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Music video construc

  2. 2. I edited my music video on the Apple Macbook Laptop. To organise my footage I used folders, Icategorised the footage based on their utility and usefulness, as well as the scene they would be usedfor. we coloured the folders for the useful clips blue and the clips that would be of no use red. Toactually construct the video we used Final cut express, organising the clips beforehand meant it waseasier to find them on Final cut express where they would be stored in the browser.
  3. 3. Viewer – used to preview and prepare source clips for editing as well as adjust filter and motion para Canvas – allows us to view our edited sequence , as well as perform a variety oa needed for the music video and it contained tabs for open projects and effectsays sequences, and contains a tab for each sequence Audio meters – these floating meters lets us mon
  4. 4. TOOLS Selection tool Edit selection tool Select track forward tool Roll tool Slip tool Blade tool Zoom in and out tool Crop tool Pen tool
  5. 5. The first step involved getting the footage for the music video on to Final cut express, Ifirst put these clips on to the Apple Macbook as MP4 files. To put my footage on to finalcut express I clicked on file, import and then either file or folder. As I have mentionedbefore I organised our clips on the basis of utility and the scenes they would be part of,this made it easier to find the scene I needed to edit on Film Cut express. Having donethis the footage was now stored in the browser bar, this meant I could from here drag theclips I needed onto the time line creating our sequence.
  6. 6. In order to create the music video I dragged the RENDER STATUS BARclip from the browser on to layers in the time line.Once I had dragged the clip I wished to used onto the browser I had to render it in order topreview the footage. The Render status bar is thebar located at the top of the Time line and allowedme to see which parts of the video neededrendering and which clips had already beenrendered. When clips needed to be rendered therender status bar would appear red above the clipthat needed rendering however the render statusbar would appear grey in order to inform us thatthe clip had been rendered. I had placed themusic file on a separate layer, as well as the clipsaudio files also have to be edited, we thereforerendered the song. The render process requiredtime and patience therefore it was important that Ihad organised the clips before hand in order to beefficient with my time. Once everything had beenrendered and I was able to review the footage. Todo this I dragged the play head to the beginningof the time line and pressed play, this now meantthat the video and audio would be played in thecanvas in the upper right hand corner. For someof the clips I only needed part of the footage, forexample for the lip syncing scenes we recorded abit extra and asked the actress to sing a bit moreof the verse in order to reduce flaws . This extrafootage we did not need and as a result used therazor blade tool to remove the unwanted part ofthe clip.
  7. 7. The video clips were placed in layers V1- V4of the Timeline, and the two audio clips, onewhich included the actual song and the otherwhich had the audio from the footage wereplaced on layers A1 and A2. Unlike many ofmy peers who had everything on one layer Idecided to have multiple layers,. I had layer 1with the performance clips where the femaleartist was singing continuously and then onlayer 2 I added the flashback scenes. Later Iplaced the scenes within the house on layer 3and finally the text which is need at thebeginning and the end of the music video wasplaced on the 4th layer. Doing this made theediting process a lot easier, this is becausewhen adding another clip I did not need toworry about the clips that had already beenplaced being moved. Furthermore as wefirstly placed the lip syncing scenes, I wasable to add the other scenes without the lipsyncing being distorted. Also adding effectsbecame easier as we had enough room onthe separate layers to make the effects lastfor the correct amount of time without cuttingoff parts of the next clip. Another tool whichenabled us to prevent the lip syncing scenesfrom being distorted is the lock tool. The locktool allowed me to lock layers, for examplethe audio clip in this case the song “No one”by Alicia keys, because the layer was lockedit could not be moved not even by accident. LAYERS
  8. 8. As our video utilised multiple layers it was difficult to see when editing whetherthe clip we had just edited had any errors. In order to overcome this issue wedisabled A layer /track so it was not visible or audible when we played thewhole video, this meant we were able to edit on disabled tracks easily andeffectively, furthermore once we had finished editing the clip and wanted toreview it we were able to disable all the other layers to review the edited clip To disable tracks to hide content during playback I Clicked on the Track Visibility control to disable a track.
  9. 9. Within our video we haveincorporated a number oftechniques in order to cause ourvideo to look more effective, forexample our video utilises manyflashbacks and therefore it wasimportant to distinguish the pastfrom the present, to do this weused an effect within Final cutexpress called Tint which enabledus to make the flashback scenesappear black and white allowingpeople to clearly differentiate thepast from the present. Weincorporated this effect from anAlicia Keys video entitled“Unthinkable”, if we did not use thiseffect it could have potentiallyjeopardised the success of ourvideo as it would have made thenarrative within our video unclear,another effect we used was the“soft edge tool” again this was usedto show that the clip representedthe past, it softened the edges andhelped to show that the clips werepast memories.
  10. 10. In some scenes the lighting was poor for example a scene we recorded with rain which hadpoor lighting as it had been recorded during the night, in order to improve the lighting In thisscene and within other scenes where the lighting needed improving we used the colourcollector filter. This tool gave me control over the colour balance of individual clips. In order touse the colour correction tool I clicked on effects>video filter>colour correction>colourcorrector. This allowed me to adjust the clips colour until I felt I had got it to look mosteffective.
  11. 11. Within our video we used a splitscreen effect. To use this effect Ifirst layered the three differentclips I wanted to for the splitscreen exactly on top of eachother, I then rendered theseclips. . After watching eachindividual clip in the viewer I Layered the clipswas able to identify the key on top of eachpoints of the clip which we otherneeded in order to make the clipin sync and fit together . I thenopened the individual clips intothe viewer, then clicked on themotion tab. These parameters in Motionthe motion tab where divided Parametersinto seven attribute sets. Eachattribute had its own visual andnumeric parameter controls.Here I used the Cropparameters to crop a clip from Cropthe specified side. You can crop Parametersthe top, left, right, and bottom ofa clip independently however forexample on the clip of the on theleft I cropped only the right handside and on the females clip Icropped only the left hand side .Values in the number fieldsrepresent pixels, therefore asyou crop a clip you are removingthe pixels.
  12. 12. Finally I had to create the credits for the music video in order to cause it to look moreprofessional, look I did this by clicking on a little “A” on a film-strip which was placedon the viewer and then clicked on text . This then opened the control parameterwhere I could add the text and change the size , style and colour of the text. Once Iwas happy with the appearance of the credit I dragged the text from the viewer ontop the time line above the beginning and end of the video and added the fade ineffect and then rendered the text , the music video was now complete.