into an ‘hourglass,’ with an ever-diminishing number of coffee beans reminding customers of the promotion’s short-term nature.Advertising Agency: Cossette West, Vancouver, CanadaCreative Directors: Bryan Collins, Rob SweetmanCopywriter: Michael MilardoAccount Supervisor: Kim KletzelProducer: Dennis Bayluk, Dyna Graphics LtdArt Director: Eric ArnoldGroup Account Director: Nadine Wilson
  • Jif Mopp: Dirty boardJIF mopp is recommended by the Norwegian Asthmatic Organisation.Background: JIF Mopp is the most known floor sweeper product in Norway. It uses a dry microfiber cloth that attracts dust.Findings: JIF mopp is recommended by the Norwegian Asthmatic Organization.Idea: An abribus board with the JIF microfiber cloth covering the board placed close to city traffic. The cloth gets dirtier every day.Description: The logo and the text ‘Recommended by the Norwegian Asthmatic Organization’ are printed on transparent plastic plate on the top.The cloth beneath the plate remains clean, so people can see how dirty the rest of the cloth has become. Advertising Agency: Aich & Mokie, Oslo, NorwayArt Director: Andreas AichbergerCopywriter: Morten JacobsenAdditional credits: Per Andre-RuudPublished: 2007
  • Brother // Impression XXL
  • Rexona: SamplesProtection + Incredible Fragrances.New Rexona Women Fragrance CollectionRexona introduces its new fragrance inspired by delicate perfumes and with the support of outdoor advertising, invites woman attracted to the fragrance expelled by the poster to remove a sample and keep it. Each week, the slips of paper were replaced with new perfumed ones. Advertising Agency: Lowe Ginkgo, Montevideo, UruguayCreative Directors: Fernando De Clemente, Sebastián Mir.Art Director: Agustín AcostaCopywriter: Jorge Gonzalez
  • HBO Imagine: CubeThe HBO Imagine campaign, an expression and embodiment of the HBO philosophy—to be the preeminent source of entertainment experiences that change perspectives, defy expectations and challenge the status quo—has officially launched. The multi-platform storytelling experience sets out to prove that there are many sides to every story and a change in perspective changes everything.The centerpiece of HBO Imagine is, an online universe that allows users to dive headfirst into an interactive story and game-like experience that deepens the more one explores it. There are over 41 pieces of content, including short- and long-form video, audio files, news stories, letters and images that are connected to each other, revealing more of the big picture with each click. Users can navigate the story by unlocking and viewing the content.HBO Imagine is also being realized in a multi-city outdoor installation called The Cube. The HBO Cube is a unique, new storytelling device that offers four different perspectives on the same scene simultaneously. In telling the same story from four distinct points of view, each side of the cube stands alone as an engaging film, and as one piece of a larger puzzle. As viewers move around the cube, they watch the story unfold from different perspectives, forming different perceptions, and often misperceptions, of the characters and plot. Only by watching the story unfold from multiple sides of the cube can one begin to see the bigger picture.The HBO Cube features two films, each 2 minutes and each played twice successively, on a rotating basis.Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USAInteractive Agency: The Barbarian Group, USA
  • Loto Quebec: Treasure Hunt.Saint-Jacques Vallee Young & Rubicam in Montreal has designed a spectacular advertising campaign for the new lottery Treasure Hunt of Loto-Quebec. Since Tuesday Sept 8, a fleet of pirate ships sail has appeared in major markets in Quebec. These billboards turned into masts and sails, and topped by a pirate flag. The campaign has 4 superboards 3D and many 2D horizontal panels with extensions.Agency: Saint-Jacques Vallee Young & Rubicam
  • TV3 / Transformers: DecepticonsTo promote the premiere of Transformers on TV3, the billboard skin transformed into the symbol of the Decepticons, the feared villains in the movie.Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, AucklandExecutive Creative Director: Nick WorthingtonCreative Directors: Steve Cochran, Karl FleetArt Directors: Steve Hansen, Paul KimCopywriters: Paul Kim, Steve HansenAccount Managers: Karla Fisher, Virginia FrankovichAgency Producer: Phil Newman
  • Nokia N97: Megalight special realisation.Agentur/Agency: JWT-Vienna
  • Santa Isabel Supermarkets Promo Bills: WindAdvertising Agency: Unitas/RNL, Santiago, ChileExecutive Creative Director: PanchoGonzálezCreative Directors: PanchoGonzález, Alexis ÁvalosArt Director: Alexis ÁvalosAccount Manager: Alexis SfeirCopywriter: PanchoGonzález
  • Yellow Pages: In June 2009, 1000 customized Yellow Pages billboards took over the country, turning it into a live demonstration of search categories.Advertising Agency: SAA/Y&R Tel Aviv, IsraelChief Creative Director: Gideon AmichayExecutive Creative Director: Tzur GolanGroup Creative Director: Yariv TwigCopywriters: EyalPadan, Sharon RefaelArt Directors: AsafCovo, Shirley BaharAccount Manager: Adam AvnonAccount Executive: Shiran Chen BarazaniAccount Director: GaliaAshriPlanning: HillaTamir, ZoharReznikGroup Creative Director: Amit GalArt Director: Ran CoryCopywriter: Paul Paszkowski
  • Donatos PizzaAdvertising Agency: Engauge, Columbus, USACreative Director: Adam AlbrechtArt Director: Chuck MatzkerCopywriter: David StonePhotographer: StockPublished: August, 2009
  • Leica binoculars: Brown bearGet close. With the Ultravid from Leica.Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, SwitzerlandCreative Directors: UrsSchrepfer, Daniel ComteCopywriter: FlorianBirknerArt Director: Roland ScotoniPhotographers: Stephan Schacher, Steve Bloom, Ardea, NHPAArt Buying: VerenaRentsch
  • Toro: Ivy wallAdvertising School: Art Center College of DesignArt Director / Copywriter: David StylerInstructor: Drew StalkerGraduated: May 2009
  • It’s a billboard made of 12148 aluminium pegs, varying in length from 1 mm to 27 mm.When the weather is cloudy, and the billboard isn’t directly hit by sunlight, you just see a white background with the a small advertising message for sun lotion at the bottom.When the sun comes out, the pegs create a shadow image that is a greyscale of a woman sunbathingClemenger BBDO in New Zealand.
  • Advertising Stunts And Ideas Q42009 Vol.II

    1. &quot;He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.&quot;-St.Francis of Assisi<br />Advertising stunts & ideas Vol.II<br />Q3|2009<br />
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    3. RADIO<br />CINEMA<br /> AMBIENT<br /> EVENTS<br /> PR<br /> PRODUCT PLACEMENT<br /> OUT OF HOME<br /> TV<br /> PRINT<br /> BRANDED CONTENT<br /> ONLINE/MOBILE<br /> RETAIL/POS<br />
    4. Celebrates Saudi Arabia national day 23.9.2009<br />
    5. McDonald’s France still copy cat a Lebanese concept, to learn more<br />
    6. Mini: 50 years of cool, trend wheeslhows how thing’s come “in” and <br />“out” but MINI’s always been “in”.<br />Advertising Agency: Black RiverFC, South Africa<br />
    7. Lightweight Folding Shelf EEX5.Fits under your bed too.<br />Lightweight Folding Chair NEX2.Fits under your sofa too.<br />Lightweight Folding Centre Table ZEX7.Fits behind your credenza too.<br />
    8. La Charcuterie: Stationary<br />Here’s a stationery package that was recently designed for a sandwich shop. La Charcuterie is a deli/restaurant hybrid well known around Vancouver for serving up sandwiches filled with deli meats. To play off this, business cards were created to look like cold cuts then were strung in netting similar to the way salami’s and other cured meats are hung in delis. Finally, we printed meat stickers for the letterhead and envelopes made of butcher paper— the same paper they wrap their sandwiches in.<br />
    9. It’s quite difficult to get excited about paint – hence the English expression that describes a boring pastime as “Like watching paint dry”.<br />Brazilian paint brand Coral (known as Dulux in most parts of the world) wanted to promote its premium decoration line, “Decora” and encourage people to be experimental with the colour of their walls at home. Traditionally, paint brands sell small quantities of paint as colour samplers, so that people can apply small swatches on their walls to compare different potential colour schemes.<br />However, it is hard to envisage the effect of an entirely new wall colour from a foot-wide square patch of paint. Coral therefore created a range of light bulbs in Coral colours, which when illuminated and pointed towards a white wall would show people what their room would look like if painted in that colour. These were packaged up to look like mini paint tins and distributed and demonstrated in various shops<br />
    10.<br />
    11. Pizza Hut: Bike Clock<br />
    12. More cities. Less forests.<br />More pollution. Less life.<br />More cars. Less clean air.<br />
    13. THE ORIGINAL?GlissKur Total Repair Shampoo – 2007Source : Cannes Lions Archive.Agency : TBWA Dusseldorf (Germany)<br />LESS ORIGINALJohnny Andream Shampoo – 2009Source : Cannes Lions Archive,Agency : Fortune (Indonesia)<br />LESS ORIGINALActiv Strong Shampoo – 2008Source : Cannes Lions Archive,Agency : Young & Rubicam Frankfurt (Germany)<br />
    14. Bench<br />Fire hydrants<br />
    15. For further inspiration<br />
    16. A poster that is modified using the light of the panel. During the night, a black vinyl lighten from behind reveals the zone wiches not suitable for the day. <br />
    17. Sudafed “Breathe clearly” – 2009Source : Cannes 2009 outdoor longlistAgency : JWT London (United Kingdom)<br />Vicks Vaporub “Breathe deeply” –2006 <br />Source : Cannes Archive,Agency : TBWA Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)<br />
    18. The HBO Cube is a unique, new storytelling device that offers four different perspectives on the same scene simultaneously. In telling the same story from four distinct points of view, each side of the cube stands alone as an engaging film, and as one piece of a larger puzzle. As viewers move around the cube, they watch the story unfold from different perspectives, forming different perceptions, and often misperceptions, of the characters and plot. Only by watching the story unfold from multiple sides of the cube can one begin to see the bigger picture.<br />
    19. Model<br />Newscaster<br />Steaming pizza<br />
    20. Butcher<br />Bacon<br />
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