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As 21


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As 21

  1. 1. Mast head- Bold, colour of the font (white) stands out on the background, font style suits the genre of the magazine. The magazine title is short and memorable. Main image- A long shot of the famous artist Chris Brown who does R&B AND hip hop (the genre of the magazine). The clothing is quite casual and cool and he is posing in a way which suits his persona. Bar Code Issue number- Identifies the issue number . Main cover line- Is a question which catches the audiences attention as it is in bold white font which stands out. The writing begins to decrease in size and the colour changes which is quite effective . Cover lines- Smaller then the main cover line, these use two different colours (lime green and white) which work well together making the magazine look more effective, they are not to long and are made to sound interesting to draw readers in. R&B and Hip hop L eft third- this plays a vital role in attracting to audience to the magazine as when the issue is on the rack it is the part customers are able to see therefore main cover lines are usually put on this side. Pugs- Advertises and exaggerate competitions, or even something being inside the magazine.
  2. 2. Mast head- Font is black with a white background which causes it to stand out. The cuts through the font reflects the hardcore type of lifestyle rock represents. Main cover line- In block capitals which causes it to stand out, Starts of in a red colour then Is decreased in size and made smaller. The red and white stand out well on the dark background. Barcode Footer- White black capitals on a brown band causing it to stand out, it is giving an insight in to the type of stars that are within the magazine. S mall images- Are on the left third underneath each other, each picture contains a caption which is in capital letters. Main image- There is a midshot of a male which seems to have had the grey scale effect added to it , the singer is wearing a black t-shirt which has a picture on it (which you are not able to see properly), also the singer has tattoos which represents the stereotype of a rocker and his persona. Rock Cover lines are underneath each picture they represent, each cover line is a different colour. Left third- Contains most of the small images and cover lines, this is effective as the images and cover lines can draw the audience in.
  3. 3. Mast head- Classic is in an italic, white and quite simple font which makes it look quite elegant and formal as classical music is quite an elegant music genre. However music is in straight block capitals which makes it stand out. Main image- A long shot of a man who is dressed quite formally in a suit seems to be enjoying the outdoors. The age of the man and the way he is dresses reflects the target audience this magazine is aiming at (over 40’s). His clothing suits the mis en scene of classical music. Barcode Price website Main cover line- In a white italic font which then changes to block capitals, clear and looks quite formal reflecting the genre. . Cover lines- Smaller then the main cover line, use two colours white and blue, again quite formal and a very simple font. Left third- The left third does not contain the main cover line you can see mostly the cover lines, it is quite plain and does not have a lot going on. Classical music Genre Background suits the quite, calm theme classical music is usually associated with.
  4. 5. Analysing a music magazines double The music magazine double page spread I analysed is “Were being the best MCR we can be” and is on the next slide. The music magazine double page spread uses quite clear and simple bold font . When they want to draw attention to something they use more decorative fonts however the rest of the font is quite bold and simple. The colour scheme used across these pages are black red and white which is quite effective as they work well together. Mostly Black and white is used, black for the background and white for the font which is quite common as white stands out well on black, the red is used mainly for the main title. The colour red reflects the anger love and energy rock music portrays. The black and white show the cool dark side of rock. When a music magazine is about a certain genre you have to be careful about the colour scheme used as if blue is used for a rock magazine it would not suit it as it is too calm and relaxing. The title font looks like it is giving a splattering effect which reflects the crazy life style rockers usually lead. The title we are being the MCR we can be! Is written diagonally and contains speech marks which suggests some one has said this. There is then a subtitle which says “MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE INVITE KERRANG! TO THEIR RECORDING STUDIO…” My chemical romance is written bolder then the rest of the sentence which shows it is something important. After the sub title there is the article which is very small and takes up only a small part of the magazine, The first letter M is written in red unlike the rest of the article which is written in white, it is also written in a much larger font then the rest of the article which grabs your attention and draws you in therefore making you want to read on. There is only two columns of text which only take up half of the page as there is not much text. Underneath the text there is more smaller pictures relating to the article. The main picture is a mid shot of one of the band members which looks like it was taken while the star was performing. The picture looks quite natural and not like the musician has been told to do it as he is not looking directly in to the camera or posing. The rest of the photos are mid shots of the band recording in studios one of the pictures is a mid shot of the guitar player. The pictures have been edited and had the grey scale effect added to suit the genre, this works well as it goes with the genre and used the continuity of the red black and white. At the top left corner there is a sign post containing the website for the magazine, written next to the website is world exclusive which makes the article sound extremely interesting and rare making you want to read it. On the right hand side there is a white strap line sort of thing which has a white background which shows new tracks, the white background shows it is something else and is about something different. The double page spread has been laid out so that page spread…
  5. 6. the pictures are mainly on one side and the text on the other, there is one big picture and the rest are smaller and placed underneath the text.
  6. 7. The main image is of the band Limp Bizkit, they are posing in a rebellious, angry sort of way which reflects the persona of the genre of music the magazine is about (rock), The picture has had the grey scale effect added to it which seems to occur in a lot of Kerrang magazine as having the picture colourful would not go with the loud, angry rebellious lifestyle rock represents. The title is in speech marks suggesting it is something someone said. Also it changes from black to red making it look more effective, the exclamation mark at the end makes it looks like it was said while someone was angry or they shouted it, the font is in big bold blocked capitals which could portray the anger. The word “exclusive” and the way it is written makes the article sound extremely interesting, causing the article to sound rare, therefore attracting the audience. The actual written article takes up half of the page, also there is not really a lot of text and the setting is very simple black on white. At the beginning of the article Limp Bizkit is written in red, blocked capital font which draws the reader in. There is a small caption in a little black box with white writing relating to the picture. The layout of the article is quite simple, it is not do cluttered and everything is clear and easy to see. The colour scheme used is very light for the background and images however for the text darker colours are used to stand out on the background.
  7. 8. The colour scheme for the magazine double page spread is mainly black white and read which is a continuity of the cover which uses mainly black, white and red. Front cover The main image is a mid shot of Lily Allen who the main article is written about, they have been very clever in the way they have dressed her as her clothing looks quite effective and plays a huge part in the way the magazine double page looks as it contains the colours of the colour scheme. She is also posing in a way that represents her persona The title has been put in speak marks to show it is something that has been said. The font looks like letters they have been cut from a newspaper which works well with the theme and colours of the magazine. Also the font is quite big as it catches the attention of the audience. The actual written part of the article takes up one sixth of the page, before the article there is a small heading which draws the reader in. The font is quite small and is quite simply black font on top of a white background. Highlighting the name Lilly Allen allows the reader to be aware of what the stars name is and who the article is about.
  8. 9. Contents is written in clear yellow font which contrasts well on top of the black box, the word contents has been placed in a black box as it shows clearly what the page is about, the issue number and date has been written in white which works well with the colour scheme. At the top right hand side of the page there is a quick note from the editor with a picture of the front cover, here the editor is talking about Metallica (the main people on the cover of the magazine). The language used is chatty and informal and is effective as it relates to the target audience and offers a more personal approach. It is considered a custom that the editor signs the magazine at the end as it builds a friendship between the reader and editor. The pictures are dominating the page as there are a lot of them, this is effective as it makes the page look more alive rather than dull with just a lot of text, the pictures are mainly close ups and mid shots of certain band members and bands. Although having a lot of pictures brings the page alive it could cause it to look over done and messy. The images of the rockers basically reflect the usual stereotype of a rocker through angry poses and tattoos which represent rebellion. The contents mainly contains images however there is some text which is in clear, bold black capitals which emphasises the angriness of the magazine and reflects the target audience as it is a rock music genre. The features have been highlighted to catch the readers attention, also the topics have been written in clear big font allowing the reader to just look and easily find what they want. The magazine has been laid out in a very untidy cluttered manner. This is effective as it attracts the target market of the rock music genre.
  9. 10. Central image has a black background to allow it to diffuse with the dark background. “ CONTENTS” in large white font which stands out well on the black causing it to catch the eye. Catch line used to amuse the reader Features and regulars are both at a different angles therefore allowing you to draw attention to them separately, rather than looking at them both you are able to concentrate on one at a time Arrow coming from page number that relates to the picture causes people to have to look at it, resulting in them being attracted in this way. White font stands out well on the black background, the colour scheme is quite effective with mainly black and white Font is quite simple and clear, each new topic has a bold sub heading with a small bit of information to say what it is about, Pictures are long shots relating to a certain article apart from the top one which seems to be there to set the scene of the magazine.
  10. 11. Contents has been written in clear black front, the black goes well with the dark colour scheme of the magazine. It has been written in a way so that the letters are underneath each other. This catches the readers attention as it is different. The main image is of a man posing in a way which reflects the genre of the magazine R and B hip hop, it reflects the cool street sort of look, the main image looks like it is part of the background which looks like a place where black people live. Not only does this reflect the genre of the magazine, it reflects the origin of that the R and B hip hop sort of music which came about from Black American people. The main image is part of the background and the whole background seems to have had a grey scale effect added, this is effective as it relates to the way he is posing and if it was colourful it wouldn’t effect the “cool” way of life R and B and hip hop artists lead. Also this could relate to the target audience (mainly teenagers). The font for the topics is quite simple, the part called departments is in bold blocked capitals as it represents the features and is probably what the producers want the audience to see first, the rest only has the subheadings in blacked capitals with small captions underneath relating to the sub heading. In the left corner there is a picture of the front cover of the magazine. The man on the contents is posing is the same way as the stars which when co notated could be saying that the audience is like or as good as the stars.
  11. 12. Masthead - Bold, clear to see on the black background. Although it is clear to see it is difficult to identify which one is the main cover line and the masthead. Main cover line- Big, blue and stands out. Cover lines are on the right side and are in different types of fonts and colours. Date Main image- Instead of being in the centre of the magazine it is in the corner. It is a long shot of a boy and girl looking in to each others eyes. School
  12. 13. Mast head- In the corner in black blocked capitals, very simple, also it is not very eye catching. Main cover line- In the middle of the page in white blocked capitals, not very colourful, only light colours are used whites and very light blues. Main image- The main image is basically the background, there is not actually a main image . Cover lines- Quite small in a white font, the white font is not very effective as it does not stand out on the background .
  13. 14. Masthead - Bold, clear and is placed in the middle of the page. Cover lines- In blocked capitals, all different colours. Strap line- ” Aim high and believe you can fly”. Pug- Explains what the magazine is. Competition Date Main image- Mid shot of a girl in her school clothes, clothing goes with the theme of the magazine.
  14. 15. Contents written clearly in simple and clear font, at the top of the page, as soon as you turn over it is the first thing you see. Purple background allows other colours to stand out well on it, they are clear and easy to see. Page numbers are written clearly, in order, each topic under the other. Also the font is quite simple all in one colour (black) and it is all the same size. Back to school looks like it has been written by a young child which sets the scene and reflects the theme of the magazine. There is crayons underneath making it look like a child has written “Back to school”. Animated cartoon pictures placed at the side of the magazine, the items represent subjects in school. The contents page is quite simple and there is not much going on, there is also quite a lot of blank spaces, for some people it could come across as boring however because it is a school magazine it is ok.
  15. 16. Contents is written clearly at the top in white writing which gives off a blue shadowy effect allowing it to blend in with the blue background. Placing the word contents at the top immediately allows the reader to see what the page is about. Having a light blue background represents the school as a calm place, blue is a good colour for a school magazine because it represents a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The topics are placed underneath each other in chronological order. INTERVIEW is written in blocked capitals because it is something the producer wants you to draw your attention to. There is pictures of people and buildings and basically things related to the school, the pictures have been placed in a collage sort of layout, and look very natural as the students do not look like they have been told to pose for the camera. The contents page is quite simple with a few blank spaces, overall it looks ok and suits the purpose it is made for as school life should be quite organised and not overly cluttered.
  16. 17. Contents has been written clearly at the top with flowers and patterns on it which makes it look quite girly. Having the word contents in pink causes it to stand out well on the light blue and white background. Page numbers have been placed at the side in pink with what is on that certain page in dark blue. Features and things that have been placed to catch your attention have been placed in round boxes with a picture of what they are about and their page numbers. The main image is a mid shot of three school girls in their uniform, this sets the scene of the magazine. The pictures have been laid out in the form of a number five on a dice, with the text placed around them, although the layout looks quiet effective in the way it looks it could be quite confusing for the reader to actually find what they need. Overall the magazine looks like it is aimed towards the female market as the colour scheme used seems to be of a girls liking with light blues and pinks, also coming off the contents there are flowers which are associated with women. All the images used are of females.