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Advertising Stunts And Ideas Q22009


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Advertising Stunts And Ideas Q22009

  1. Q2|2009<br />Best practice in advertising ideas<br /> <br /><br />
  2. <br />Recession Special!<br />
  3. Kaiser Permanente: Bubbles <br /> <br />Advertising Agency: Campbell-Ewald Los Angeles USA<br />
  4. <br />
  5. <br />Turning the heat up <br />Client: TV3<br />Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland<br />
  6. <br />
  7. A simple product demonstration, when you tilt your head to read the phone number, the rat goes from the right way up to lying dead on its back.<br />Republik Auckland<br />
  8. <br />
  9. <br />“Host a show from home. “Advertising Agency: Bates 141, Calcutta, India<br />
  10. Every December, Bon o Bon chocolate issues an outdoor greeting. This time, we wanted to do something different. We offered everybody a space to express their new year&apos;s wishes. Hundreds of ¨Available¨ billboards in the city streets invited the people to enter where they could write their wish, choose the city where they wanted it to be published and vote for the ones they liked most. The most voted ones were published in the last days of the month in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Mar del Plata y Montevideo.<br />Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Argentina<br />
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  13. <br />McDonalds Fresh Eggs Daily<br />
  14. <br />
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  16. Wonderbra: Broken glass<br />Agency: Publicis Frankfurt, Germany<br /> <br />
  17. <br />At the busstop waiting, feeling like a star and be a part of an ambient media campaign.During the GraziaFashionweekit was possible to be a star at the bus stop – either in the makeup chair or being chased by paparazzi. Again a nice example of how the audience becomes part of the ambient media campaign<br />
  18. Maker&apos;s Mark: Vending Machine<br /> <br />Agency: Doe-Anderson Advertiser: Beam Global Spirits & Wine<br />
  19. CitiTowing South Africa: You never know <br /> <br />“You never know when you&apos;ll need us. Save 011 805 1260 now.<br />Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Johannesburg, South Africa<br />
  20. There’s still room for your help. Help in a package.<br />Advertising Agency: AUFBRUCH, Duesseldorf, Germany<br />
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  24. Natal´s City Hall Eyes.<br />“Stimulate people to be part of the program “Adopt the Green”, wich allows companies to adopt green areas in the city. They apply two big eyes in the top of some trees around the city, making the trees look like a human being shape. “Adopt me, please. Adopt the green <br /> <br />
  25. Kids have their first day at school and lollipop company ChupaChups communicates their product on street signs by putting an sticker on it. Now the kids go to school through candyland. Nice conversion!<br /> <br />
  26. <br />
  27. Puma breakout.<br /> <br />
  28. Leo Burnett Bangkok wanted an eye-catching promotional idea to launch the Heineken GreenSpace Beer Park located on the rooftop of the CentralWorld Plaza in Bangkok. The agency created &apos;green men&apos; and formed them into the shape of the Heineken bottle and used it as a directional installation that pointed to the location of the bar day and night. <br /> <br />
  29. <br />Pet Food.<br />Has your dog snout full of bad food?<br />Agentur/Agency: BBDO<br />
  30. <br />Endless freshness. “Nicly and simple idea with lasting effect. The total refreshment of the toothpaste get the title: “Clean case” <br />
  31. Greenpeace Car Free Day 2009 &quot;Key Saw&quot;<br />Cars are destroying the world&apos;s forest. A quarter of the forests lost in the last 10,00 years have been destroyed in the last 30 years, to help turn the tide, greenpeace is launching a campaign for a Car Free Day 2009. To relate the message more strongly to drivers, a saw made from a car key shown sawing down a tree beside the road. The implication of course is that every time the driver starts his engine he is helping to cut down a tree. The message on the key says, &quot;you are driving our forests to destruction. Show your support for Car Free Day 2009 at;.Agency: Grey Hong Kong, China. <br /> <br />
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  33. <br />
  34. <br />Breast cancer awareness: Take her bra off Advertising Agency: High, Bangkok, Thailand <br />
  35. Gold&apos;s Gym: Elevator<br />“Being overweight makes it harder. Get in shape.<br /> Agency: PragmaDDB<br /> <br />
  36. <br />Lamisil: Stop the spread |Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Germany<br />
  37. Agency: &KS Amsterdam, The Netherlands Concept: Jasper Jager, Marc van Wageningen<br /> <br />
  38. “Zap blemishes away!<br />Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mumbai, India<br />Garnier Pure Pen: Ticket <br /> <br />
  39. Save energy save the Earth<br /> <br />
  40. <br />
  41. <br />Double A: Tissue jam<br />
  42. <br />Head&Shoulders: Experts wanted! <br />Advertising Agency: Prohome, Budapest, Hungary<br />
  43. National Geographic: Jail set<br />Agency: H, Paris, France <br /> <br />
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  52. Vitasprint B12: The world&apos;s toughest pairs game <br /> <br />Advertising Agency: Grey Group / G2 hamburg, Hamburg, Germany<br />
  53. SHARP | The Fidge<br />Agency: IMPACT BBDO, Beirut, Lebanon<br />
  54. <br />GrupoImagen: Mask<br />“We do not need to kiss each other to feel our support / breath. (in spanish the Word “aliento” means breath and also support)<br />Advertising Agency: LabaseMèxico<br />
  55. Advertising Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, Johannesburg<br /> <br />
  56. <br />
  57. <br />
  58. 100 of these cans were installed around Manila to encourage donations and show the difference that a small donation to Childhope can make a street child&apos;s life. Now this is packaging that makes a difference! .<br />Innovative campaign created by BBDO Guerrero, the most awarded creative agency in the Philippines. <br /> <br />
  59. Brief for Publicis Ambience Mumbai:Get customers excited about the unique exchange offer at the electronics store Exchange any TV for a microwave oven.Solution: In most electronics stores, the TVs on sale stay tuned to documentary and news channels all day long. One fine day, all the TVs in the store started displaying a looped video of the insides of a microwave oven in operation. As a result, the TVs looked like microwave ovens from a distance. Customers approaching the rack soon discovered that they were TVs in disguise, and that they too could turn their old TVs into microwave ovens by taking part in the exchange scheme.<br />
  60. If you’re sitting on top of the world and there ain’t no paper around – use an iPhone app! In Germany Apple communicates the variety of application for their iPhones recently, so Gilette took the chance to develope their own. Take a picture of your friend, add a beard and start shaving!<br />
  61. Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical: Stapler<br />Advertising Agency: DMG Beijing, China<br />
  62. Chocolate Bar: Loyalty card<br />We set out to reward The Chocolate Bar&apos;s frequent customers&apos; love of sweets and their sense of humor at the same time. To do this, we designed a loyalty card with a dental chart on it. Every purchase is rewarded with a punched tooth. After 16 teeth are punched, the customer is entitled to a complimentary chocolate of their choice.<br />Advertising Agency: Greynyc, NY, USA<br />
  63. TümAbbruch demolition company: Demolition Push Puppet<br />Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X Germany<br />
  64. <br />
  65. Clearasil Squeeze&quot;<br />Clearasil is a pharmaceutical gel designed to fight Acne, widely used by teenagers on puberty. Its image is very strong near this target but not so strong among general practitioners, the biggest medical class in Portugal. That&apos;s why they&apos;re launching the new Clearasil pills. They needed a different approach to make them prescribe this new Clearasil. The solution was to use the product itself to promote their message: &quot;May this be the last time. The end of Acne starts with Clearasil&quot;. To disseminate the properties of the product among general practitioners, people&apos;s faces were clued on the back of a product sample. When the movement to open the pill blister is made, one has the feeling of sqeezing a pimple. With Clearasil, it&apos;s the last time. In the first 3 months of the promotion Clearasil increased its prescription 45% in general practitioners. A second edition of the promotion his on its as not only general practitioners requested more samples, but also dhermatologits.Advertising School: Hambre - Leo Burnett Lisbon School, Portugal.<br />
  66. 3M Window Films: Heat<br />Advertising Agency: The Banyan International, Dubai, UAE<br /> <br />
  67. Clever mailing idea for Fiat’s Parktronic park assistant.<br /><br />Credits:Advertised brand: FiatAdvert title(s): SoundcardAdvertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Leo Burnett Frankfurt<br />
  68. Hobby Shop: Parked in the right placeAdvertisingAgency: Rivas Herrera/Y&R,Quito, Ecuador <br /> <br />
  69. Long&apos;s Horseradish: Everything goes with Long&apos;s Agency: When Gee, Seoul, South Korea<br /> <br />
  70. Stop the flu.<br />Advertising Agency: Grey, Beijing, China<br /> <br />
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  77. Hope you find it challenging, inspiring and useful…<br />