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  • Ambien t| Guinness| Double visionPlease don't drink and driveSpecially-designed cans were distributed to pubs for use as part of an "enjoy responsibly" campaign.Advertising Agency: BBDO, Toronto, CanadaExecutive Creative Director: Jack NearyCreative Director: Ian MacKellarAssociate Creative Director / Art Director: Mark MasonAssociate Creative Director / Copywriter: Patrick Scissons
  • Integrated| Vitaminwater| Vancouver 2010 Olympic gamesSpeaking of Vitaminwater, Cleveland-based ad agency Brokaw is giving the brand's Winter Olympics creative a 3-D aspect with this bus shelter in downtown Vancouver. The company transformed the shelter into a ski lift, a move that recalls a stunt that Venture Communications pulled on behalf of Ski Alberta in 2008. Other ads in the campaign highlight Olympic athletes in Vitaminwater's typically jocular style. "Don't try challenging Michael Lambert," reads one, referring to the Canadian snowboarder. "You'll lose. Even in your imagination.“Agence : Brokaw (site), ClevelandDéroulement : février 2010Sources : Jedblogk + Brandfreak + Brokaw
  • Out of Home | Nissan: Brasilia mapEnjoy BrasiliaCity maps as you’ve never seen before. This is the campaign Lew'Lara/TBWA has created for Nissan Brasil. Maps of Barcelona, Brasília and Paris were redesigned using a laser cutting technique. The results were dozens of paper and acrylic displays that showed just the streets and avenues of each one of those cities. The whole thing was reinforced by a special illumination that shines the light in a way that the shadows of the maps were all over the walls."Besides showing the city in a new and different way for those who drive a Nissan car, these maps represent the care and accuracy Nissan takes in designing cars. The point of sale helped to enhance the association between high-end technology and Nissan." says Felipe Luchi, Lew'Lara/TBWA’s Creative Director.Advertising Agency: Lew’Lara/TBWA, Brazil
  • Out of Home | Ziebart |  Ground Poster.Ziebart offers window tints. To call attention for the heating problem in cars in UAE, they took special large-sized ground poster and placed them on public parking spaces in UAE
  • Out of Home | HSBC|SAVE ENERGY|SAVE ENERGYCreditsType Of Entry: Product & ServiceCategory: Banking, Investment & InsuranceTitle: SAVE ENERGYAdvertiser/Client: HSBCProduct/Service: BANK Entrant Company, City: JWT, BeirutCountry: LEBANONAdvertising Agency, City: JWT, Beirut Country: LEBANONCreative Director: Jwt Beirut Copywriter: Jwt Beirut Art Director: Jwt Beirut Account Supervisor: Jwt Beirut 
  • Out of Home | Shopping Curitiba Mall|5 Crazy Days LiquidationRun before it's over.Advertising Agency: OpusMúltipla, Curitiba, BrazilCreative Director: DenilsonPucci, RenatoCavalherArt Director: Pericles Mores KwiatkowskiCopywriter: Diego PianaroPhotographer: Antônio Wolff
  • CREDITSAgency: McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok, ThailandChief Creative Officer: Martin LeeCreative Director: ThidaratNitikijphaiboonArt Director: ApichaiInthutsingh
  • Out of Home | Dos en Uno| Big BubbleA 50 foot balloon, appearing to be a giant bubblegum, was created by Prolam Y&R Santiago to celebrate Dos en Uno's 50th Anniversary.Client:Arcor Dos en UnoAgency:Prolam Y&R, SantiagoCreatives:TonySarroca (Executive Creative Director)alvarobecker (Creative Director)rodrigo grebe (Art Director)Carlos Baracco (Account manager)Country:Chile
  • Ambient | ADD (Sporting Association for the Disabled)| Luggage CartsHelp an athlete to go to the Paralympics. Make a donation.Action for ADD (Sporting Association for the Disabled) that took place in Cumbica International Airport, São Paulo, on January 17th and 18th of 2010. Life-size paper displays showing disabled athletes in wheelchairs were strategically placed on several luggage carts. When passengers used them to carry their bags, it looked as if they were actually pushing the wheelchair of a disabled athlete.Advertising Agency: age.comunicações, São Paulo, BrazilExecutive Creative Director: Carlos DomingosArt Director: Henrique Mattos, Andre FukumotoCopywriter: DaguitoRodrigues, Charles Faria
  • BSA Foldman: Pack and Go Poster and CartonThe foldable bicycle from BSA was printed on real cartons and placed at key BSA GO outlets in a way that no packing box has ever been before. Customers were drawn to this intriguing poster that could be taken down and folded in to box, ready to take. Succinctly driving home the ease of folding the cycle and it's primary benefit - Pack and Go. A folded version of the carton was also placed at the counter as an information "boxlet" inviting customers to take one home now!Advertising Agency: JWT, IndiaCreative Directors: Senthil Kumar, Abraham KarimpanalArt Director: BatulTurabCopywriter: ArjunPhotographer: AkashAnandhPublished: December 2009
  • Ambient | Curitiba City Government | Car screech markAmbient placed around areas where people often drink and drive.Advertising Agency: OpusMúltipla, Curitiba, BrazilCreative Directors: RenatoCavalher, DenilsonPucciArt Director: DenilsonPucciCopywriter: Cesar NodaIllustrator: Roger "Olho" Wodzynski
  • Ambient | Governoda Bahia: Space|Let the memory to save a life. Become a donor.Advertising Agency: Leiaute Propaganda, Salvador, Brazil
Creative Director: Raul Rabelo, Carlos Andrade
Art Director: Davi Voss
Copywriter: Thiago Rezende
Photographer: Marina Palmeira
Published: May 2010
  • Ambient| U.S.O. Exhaust Systems| Exhaust renewal for the exhausted, TongueAdvertising Agency: ÇÖZÜM, Istanbul, TurkeyCopywriter: EvrimAytasArt Director: BanuUstundagPlanning Directors: Can Aksuyek, Ahmet O. Yener
  • Ambient| Pal FM Song Request Hotline| NapkinBrief: To create awareness for the "Song Request Hotline" of PalFM, one of the biggest radio channels in Turkey.Concept: There's an old and famous tradition in Turkish people's entertainment culture. If you are at a place where there's live music and you want to request a song, you write the name of the song on a piece of napkin and send it to the artist and your requested song is played by the artist.Implementation: We based this tradition at the center of our idea and designed the collateral materials in the form of a napkin. The message on the napkins look like they are handwritten in pen. We distributed these napkins in cafes, restaurants and bars where our target is present.Advertising Agency: ÇÖZÜM, Istanbul, TurkeyCopywriter: EvrimAytasArt Director: BanuUstundagPlanning Directors: Can Aksuyek, Ahmet O. Yener
  • Ambient | Indonesian Railways| Giant CleaverDon't be reckless. Stay Safe.Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG Adwork IndonesiaExecutive Creative Director:NdangSutisnaArt Director:AdityaAgungPrakasaCopywriter:AldyDewandhanaPublished: December 2009, at Kalibata Train Station, Jakarta
  • Ambient | Unicef Korea| Change, Save the childrenPlease join now!Advertising Agency: Promofactory, Seoul, KoreaExecutive Director: Kim Young JeaCreative Director: Cho Kwan HeeAccount Executive: Ahn Jung Min, ChoiJi WonArt Director: Cho Kwan HeeCopywriter: Cho Kwan Hee, Jung Keun OhAccount Staff: Kim SeonEungPhotographer: Cho Kwan HeePublished: March 2009
  • Ambient | STIHL Leaf Blowers: Autumn Calendar 2010STIHL asked the agency to develop a business gift promoting the product range of leaf blowers. Their target audience were international key accounts, like municipalities of major cities. Explicit request: make something never seen before. The agency created an invention. Introducing the autumn calendar 2010 – the first tear-off calendar, that tears off its leaves automatically! To show the necessity of STIHL leaf blowers in an entertaining way – day by day. Due the fact that leaves fall in autumn, their calendar covers the time period 09/23 – 12/21.Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Duesseldorf, GermanyCreative Directors: TorstenPollmann, Felix GlaunerArt Directors: Martin Staubach, Kai Tusar, Marie PielmeierCopywriters: Christoph Mueller, Till KoesterPublished: December 2009
  • Ambient | Non - drip pleasureBrief: To create awareness for using Rako condoms by reaching active young people at the places they are most likely to visit when starting and finishing party nights.Concept: Many of them visit fast-food restaurants where they often eat kebab packed in the well-known foil which protects clothes from having unwanted sauce-drops on them. So this foil secures protection for everyone to enjoy the pleasure of eating a kebab. And it is a coincidence that Rako condoms have the same function: securing safe sex for people - with no dripping.Implementation: We took advantage of this similarity in the communication of Rako condoms and we used this unconventional channel of ambient communication. With this the access of concerned young target group is guaranteed just because almost each of them have taken delight in enjoying the pleasures... of eating a kebab.Advertising Agency: Insomnia Advertising Agency, Hungary Director: BalazsBotaArt Director: Daniel de la TorreCopywriter: Gergely PeterIllustrator: FerencTothPhotographer: FerencTothPublished: February 2010
  • Ambient | NOWME Home Violence Consultation Office | Anti Domestic ViolencePull out our children from domestic Violence.Push the phone number.right now!Advertising Agency: Promofactory Seoul KoreaExecutive Directors: Kim Young JeaCreative Director: Cho Kwan HeeAccount Executives: Ahn Jung Min, ChoiJi WonArt Director: Cho, Kwan HeeCopywriter: Cho Kwan Hee, Jung Keun OhAccount Staff: Kim SeonEungPhotographer: Cho Kwan HeePublished: January 2010
  • CoverGirl wanted to convey the functional benefits of its new Lashblast Length mascara to commuters in Toronto and Montreal. The product promises longer looking lashes and has a signature extra-long yellow mascara wand.The solution was a range of different ad formats throughout the subway. For the first time, the subway exit turnstiles were transformed to resemble larger than life mascara wands by being wrapped in yellow. The effect was that the turnstile appeared to be the mascara wand and the bars the turnstile rotated through became the eyelashes.Interior door surrounds warned consumers that their long lashes may be caught between the doors. Vinyl extensions highlighting the mascara want were positioned in high commuter traffic areas. Between all parties it took months of collaboration to create the turnstile dominations, culminating in a new format for CBS outdoor and the TTC.Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi CanadaCreative Director: Brett ChannerArt Director: Basil Douglas CowiesonCopywriters: Tal Wagman, Lyranda Martin-EvansAccount Directors: Kathy McLay, Yael MarantzPublished: February 2010
  • Ambient |UNICEF brings shocking reality to the streets of London|Denying child rights is wrong. Put it right.Unicef has launched a street campaign focused on generating support for children in Haiti and vulnerable street children around the world.As part of the campaign, the organisation is placing 100 life size cut out images of four children - two child survivors of the recent Haiti earthquake, and two vulnerable street children from Cambodia and The Philippines – in major public places around London to drive awareness of the campaign, highlight the difficulties and dangers vulnerable children face worldwide, and to encourage donations to Unicef.The cut outs of the child survivors of the Haiti earthquake feature the words:  “He survived the earthquake. Now he's at risk of child trafficking, illegal adoption and sexual abuse. What's happening to the children of Haiti is wrong. Put it right.”The campaign, created by Rapp, is part of Unicef’s five year “Put it Right” initiative which launched last week to champion the rights of children across the globe and raise £55m.Michael Newsome, Unicef UK’s director of individual giving, says: “Through this campaign, we are calling on the public to help Unicef put it right for the children of Haiti, and others around the world.”Rapp Media and Zone Outdoor handled media planning and buying.
  • Agency: Memac Ogilvy Dubai, UAE
  • Ambient |Urban Island 09|BottleIn order to promote with an unconventional approach, here is a blog that collects all the initatives spread in the "Isoladi Milano" neighbourhood: one of the most exciting and avant-garde areas in Milan in the field of arts, culture, fashion and desigArt directors: MatteoPozzi, Arnaud AtchimonCopywriters: Marta Majolino, RiccardoFroscianti
  • Ambient |Urban Island 09| Fishing rodsArt directors: MatteoPozzi, Arnaud AtchimonCopywriters: Marta Majolino, RiccardoFroscianti
  • Ambient |FondationAbbé Pierre| Letters on wind-shield guerillaEnvelopes on the windshields of cars parked Place de la République in Paris, during the press conference.Advertising Agency: BDDP & Fils, Paris, France
  • Ambient |Urban Island 09|SurfArt directors: MatteoPozzi, Arnaud AtchimonCopywriters: Marta Majolino, RiccardoFroscianti
  • Ambient |Dubai Group SigortaKasko| Pillow“Auto insurance?Advertising Agency: Lowe Istanbul Turke
  • Print| Miele Washing Machine|The more you care for your clothes, the more you need a Miele. Miele Active Care. 14 unique special programs that take care of your favourite clothes.Challenge: Today, all washing machines make your laundry clean, but not all make it look good and last longer. Miele treat every kind of textile according to it’s unique properties – which results in clothing care instead of a simple wash. Our task was to rise awareness of Miele’s exclusive special washing programs, while at the same time confirming Miele’s position as a premium brand for washing and drying machines.Solution: Ads that interact with the editorial material in fashion magazines – thereby taking ownership of “caring” for the latest fashion. Our ads were placed in the middle of fashion reports. Than ks to a hole in the ads you could se parts of the clothes in surrounding fashion pictures, looking like they were placed in one of Miele’s washing machines.Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Stockholm, SwedenCreative Director: Johan JägerArt Director: Johan JägerCopywriter: Magnus AnderssonPlanner: Leon PhangPhotographer: PekkaStåhlnackePublished: September 2009
  • Guerrilla | Magrudy's|T-Shirt|This marketing activity by The Tribe has been launched as part of a larger campaign to reinforce Magrudy’s corporate mission of encouraging people to read.The activity was intended to coincide with the International Literature Festival to establish Magrudy’s as the leading purveyor of literature in the region.Advertising Agency: THE TRIBE, DubaiCreative Director: Andrew DurkanCopywriter: RaziaEssackArt Director: Mario DiasAccount Supervisor: Robert MitchellAdvertiser's Supervisor: Jeremy Brinton
  • Guerrilla | Lenor |Flower WrapsIn creating awareness for Lenor's flower scented laundry softener range, Grey Bucharest took it to the streets and offered florists Lenor-designed flower wraps they used for their bouquets, surprising customers and by-passers and spreading the message in a fresh way.Client: Procter& GambleAgency: Grey BucharestCreatives: ClaudiuDobrita (Creative Director)BobToma (Art Director)AlexStrimbeanu (Copywriter)MihaiDraghici, EugenAlexe (Producer)RoxanaMatasel (Account manager)Country: RomaniaCreate awareness for Lenor flower-scented laundry softener. Wrapping foil reproducing the Lenor bottle artwork placed in flower shops across Bucharest and also available through flower delivery services. All this during the Sunday of Flowers, a traditional feast in Romania celebrating the arrival of spring. A free of charge medium that delivers the message in a scented way.Agency: Grey Bucharest, Romania.
  • DIRECT| The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada|Graphex Annual[Rethink]|CreditsAgency: RethinkClient: The Society of GraphCategory: Business to businessBrand: The Society of GraphCountry: Canada Year: 2009
  • DIRECT|Mercedes-Benz | DistronicPlusAdvertisingAgency: Impact BBDO, Dubai 
Executive Creative Director: Jennie Morris, Jeremy Southern
Art Director: Andrej Arsenijevic, Mark Held
Group Account Director: Fadi El Aswad
Account Manager: Albert Lorenzo
Copywriter: Darren Mccall, Grant Mcgrath, Jeremy Southern
Graphic Designer: Squirtel 
Illustrator: Jun Capati  
  • DIRECT| Fallout Skateboards | Get the feelingInsert your hand to get the feeling.Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi/Saatchi&SaatchiX, Frankfurt, GermanyCreative Director: Mark KaratasArt Director: Rod Henriques3D Illustrator: Lars ZimmermannAccount: Linda-Aileen SchlodderPhotographer: Georg Dörr, Martin Joppich (Lumen)Published: December 2009
  • DIRECT| Red Cross Earthquake Cards in PiecesRed Cross Argentina (Cruz Roja) ran a direct marketing campaign using ripped cards, raising awareness of the needs of people affected by the August 15, 2007 earthquake in Peru. Cards ripped into six pieces were placed in plastic envelopes with the message, “After an earthquake, the first thing that needs to be rebuilt is the lives of the people who suffered it. Peru needs your help.” 519 people died in the 8.0 level earthquake.Leo Burnett, Buenos Aires, Argentin
  • DIRECT| Marie France Bodyline: TapeAdvertising Agency: Wunderman, Dubai, UAE
  • DIRECT| De Lijn|Ticket-to-meAdvertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels, BelgiumCreative Directors: Peter Ampe, KatrienBottezArt Directors: YigitUnan, Geert de RockerCopywriters: Robin Stam, Tom BerthPublished: January 2010
  • DIRECT| GGRP Sound: Cardboard Record PlayerAdvertising Agency: Grey Canada, Vancouver, CanadaCreative Director: Geoff DawsonArt Director: Andrew McKinleyCopywriter: Geoff DawsonIllustrator: Andrew McKinleyAdditional credits: Dennis IsaacsonPublished: May 2010
  • Direct marketing & consumer activation|Pattex Glue “Crosswords”To demonstrate the universal ability of Pattex to stick anything to anything, the brand sponsored the crossword in a popular Egyptian daily and magazines. When solved, you see that different materials are joined seamlessly, thanks to the power of Pattex.Agency: TBWA Cairo, Egypt.
  • Direct marketing & consumer activation|Siemens “Puzzle”The presented gadget – the puzzle – illustrates the main benefits of the Siemens’s new Compact series dishwasher: its flexibility and ability to fit everywhere in any kind of kitchen furniture as well as the fact that it fits perfectly any other appliance from the same series.Agency: MarketShare Warsaw, Poland.
  • Direct marketing & consumer activation|DAC | Stop the partyAdvertising Agency: TBWA, EgyptChief Creative Officer: ArindamSenguptaArt Directors: Sameh George, YoussefGadallahCopywriters: Sameh George, YoussefGadallah, Ahmed YounisAccount Manager: Mohamed Dawood
  • Direct marketing & consumer activation|Vodafone| BanknoteAdvertising Agency: Scholz & Friends NRW, GermanyCreative Directors: NielsAlzen, Alexander HansenConcept / Copywriter: Elias KoulouresArt Directors: ChristofDeutscher, PiaNiehues, Anna-VerenaHeidekrüger, Stephanie BlaschkaAccount: Janine Hardich, Sven HorrerReleased: November 2009
  • Direct marketing & consumer activation|Cosmopolitan: Hair dresser.Cosmopolitan advertises in hairdresser’s shops.
  • Direct marketing & consumer activation|OMO: Washing machine tissue box“Whitening, powerful formulaAdvertising Agency: Lowe Istanbul Turkey
Executive Creative Director: DenizMukan
Creative Director: EmreNoyan, Can Apaydın
Creative Team: LeventKarakaya, Mustafa Ölemez, Caner Bilgiç, DidemGezginci
Published: March 2010
  • WWF Earth Hour: Do Not DisturbGive up power for one hour, Earth Hour.Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Group, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Will Rust
Art Director: Taras Dzendrovskii
Copywriter: Sasha Doroguntsova
Account: Oksana Sapiga
Published: March 2010
  • Ariel Pro-zim 2: Stain By NumbersAdvertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, UAECreative Director: Maru Kopelowicz, Sion Scott-WilsonCopywriter: Bianca de Silva, Neil HarrisonArt Director: Christopher Jones, Anjum Shaikh, Masa Al-KutoubiProduction Company: Power Print, Acacia ProjectsPhotographer: Dave KennedyAdditional credits: Jihad Hamza, Hamid Naqvi, Heidi Afifi
  • Panamericana School of Art and Design: PanelHow far does your creativity go?Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Director: André Gola
Copywriter: Pernil
  • Panamericana School of Art and Design: YellowHow far does your creativity go?Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Director: André Gola
Copywriter: Pernil
  • Advertising Stunts Q1| 2010 | vol.II

    1. 1. AdvertisingStunts & Ideas<br />Q1| 2010 |Vol.II<br />
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    5. 5. A glassfulofhistory, from Guinness<br />Guinness celebrates its 250th with a glassful of old history..<br />As part of its 250th anniversary celebrations, Guinness has made glasses with its brief history written on them. It starts from 1759, the year in which Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on the now famous St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin.<br />In 1959, it marked its 200th anniversary by dropping 150,000 commemorative bottles into the Atlantic. Comparing to that heartbreaking effort, it is mild creativity<br />
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    12. 12. Out of Home | Hygiene Color Bleach| pokes pun with the image<br />This advertising effort from Hygiene Color Bleach aims to show that the product removes stains fast. But the effort can not be described as something which draws our attention. Even if it succeeds to draw the attention, it does not convey the message in a suitable way.When we see the image from a distance, it appears there is a stain on the clothes. But as one comes closer, the stain disappears. Plays with eyes, but not with our minds.<br />The effort has been developed by McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok.<br />
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    14. 14. Ambient | ADD (Sporting Association for the Disabled)| Luggage Carts<br />Help an athlete to go to the Paralympics. Make a donation.<br />Action for ADD (Sporting Association for the Disabled) that took place in Cumbica International Airport, São Paulo, on January 17th and 18th of 2010. Life-size paper displays showing disabled athletes in wheelchairs were strategically placed on several luggage carts. When passengers used them to carry their bags, it looked as if they were actually pushing the wheelchair of a disabled athlete.<br />Advertising Agency: age.comunicações, São Paulo, BrazilExecutive Creative Director: Carlos DomingosArt Director: Henrique Mattos, Andre FukumotoCopywriter: DaguitoRodrigues, Charles Faria<br />
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    25. 25. Ambient | CoverGirlLashBlast Length| Entry gate<br />“extremely long brush. extremely long lashes.LashBlast Length mascara<br />To showcase the category's largest brush, a new media space was created - the subway exit turnstiles themselves. Dramatizing the benefit of LashBlast Length, the exit turnstiles were wrapped in yellow to look like an extremely long brush, and the crossbars were wrapped in black to demonstrate the extremely long lashes you get as a result of using the mascara.<br />
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    27. 27. Berlitz: right use of the medium<br />It is true that the brands should try use the medium of communication in an appropriate and intelligent way. The selection of medium is as much important as the communication style. Her is a good example of intelligent selection and use of the medium of communication.<br />This advertising effort from Berlitz, aims to promote its language classes in a fresh way. Parking is a challenge in the UAE. It’s easy to get a fine. These fines are in Arabic which 74% of all residents don’t understand.So, with a view to promote their language classes, with a simple & smart idea.<br />
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    42. 42. A record player created from a piece of corrugated cardboard that folds into an envelope. Once assembled, a record can be spun on the player with a pencil. The vibrations go trough the needle and are amplified in the cardboard material. The players were sent out to creative directors across North America as a creative demonstration of GGRP’s sound engineering capabilities.<br />Advertising Agency: Grey Canada, Vancouver, Canada<br />Creative Director: Geoff Dawson<br />Art Director: Andrew McKinley<br />Copywriter: Geoff Dawson<br />Illustrator: Andrew McKinley<br />Additional Credits: Dennis Isaacson<br />Published: March 2010<br />
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    79. 79. How far does your creativity go?<br />
    80. 80. How far does your creativity go?<br />
    81. 81. How far does your creativity go?<br />Nail<br />
    82. 82. How far does your creativity go?<br />Dog<br />
    83. 83. How far does your creativity go?<br />Dot<br />