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Flat plan ppoint


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Flat plan ppoint

  3. 3. The heartThe most common and popular symbolof love. The heart has traditionally beenassociated with strong emotion andaffection. The heart is considered theorgan which brings about love andpeople often use the heart to show theirlove for one another for example youmay often hear people talking abouthow someone has stolen their hear oreven of someone having a brokenheart. If we do use a heart for our CDcover we would like to have somethingsuch as a light coming from the heartwith the light depicting the power oflove. This would as a result relate to ourmusic video as it could represent thestrength of the love the artist within ourvideo has for her boyfriend. We couldalso use the broken heart which isagain common, this could be used todepict the adversity and tribulation theartist is feeling which is as a resultcausing her heart to break.In this flat plan we have utilised the ideaof a heart with a light coming throughfor the cover of our CD, the heart in thisflat plan represents as I have mentionedbefore represents love and the lightbeaming from it signifies power,combining these two elements depictsthe power of love.
  4. 4. Blood and waterThis combination couldsymbolise the artistsrelationship with her motheras well as the relation shipwith her and her boyfriend.Everybody has heard of thephase "Blood is thicker thanwater", however in the case ofour video this phase ischallenged as the relationshipwith the artists mother isportrayed as weak in contrastto the relationship betweenher and her lover so we couldin some way on our coverhave an image of wateroverpowering blood.This flat plan utilises this ideafor the front cover...
  5. 5. A red rose with thornsA rose is often used to representlove. Red roses signify love,passion and courage all elementswhich are endemic within ourvideo. The the rose could beused to represent the artist lovefor her boyfriend and the thorncould depict her mother as thornsare sharp and can cause pain,this could therefore show the painand anguish her mother iscausing her due to the way she isbehaving towards her and hermothers lack of willingness toaccept the man the artist loves.The following flat plan utilises thisidea...
  6. 6. We wanted to try and portray bothcultures and in some way depict thenarrative of our video which isfundamentally about a girl tornbetween two cultures who arerepresented through her lover andmother. Initially we thought of havingthe girl in the middle with objects thatrepresent both the Pakistani andEnglish culture behind her, we thendeveloped this concept and decided tosplit the female in half and have herdressed in clothing from both thePakistani culture as well as clothesfrom the English culture. Behind eachhalf of the clothing we created acollage, for the side where the she iswearing clothes from the Pakistaniculture we used images of herrelationship with herself and hermother in the collage to portray thispart of her life and for the side whereshe is wearing the English clothing weused images of her and her boyfriendwithin the collage in order to portraythis part of her life also.
  7. 7. The following flat plan has on ita burning candle. Weconstructed this flat planbecause we felt it couldeffectively portray the artistsrelationship with her boyfriendas well as her mother. Themelting candle could depict thebreak down of her relationshipwith her mother and the flamecould represent the burninglove and passion she has forher boyfriend.
  8. 8. In this flat plan we decidedto have a photo album,this is because we usedphotos in our video toshow the relationship theartist had with her motherand her boyfriend, thephotos within our videowere used to illustratecherished memories wetherefore felt that it wouldbe a good idea for ourfront cover.
  10. 10. The following flat plan has a picture of the artist crying, this simple idea could portray theanguish the artist is feeling and her tribulation.
  11. 11. This flat plan has on it a teddy bear which was given to the artist within the video, we felt thisteddy bear signified the most predominant theme within our music video which is the powerof love.