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Online storytelling


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Victorian Runner Up Entrepreneur of the year presents the 7 steps of stoytelling and demonstrates why they are important for sharing the story of your business online. A presentation @ The Apartment Lounge 5th December 2012.

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Online storytelling

  1. 1. TRUE BLUE PRODUCTIONWARNING: Don’t Dance with the Dinosaurs! This is a new world of communication. Don’t dance with the Dinosaurs! The Facts: 1 billion+ YouTube Users 700 million+ Facebook Users 50 million+ Twitter Users
  2. 2. TRUE BLUE PRODUCTIONThe 7 Steps of Storytelling for Online Video 1. Plot: what is your journey? 2. Character: who are you? 3. Idea or Theme: what’s your message? 4. Speech: what’s the script? 5. Chorus: who’s the audience? 6. Décor: where’s the location? 7. Spectacle: entertainment! Aristotle Poetica 322-384 BC
  3. 3. PLOTSayers Art & Design‘The Art of Circles’ PLOT
  4. 4. CHARACTER Cameron Richardson ToughSeal Do-it-yourself “We serve to protect”CHARACTER
  5. 5. IDEA OR THEME IDEAS OR THEME Pitch to Tourism Victoria 25th July 2012
  6. 6. SPEECH Y VOLUNTEER TV 6 x 6 minute documentaries produced for Warrnambool City Council
  7. 7. CHORUS CHORUSJames Southwell Music Video to raise awareness of FreidreichAttaxia
  8. 8. SPECTACLE QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. DÉC TedxMelb Melbourne Exhibition
  9. 9. DÉCOR QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.TeamMak Animated Epipheo SPECTACLE!
  11. 11. Client A.
  12. 12. Client B
  13. 13. Client C
  14. 14. TRUE BLUE PRODUCTION Services Let us put you in the picture: • Online Video Production • Digital Photography • Platform Development (M) + 61 0416 779 163WARNING: Don’t Dance with the Dinosaurs!