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Brand repositioning planning |Isuzu trucks | D-MAX | Saudi Arabia


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We build trucks for life that delivers on profitability use-ability and dependability.

In order to connect quickly with its target audience, we will center our marketing drive on being focused on positioning and selling the brand as the one that’s provide flexible drivability to increase depth and breadth commercial users.

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Brand repositioning planning |Isuzu trucks | D-MAX | Saudi Arabia

  1. 1. Final  plan  
  2. 2. Ac#vity    Model   Jeddah   Rural   Eastern   Remarks     1   Positioning   Brand   DM,  Print,  OOH   2   New  Front     DMAX   Event+  LED   Showroom  +  OOH   3   BBH     Corporate   PR  +  inshowroom  AcFviFes  for  test  drive     OOH  +  BTL   4   Back  to  work     C&E SERIES   Mall  and  souck   PR  Demos   5   Back  to  school   DMAX   OOH   6   Gear  up  for  Hajj   N SERIES   7   Yearly  raffle   DMAX   Print  +OOH+PR   8   Service  "  you  can  rely  on"   F SERIES   Print  +  DM+PR   9   Parts  "  built  around  you  "   N SERIES   Print  +  DM+PR   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan   Feb   Mar   1   4   8  SERVICE   B2W   3  Corporate   5   2   B2S   9  Parts   6     Meet  Naser   Hajj   7  Yearly  raffle  
  3. 3. ISUZU  EVENT    re-­‐launching    D-­‐MAX  PICKUP    
  4. 4. 1-­‐  Scene  opens  to  see  ISUZU  2010  D-­‐MAX   Pickup  previous  model  at  the  operaFon  room.       There  is  a    blue  curtain  to  be  opened.    That   area  is  like  a  medical  operaFng  room.    Behind   the  blue  curtain  are    tools  and  equipment,   doctors  and  staff  wearing  medical  uniform.        In   there,  a  projector  and  a  red-­‐alert  light  hanging   on  the  ceiling.     2-­‐  Doctors  start  checking  the  D-­‐MAX  Pickup   like  a  paFent  inside  the  emergency  medical   surgery  room.  
  5. 5. 3-­‐  The  acFon  scene:    Doctors  are  repairing  and  holding  their   tools  like  hammer,  saw,  torch  lights,  and  so  on  to  start  their   operaFon.       4-­‐  Curtain  closed.    Red-­‐alert    light  is  on  with  the  appropriate   sound  effects  like  (alerFng,  sawing,  hammering,  etc.  ).     5-­‐  Light  effects  around  the  stage  and  behind  the  curtain  to   present  the  silhouehe  of  the  work  in  progress.     6-­‐  Suddenly,    the    old  D-­‐MAX  pickup  body  parts  will  be   soaring  up  around  the  stage  like  the  front  bumper,  mirror,     and  other  parts.     7-­‐  Then  silence  will  cover    the  place  for  seconds.    Red-­‐alert   light  is  off.      background  music  starts  playing  building  up   tension  and  curiosity  in  the  audience  for  what  lies  beyond   the  curtain    .       8-­‐  Curtain  will  open  to  present  the  new  model  shape  of  the   2011  D-­‐MAX  Pickup.    The  doctors  congratulate  each  other   because  of  the  great  achievement.
  6. 6. Corporate  creaFve  mode   Naser   Khalid  
  7. 7. Back  to  work    creaFve  mode  
  8. 8. Back  to  school  creaFve  mode  
  9. 9. Thank  You