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Start of new contents page evaluation

  2. 2. In what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions ofreal media products? Due to the negative audience feedback I received from the previous contents page I created which I tried to incorporate from the layout of an Vibe magazine contents page I created a new contents page. Looking at other magazines I found contents pages usually had a lot going on in terms of the layout and therefore wanted my magazine to reflect this. Here is an idea of the type of layout I have tried to incorporate from another magazine…. You can see here that my contents page is reflective in terms of the layout of an actual magazine contents page, this can be seen through the varied position of pictures and text and generally through the fact that my magazine contents page looks like there is a lot going on.
  3. 3. Contents page Title- I have kept my title, simple and eye-catching using the Gills Sans Ultra Like my title this title is veryBold font. I feel white is a colour associated with hip hop as it reflects the “cool” “calm” simple, also again it is placed at theaspects of it therefore I coloured the word Contents in white. For both the contents page top in the centre making it easier fortitle and the Mast Head I used the same font. This was to keep a constant continuity of the audience to navigatethe magazine allowing it to look like the same magazine, a vital convention of magazines. I themselves, again the title for thiscontinued with the Gills Sans Ultra Bold text as I felt it looked simple but effective. Also it masthead is very bold and simple.made it easier to stick to my house style as I used this text for the mast head. It alsoseems to be a font which has the cool aspect and feel due to the way it looks. Althoughthe font for the contents text remained the same I changed the colours to cause mymagazine to look more diverse. I felt adding the gold outer glow to the word contentscaused it to look more professional and improved the basic appearance; gold is a colourwhich depicts wealth, money and bling factors heavily associated with hip hop, I felt thegold would cause aspirers to feel as though the content within my contents page wasthese factors persuading them to read on and as a result attracting my audience. Finally Ihave placed the title contents in the middle of the page, this causes it to draw theaudience in and makes it easier for the audience to navigate themselves. Issue Number and Date- This is basic information about the magazine which keeps the audience informed, it also allows them to be up to date with the magazine. On other magazines I found that the Issue As you can see here the issue number and date is near number and date was usually near the contents title, I kept with this the title that is referring to the contents page. convention by placing my issue number and date just above the contents title where it is clear, concise and easy to identify.
  4. 4. Editors comment- I found that the editorscomment was a convention used on somemagazines and as a result used an editorscomment on my contents page. Editorscomments are an effective way of attracting theaudience as they build up a sort of relationshipbetween the editor and audience, thisrelationship therefore causes the audience topurchase the magazine again For the comment Iused a white background to cause it to standout, furthermore I added a signature to cause itto look genuine. Furthermore reading the editorscomment gives the audience a brief idea of themagazine as a whole and as a result determineswhether or not they read on.
  5. 5. Page numbers- On other magazines I As I have chosen to sell the hip hop genre withinfound page numbers were distinguishedfrom the text in order to cause the my magazine I have tried to comply with factorsmagazine to appear clearer and to allow related to people in to hip hop and thereforethe audience to navigate more have tried to imitate and reflect their idiolect byeasily, this would be done by causing thepage numbers to be bolder than the text using the word swag to represent the clothingor changing the colour of the page section within my magazine instead of clothing,numbers, as you can see I have done this swag is a word used a lot within hip hop andby colouring the text white and the pagenumbers. Furthermore when deciding defines an individuals appearance ,style, or thewhat page each topic would go on I had way he or she presents them selves. This hasto be careful as I found featured articles allowed me to keep my magazine specific to itswere usually placed in the forties, fiftiesand sixties and I have therefore audience.numbered my articles in accordance tothis. On other magazines I found that articles and other topics within the magazine were put together in categories and split up based on these categories, to conform with this convention I clearly labelled the subheadings for each of these categories by adding a white box behind the subheading representing each category, this not only caused my magazine to look more colourful, diverse and therefore attractive but also made it clear and concise and easier for the audience to find specific articles and topics.
  6. 6. FREEBIE IMAGE For the image on my magazine I feel I haveOn the front cover of my magazine I advertised a free developed codes and conventions of a magazine asCD cover that would be present within my well as made use of them, I have conventionallymagazine, freebies are an effective way of attracting placed the image by the article it represents whichthe audience as they lure them in to buying the has made it clear that the article is representative ofmagazine. I placed the actual CD on the contents this image, I also found that when articles werepage, this actually challenged a convention of music accompanied by certain images the background ofmagazines as CD’s are usually placed on the cover. the article would be different from the backgroundPlacing the CD on the contents page enabled me to of the rest of the articles, I therefore coloured theincrease the content I included on the front cover of background of the article for this image white. I feelthe magazine, I felt that having more content on the I have developed conventions of a magazine by mycover of my magazine made it more interesting image being a form of advertising as well as an imageincreasing the chances of the audience being accompanying an article, this would as a result allowattracted. me to advertise and promote a product as well.
  7. 7. How does your media product represent particular social groups?Idiolect- Here the word swag has been used as a subheading to represent clothing within my magazine. As Here you can see the word swag hasmy magazine is represented at the younger target been used in another popular hip hopmarket specifically people in to hip hop I have tried to magazine aimed at the youngerimitate their speech and dialect which has allowed target, here it is also representing the The image on the contentsme successfully represent them and enabled them to clothing section within the magazine. page of my magazine is of arelate to my magazine. Nike trainer, there are elements within this image which represent my social group. The trainer is a designer brand, through research I found that designer brands are a significant aspect of the hip hop genre and are adored as well as worn by aspirers. Props- Here you can see my artist is wearing a Here is an image from a Using this trainer has as a cap, this represents my social group as hip hop stars popular hip hop magazine on result enabled me to and aspirers usually include caps as part of their which the model is wearing a represent my target attire. This ha in turn allowed me to imitate the cap. audience through clothing of my social group and as a result allowed me to represent them as well as allow them to appearance and what they relate to my magazine. like.
  8. 8. WHO WOULD BE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT?As my magazine is of the hip hop genre, a genre I feel is very much associated with street life, I feel my magazine will betargeted at the younger market aged between 16-24. This is because people in to hip hop are usually very young andcurrent, as I have previously mentioned they tend to follow the trend. Typical hip hop aspirers would be in to mymagazine, they would be very much in to designer clothes and having the latest gadgets. As my audience would be in tocurrent gadgets and clothes I feel a suitable advert in my magazine (if I had one) would be of a pair of designertrainers, clothes or even the latest gadgets. Adverts are an important part of a magazine as they provide the money forthe magazine to actually be made. Although hip hop is considered very much an urban genre and aimed more at peoplewithin these areas (due to its origins and lifestyle) I feel people from other social classes may be attracted to mymagazine, these could be aspirers from the upper class market increasing my target audience.Age 16-24Gender- Male and FemaleEthnicity- I believe my magazine will appeal to a number ofethnic groups as todays youngsters seem to have created aculture of their own which hip is a part of, this culture doesnot take in to consideration peoples ethnicities.
  9. 9. The audience formy media productwould clearly bepeople who are in Designer trainers-to hip hop due to Nike is a brandthe house style I particularly popularhave selected with the youngergold, red, white generation especiallyand black. Gold is a youngsters in to hipcolour which hop, this as a result isdepicts wealth and another elementpower, white is a which shows mycolour which product is for peoplerepresent in to hip, blackportrays stylepower andauthority andfinally red portraysdanger andrebellion which isusually consideredcool. These are allaspects which thehip hop genre iscomprised of andas a resultrepresent myaudience who mymedia product isfor.
  10. 10. How did you attract/address your audience?For the contents title I added a I have made mygold outer glow, I felt this magazine clear anddescribed and represented the concise by adding whitecontent within my contents page backgrounds to thelike gold, this was important as subheadings whichgold is a colour which represents represent eachwealth and bling which are section, this would insignificant elements within hip turn make my magazinehop, I felt this was effective as it easy to understand andwould as a result attract the navigate, the easier theaudience as they would feel magazine to navigatewhat they are reading is very the happier my targetvaluable. audience further attracting my audience.Through research I found that hip hopaspirers are in to designer brands, I Freebie- On the cover of mytherefore used this to my advantage by magazine I advertised a freehaving a designer trainer on my contents CD within mypage, this allowed me to address as well magazine, through research Ias attract my audience as people within found that freebies were anhip hop usually aspire to be wealthy and effective way of luringto fulfil this aspiration wear and adore people in to buying productsdesigner brands, as a using a trainer has as people love receivingallowed me to address my target things for free, using thisaudience by representing them as well freebie has thereforeas attract them by including within my allowed me to attract mymagazine what they like. audience through enticing them in to buying my magazine.