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Front cover analysis

  1. 1. Magazine analysis. Alex berry
  2. 2. <ul><li>In order you will find these on my power point: </li></ul><ul><li>A front cover, contents and double page spread analysis of NME magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>A front cover, contents and double page spread analysis of Rock sound magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>A front cover, contents and double page spread analysis of Company magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>A front cover, contents and double page spread analysis of Pacha magazine. </li></ul>My reason for choosing these magazines are so I could look at different classes of magazines such as gossip music to international prestigious magazines. Also to look at different genre such as hardcore rock to dance music. My reasons for analysing are so I can gain ideas and confidence on music magazine lay outs and conventions of magazines.
  3. 3. This magazine has all the conventions of an average magazine. It also has a busy style with a coloured/American theme. Masthead : The mast head is androgynous or in other terms unisex. This is a good thing as it will appeal to all genders. It is the magazines name ‘nme’ written in formal block capitals. The colour of it will change each issue but this issue it is white, this is because it gives off a strong colour contrast with the section of blue background behind it. It is located on the left hand side of the cover, a reason for this would be so when placed on a shelf it would be more noticeable as its closer to the fold. Puff/pug: Usually representing a format of a sticker over the magazine to give it an informal cool and decorative look. The one on this magazine is different and in a rectangular shape, this is done to fit in with the American style theme. The rectangular pug is a blue colour with white stars around it representing the American flag. The word ‘Free’ in block capitals stands out, this is called a ‘kicker’ and is a word known to attract fans attention. Feature headline : This is one of the biggest and outstanding features of the magazine. It normally quotes a name in large eye catching font to attract a wide audience, the name is commonly that of a celebrity or something well known. The artist name to attract is called a ‘kicker’ and the subject of the article and explanatory line underneath is named the explanatory line. This cover line contains a short quote which is intriguing “I’m a psycho” This relates with the main image of the celebrity as her tongue is sticking out and it relates to the ‘psycho’ way she portrays herself to be. Her name is in larger bold capital seriff font and in blue with a halo outline (to make it even bolder and stand out). This also fits in with the red, blue and white American theme. Underneath in black it says ‘the true face of a modern American icon’ this adds even more to the theme, making it clear the magazine is American themed. Lana Del Ray is not a conventional music artist and this fits in with this Indi alternative style of magazine. Main feature/Main image : The main image has the feature headline on top of her this is so it makes certain anyone who doesn’t know who ‘Lana Del Rae’ is will be able to tell. Lanas picture is a waist up shot which is common with front page covers, the background is an American flag fitting in with the theme and also giving the magazine much brightness and colour to attract the audience eye. To relate this to theory, there is a lady named Laura Mulvey who states the media have a masculine ideology at that when Men and Women see a Women they look ‘at’ her, through the male gaze. This applies to this photo as Lana looks like shes having fun, being herself but at the same time having the sex appeal (see through top slightly) and the beauty (red lips, jewellery, nails, make up, skirt). The font is slanted across the picture helping to make the magazine have a busy informal style. Polaroids/secondary images : These are made to look eye catching and unusual but also help create the busy style of the magazine. In this magazine the polaroids are located at the top right hand side of the page and two images overlap each other, this adds to the busy lay out. The images are black and white which are good on the cover as it doesn’t detect from the main image but also doesn’t add colour to ruin the American coloured theme. The polaroid edges are not entirely visible as they are cut off, this gives the magazine a fuller appearance making it look like it’s filled with so much it cant all fit on the page. Secondary features and stories : Three outstanding secondary stories are located on the left side of the main image. They all have white block background with blue and black font (as per usual fitting in with the colour scheme theme). In a larger blue font it says the kicker, the word/name that will attract audience. These three kickers in the stories are all names of singers or a band. The secondary stories need to attract audience with less than a sentence under the kicker, to do this quotes are used and sometimes features such as ‘new tracks and album details’. These add to the busy magazine style. At the bottom of the front page there contains the added extras of what’s inside the magazine, you could say this was advertised in a banner style but it would not be a classic banner as no block colour is located underneath to make it look like it has been stuck on. On top of the bullet points (noted that they also fit with the theme) says the word ‘plus’ in a thin type face which is more classy, this is done to attract attention as it is different to other fonts located on the page. Fonts, colours and lay out help make each part of the magazine unique and eye catching. Date&Price : Although nme is a middle class magazine and is neither the most or least expensive music magazine it still does not put price in a pug and use it as a form of advertising that a magazine like ‘ok’ would do. The price of this magazine is located in two places on the magazine and both are the smallest font of the page. Underneath the masthead and on top of the bar code, the price is £2.40 which is over priced for a magazine such as a gossip one, but average price for a music magazine. The date is also in small as once a magazine has been out for so long it becomes unpopular and unwanted as there is the ever changing demand for new things in the market, this applies more than ever for magazines. The date will be in small to mislead people into buying it once it becomes outdated slightly.
  4. 4. The nme contents page does not fit in with the American theme, it is a simplistic mainly black and white theme which is easy on the eyes and possible to read without confusion from too much going on. Masthead : The biggest font on this page is where it should say ‘contents’ at the top centre of the page, instead it says ‘inside this week’. The writing is in a very formal style and made like that to look like a newspaper, even the pages are in a non glossy format but actually like normal paper. Writing : The common writing for a contents page is set out in a news paper column style (category blocks). This is especially true when it comes to this magazine as that is the style it is going for, a reason for this could be due to face it’s an indie-alternative magazine and instead of making it like a gossip magazine and other genres, they go with a formal news paper style and add style to it (this is because most indie people do this with fashion and music anyway). The writing is all in black and font style and size vary to make it not entirely repetitive and boring. Main image : This magazine hasn’t fitted in with the front cover theme or main story, instead it has used the contents to focus on a different main image and story, this could be a good idea as the front page was so well advertised you wouldn’t need the contents to be themed and centred around Lana as well. Instead a picture of Noel Gallagher is the main image, underneath in itallics and smart font is a quote, it is a comedic one giving an edge to the magazine. Smaller images : From looking through the magazine it’s apparent this is the page with most secondary images. The images and advertisement block are the only part of the contents page in colour, this is good as it attracts attention to each image and each image are a feature of the magazine. In each right hand corner of the photo there contains a number, this is a page number, it is bold and big making it easy to understand where to look to find out about these photos. Again just like the secondary stories on the front cover, the smaller images contain a quote or feature underneath to give a bit more information about the story but not loads so you want to read more. Deals: The only other coloured image on the contents page is at the right hand bottom corner. It’s background is bold red which is of course extremely eye catching, to add to this much of the writing is in yellow so both of these together stand out more than anything. The reason for this is because nme are advertising subsciptions to them and this is a main way they would be making there money so its vital to make this stand out and be read and advertised well. All details are put in this box such as phone number and website address. Instead of telling you the deal it talks about saving (£46). This helps the magazine have more subscribers as you do not know about the price until you investigate and by then the effort you put in would make you want it more. Message from the editor : No message from the editor is located on this page which is abnormal. A classic magazine known once for editor letters would be the lakeland limited magazine where the editors letters were so personal when she became ill, readers would send in cards and letters for her. Buzz words : A few buzz words are used on this contents page to link stories. For example underneath Lana Del Reys photo it says ‘this is scary’, this is a follow on from her ‘im a psycho’ quote on the front, this in some terms could mean it’s a buzz word but not the best example. Continuity: This page doesn’t have as much continuity as I would expect, some parts of it though do have relations to the front cover such as the posh font that says ‘Plus’ and some of the font.
  5. 5. Bleeding : This is used to make it obvious to audience that it is a double page spread they are reading. To do this, an element of the page such as the main image, headline and border cross over the centrefold. For this double page spread it is a time line which crosses over and also the corner of a secondary polaroid image. Stand first : This is a way to introduce an article. It is put in different font which is commonly larger. This article uses this… Itallics are used and names are put in bold and colours to highlight parts and make things more interesting, eye catching and colourful. Text: Each column is 7cm horizontally and there are 6 columns. Out of all the font there are only two drop caps which are when the opening letter is made larger than the rest of the text to indent the start and attract attention. The text contains bold sections which are questions nme ask the star. By putting sections in bold it gives the text a less over whelming effect and makes it seem less challengeable for less capable members of the t.a to read. The opening paragraphs are explaining the location of the interview and surrounding events close to it such as gigs, the whole interview style is informal and this gives readers the laid back feel and makes the reading experience more enjoyable. Headline – drop quote : A headline needs to be eye catching, short and snappy. They need to stand out and have clear correlation with the article itself without much thinking to be done. This title for nme is a quote shown below the picture of the star who said it ‘im so nervous…’ phrases like this work well for average class double page spreads as they are like gossip and spark interest and curiosity as it doesn’t explain anything leaving you asking many questions. This headline has orange speech marks and blue writing all in bold and capitals on a white background which makes it all very prominent and eye catching. Main image : The main image takes up around 30% of the double page spread which means it will be the most eye catching feature which is why it’s necessary to get the best photo to represent the page spread itself. This is why they have chosen the photo of Lana Del Rae drinking a bottle of coke casually and also using the Laura Mulvey ‘male gaze’ idea of her being iconic. The photo has her drinking coke to portray the relaxed atmosphere and then the shoes portray the cool and original idea of the magazine and the flag represents the over all theme of her being American. Insert : This adds to the spread not making everything boring and over welming. For this magazine a time line has been put in at the bottom which fits with the blue red and white theme but adds style and interest to the page itself. A time line is a good way to portray a new stars career without having to list it all in the main paragraphs. In a way it’s still information which Is in the story but portrayed differently to not make it boring. Secondary images : The two secondary images in this article are of younger pictures of the star, drastic change is always an eye catcher to common public audiences. To add a decorative style to the spread the pictures have both been portrayed in polaroid's and overlap for a busy style. – All pictures have captions which are located at the bottom right hand corners. Conventions : This magazine spread fits with the conventions of an average magazine spread. The American theme has carried from the front page to the spread and the portrayal of genre has stuck to the originality and alternativeness of an indie-rock magazine.
  6. 6. Masthead: The masthead is the name of the magazine ‘Rock sound’. The rock magazine masthead fits in with the genre of the magazine as it’s all in jet black writing, capitals and has a very serious dark look to it. The letter ‘R’ has been made into a logo type look, this helps to make the title remember able, eye catching and different to other magazines. Puff/pug: This magazines pug defiantly has the purpose made look of fitting in with the sticker look. This pug doesn’t fit in with the common conventions. It also doesn’t have anything in it which sounds like a common convention as it has no price advertising, exclusive deals or inside feature advertising. It may even be there purely for decoration, or have a meaning that’s only important for avid readers, so this will make audience feel involved, important and in a sort of group with a sense of belonging. A more conventional one is in the top hand left corner (put here so it can be easily seen on the shelf) it says ‘exclusive free cd’ this will be there form of getting people to buy this magazine. Banner : This doesn’t have a block colour behind it and considering it is at the top it could be said to be a ‘ skyline ’. So basically it isn't a conventional banner you would normally see on a magazine. It contains separated words that are in bold red above the mast head, they are put there to make it clear to audience what this magazine is all about, so blatant infact it makes it clear to everyone, this would then only attract a certain target audience/genre to pick up this magazine. Cover lines/feature headline : To stand out from the colour scheme of black red and white (which fits with the rock genre) the bands name is put in a blue and white style, it also coincides with the theme which is an American jock style font which is seen on baseball jackets and college jumpers. The name of the band ‘Asking Alexandria’ (the kicker) is in blue and white because they work well together in making it look bold. The explanatory line is underneath and it defiantly in many ways relates to the rock genre. ‘Death. Glory. Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is written in black with a white block background for it to stand out as well. Secondary stories: To go along with the genre, instead of writing the word ‘plus’ there is an ambulance red cross, this fits with the rock and darkness genre. The secondary stories have no normal quotes featured but just the names of bands all written in black and bed with the white block colour behind. This is alternative, just like the genre as it goes agaisnt normal conventions. Date /bar code : The date, price and bar code are all located at the bottom right of the magazine, this is because these things if not desirable are the main factors as to why people do not buy magazines. The price for this magazine is extremely expensive (for a magazine) it being £4, this is only mentioned once on the whole page. The bar code is bigger than date and price as it is a helpful element for people to scan it, making it clear where to scan when someone wants it. Main image : The main image of this magazine is clearly of the band that has the name ‘asking Alexandria’ this is because they are directly behind the feature headline and they are the feature picture. The pose the lead singer (clearly lead as he stands infront) is pulling fits in with the rock genre as he is pulling the rock sign. The mise en scene such as the way they are all dressed in mainly black white and red fits in with the colour scheme and genre, this is done to give the magazine a bright eye catching effect. The back ground is faint and white, a grey figure outlines it and a distinctive feature is a plug, which also fits in with the genre.
  7. 7. Colour scheme : This contents page is consistent with the front page, still having an overall red black and white theme which is fitting with the rock genre. Another colour has been added which is a yellow colour, a reason for this would be to attract attention as it’s a different colour than the normal scheme. Writing arrangement : The writing is in category blocks which is a common format of a magazine, this is used as it’s a news paper style so it helps to make the information controlled, spaced, formal and easy to read and understand. The different boxed sections have a red bold and bigger font on top of the paragraphs, this is too attract attention and separate all the writing. The next noticeable aspect of the paragraphs are any band name is put in a bold font, this is to attract interest to the audience as they would have heard of the band. Other sections of writing have block colours behind, this is so all the writing isnt too much at once and doesn’t become boring. Main image : This magazine contents doesn’t have a specific main image, but one that could be classed as it is the man holding the guitar. The ‘R’ which was used for the mast head ‘Rock sound’ is used on top of this but put with a different word (Riot) this shows continuity and if looking at this without seeing the cover, target audience would know this is the ‘Rock sound’ magazine which is important for marketing and branding. Secondary images : The images take up around 50% of the page which is a good balance for a contents page. Thin writing labels the photos with the bands name, page numbers and quotes. All the secondary images are powerful and coincide with the genre well for example the man holding his middle finger up covered in tattoos, and the fire behind the man covered in blood underneath. Buzz words : Words are used on this page to create links to the theme and genre of this magazine. A good example of this would be the quote on the top right hand side ‘im not afraid of death’ the buzz word in this would be ‘death’ relating to the dark genre and feel of the magazine. Another would be the top left hand ‘Riot’ which fits with the havocked theme. Editor message : The aspect I really like about this contents is the fact there is an editors message. This editors message is about alcohol, loud music and bands with the occasional swear word put in. This is an expected editors message for a magazine like this as it would be aimed at the target audience who would find this amusing and interesting. The picture underneath is also of the editor and it makes it relatable as many of the target audience would have been in the same situation as that (hung over, hood up, surrounded by bottles and food). The good things about editor letters are that it makes the magazine have a more personal feel and you feel connected to it and the editor. The only bad aspect I would note about this letter is that there is no signature which adds personal feel. A part which isn’t the editors message but helps give a personal feel to the magazine is the paragraphs. One of them have at the end ‘PS’ and the writing is informal and personal making you feel like your friends are writing to you. Masthead: The masthead on this contents is not clearly apparent. But the biggest and most noticeable text would be the quote ‘I’m not afraid of death’. This masthead is good as it’s a strong statement which is so deep it would spark interest into readers and make them want to know more. Advertisement banner : This is an alternative colour and style to the rest of the page, this is to attract attention as it is advertising. Two aspects stand out and that is the ‘£5’ in bold and black and also a pug used for ‘free cd’. The reason the price is in bold is because it is reasonably cheap so they make sure that aspect is shown. The pug is in yellow and the font on top of it is bold black and in capitals also with an exclamation mark to attract attention to the aspect that may mean people will buy this magazine. Other good aspects of this banner are that highlighting is used such as ‘order now’ and bullet points as stars. All information such as website and number is also listed here which is a common aspect of a magazine contents. Page numbers : This contents doesn’t include as many page numbers as a normal contents. The only numbers included are made to stand out using bold font and colours but these are only next to pictures and at the top of paragraphs. The numbers that are before a title on top of the paragraphs are unclear and undistinguished next to the text making it hard to notice these are page numbers. When designing my magazine contents I will make sure my numbers are more prominent than these.
  8. 8. Headline : Unusually there is no apparent headline or ‘stand first’. This is because before this there was a title page of the bands name and a picture. The text that stands out most on this double page spread is the blocks which enlarge quotes capturing interest in the audience. The block says ‘we want to prove ourselves in the uk’ This would be interesting to the target audience as they are tougher than other magazines and believe in people proving themselves and talking rough than normal girly gossip magazines which focus of secrets and fashion. Text : Blocks measure to be 8cm horizontally and there are only two of these columns. The writing is all in normal type which is arial, but the sub headings relate with the American jock theme of the magazine and fit this large manly font. A drop cap is used when starting off this magazine. The style is informal and the description is made to be as if you were there which adds to the idea that this magazine try's exceedingly to make readers feel a sense of belonging. Main image : The main image of this magazine is of one of the band members containing a quote underneath in the classic theme of the American Jock style. To have a quote under a main image is now apparent to be a generic feature. The main image captures the darkness and seriousness of the magazine, this shows it is important for every magazine to use the main double page spread to help represent themselves for what genre they are. Secondary images : This double page spread has an unusual amount of secondary images. All three of them looking like the common polaroid style which is used in many magazines. A different aspect is that it has no small caption at the bottom which is common with magazine and newspaper photos. I believe this magazine is not a common portrayal of a double page spread as there is no bleeding to connect pages and an unusual balance of text when it is commonly ¾ big image and so on. My reason for why this could be is so it can carry on representing its genre and show its alternativeness to conventions of any sort as it’s rebellious. Background : The background resembles a dirty canvas, this helps show the style and representation of the magazine which means ‘they don’t care’ and they are ‘cool’ in a way.
  9. 9. Masthead: The colour scheme for this masthead and background has been picked probably due to the fact it is two of the most contrasting and bold schemes put together. The bright bold red masthead saying the magazines name ‘company’ all in a sans seriff capital lettered font. The contrasting white background makes this stand out even more. The name of this magazine is also something to be mentioned, fitting in with the girl gossip genre, ‘company’ magazine would give off the feel that you are never alone when reading this magazine. Puff/pug : There are two classic examples of these on this front cover. One advertising the price and the other advertising a feature of the magazine ‘4covers to collect, 4 hot looks’. These two pugs look so much like stickers I even had to touch them to see if they were, this could be a way to attract attention as it’s an interesting busy informal look to the magazine. Cover lines : The cover line is a noticeable aspect as it is the only piece of writing that goes over the main picture it relates too. With the pink writing (for girlyness) and the red writing (for boldness) used together it creates a bold title. The font is also unusual and eye catching looking like it has been hand written/painted. The reason the font could have been portrayed like this is because it looks personal as it looks hand written. Secondary stories : This is defiantly something the magazine is not short of. The front cover is mainly filled with secondary stories and features, they are spaced all around the main image and not just to the common convention of being one side of the image. The personal hand drawn style continues even with the secondary stories making the bullet points and underlines look personally done. Stories have buzz words to attract the eye such as the word ‘obsessed’ being written in bigger and different font, and the word ‘sex’ having a line to itself so nothing else detracts from it. Main image : The main image is so dominant that the head of the model overlaps the mast head. The black playsuit she is wearing with stars on it contrast vastly with the white background she is portrayed on, making her and the magazine itself stand out. The picture is a typical knees up front cover shot which has been cut with photo shop. With no secondary images and an almost clean page (in comparison with lower class gossip magazines). Date, bar code : The date on most magazines including this one is put in much smaller font which has no uniqueness or boldness to it so it does not stand out. This is so when the magazine is out of date some will still purchase it not knowing. The bar code is put on the right hand corner, a classic place to scan. The website address is unusually placed underneath this instead of a banner at the bottom.
  10. 10. Note: When opening the magazine the contents page is after a few double paged advert spreads. This is an unusual convention but also helps show the class of this magazine (higher). Colour scheme : The contents pages of this magazine contain subtle pastel colours with a white block colour to contrast with. The first contents page uses one main image for the whole background and the second contains the secondary images and advertising blocks. Category blocks/columns : Both pages of contents contain the same style and font. They are all sub titled into different sections and the page number and a drop quote is put in bold to shorten what each page is about. The titles which are bigger are in the same font as where it says ‘November’. The writing is a classy style but with a girly touch, this is so it represents the magazine genre. Main image : The different aspect about this magazine is that the main contents image or even secondary images have no relation to the front cover main image. This can cause confusion and sometimes be misleading to the audience. The main image for the contents is located on one page covering around 73% of the page. The picture is subtle, classy and intriguing and shows an alternative style to fashion which is what the magazine is trying to portray. Smaller images : The smaller images on this magazine are different to other magazines I have seen. No drop quotes, subheadings/titles or anything are used except the picture itself and a page number. This gives the page a lot less of a messy look making it appear more formal, neat and tidy. The two pictures overlap each other slightly giving the look of the page being full but still formal as the pictures do not slant. Deals : The contents page make no effort in to advertising subscriptions. Nothing is put into bold, no pugs or other advertising techniques are used. The subscription description is put into a pastel pink box at the bottom and all writing is dull, small and in no abstract font. Contact details are also placed into this box and still nothing is made bold or eye catching. A positive of this could be that the magazine care more about what’s in this issue than advertising even more. Details : This magazine has something I have seen in no other and like the idea of it. It contains four pictures of the past ‘company’ magazine front covers and it lists the names of the photographers, stylists, but also everything the model wears and has on. This is a brilliant aspect as it is different to other magazines making company have a unique feature to their contents page. Another outstanding feature which will attract extra audience due to the eco friendliness of the magazine is the part where it says ‘recycle’ at the bottom right hand corner with details of what you can do with this magazine. Page numbers : When the numbers are located on the picture they are in a classy stylish white font and stand out. It is now apparent this is a classic magazine contents feature (to have numbers next to pictures). On the columns of page details the numbers are in bold and no more outstanding the bold quote next to them. The good thing is that all these page numbers are visible and easy to understand. Website : From what I have gathered analysing these magazines It is important to list the website address more than once. This magazine have done this. On the first page the magazine website is put in small bold font next to the page number on the right hand bottom corner. On the next page of contents the website address is located by the page number again then in the subscription pastel box and also the black box to the right of it with contact details. A noticeable aspect though is that the website will always be in small font as it is least important to a reader.
  11. 11. This is a convention which gits the genre that it belongs to which is a fashion magazine. Main image : The main image dominates the page and is also used as a background for half of the spread which will be a good idea for me when designing my own. The main image shows the model wearing black, I am not sure why this could be as normally a brighter colour would be worn. The background of the image helps make the theme of the page as the decayed wall is distinctive in every background. It is also different making the magazine have an alternative feel to the fashion. Secondary images : The secondary images are portrayed as smaller versions than the bigger one, the only change is the outfit and look being styled, the reason nothing else such as background changes is so you focus solely on the model, another reason for the background not changing would be to theme the page and make it consistent. The secondary images here have no captions that are commonly seen in magazines and newspapers. Headline: The headline is subtle, and the use of boldness and capital letters have not been used. I like this as it’s easy on the eye and you can focus more on the fashion and not the story. The font is white and turquoise which contrast nicely and not brightly. Text: This contains no columns which are common with double page spreads. A reason for this would be so audience can focus more on the photos and only read the details they would want to hear. Each small paragraph has a subheading which is underlined. Another factor used to make it stand out and also be consistent is what was used on the cover; The hand written effect, each small paragraph has a bullet point next to it which looks like it has been hand drawn. A reason for this would be to make it look and feel personal. Stand first: This has been used to open the page and give a short introduction. It has been highlighted to show importance and words which relate to target audience appeal have been used such as ‘glamorous’. Advertising.
  12. 12. Magazine front cover typical elements: + Masthead + Puff / Pug + Banner advert + Cover lines + Feature headline + Drop quote + Skyline + Halo outline + Headline + Main feature with main image + Polaroids + Secondary features & stories. Colour scheme : An obvious colour scheme to this magazine is the black and white theme. This portrays a more serious and intense magazine with style and class. The only hint of colour is used for the main features name which is in green font. This magazine was one I picked up in Ibiza. My purpose for using this magazine is to show how magazines cope when they become international and have to cope with language barriers. The answer to this is a minimalistic approach… Masthead: This is the first magazine where the masthead is on its side. This helps make the main image be larger and make the mast head and image both still be noticeable. The style of font is a classic, and the use of it is to attract target audience (people who go or are interested in the night club pacha) the reason this attracts audience is because the font style never changes. This is the same with the pacha iconic logo (the cherries underneath) both of these go together to give an instant state of recognition to target audience who when seeing this will become immediately intrigued. Puff/pug: There is no conventional pug on this magazine but a relatable technique has been used. The masthead has a white rounded corner rectangular box around it and the paper in that box is much glossier than the rest of the page giving a sticker (pug) feel to it. This could be used to attract attention to the glossy mast head and also give the look it’s a sticker intriguing pacha fans. Cover lines : The ‘kicker’ which is the artist name has been typically made to stand out. This magazine uses a subtle approach as it is of higher class than other magazines. As this magazine is international the explanatory line contains the words ‘Hollywood and Ibiza’ which even help show the international part to the magazine. Underneath this is repeats what has been said in Spanish. The writing is white and in a common style to that of times new roman or arial. Main image : This magazine focuses solely on the masthead and main image. This image gives away the theme of the magazine which is classy and artistic. The star they use ‘David Lynch’ also shows they want a wider and more dynamic target audience. The average audience are club goers (18-30) but by using this man and giving there magazine a more expensive feel it attracts older audiences. Website, date : This is located in small font underneath the masthead as it is of not much importance.
  13. 13. Main image and secondary images : Considering the magazine is multi lingual, pictures are an essential way to portray features without explanation. This magazine focuses on no main image but on four which are all different and are used to give off an example of all that the magazine is about. The first image which is of a blonde model in front of the deep blue sea and a tree, this shows the art, glamour and exotic side of the magazine and also shows off the island of ibiza. The next shows an outdoor pacha venue showing off the night life pacha are involved with. The next is of two girls whom are djs, this relates the magazine with originality for having two female djs, but also glamour as they are both model material as well. Last is of a common woman in her own original, cool, exotic looking home with much sunlight coming in, this appeals to the older more normal audience who can relate with this. To sum this up; The magazine uses these images to attract all audiences. Colour scheme : The colour scheme has nothing particular or distinctive about it, it is white background with mainly black writing. This helps not to over complicate things and keep the style simple and refreshing. Category blocks : This magazines contents has clear category blocks containing the bare minimum of explanation about the page. It has headings for the two different boxes on each page showing the separation of ‘regulars’ and features. I like the style of these simple blocks as it is easy to understand and the pages are easy to find. Page numbers : The page numbers are all in bold and some are in the corners which is a typical contents convention. No buzz words or letters from the editor feature in this contents page. This creates a spacious feeling to the contents but does not make it personal at all. Lay out : Each page have small thin borders and lines are used to section different parts so they do not all merge into one. Masthead : Both pages say ‘sumario’ which is presumably Spanish for summary (or contents). Both mastheads contain a different theme. One is blue like the sea picture beneath it, the other is floral like the flower picture below, this makes the masthead look like a stencil which is an interesting style. Date and website : The date is made apparent more on the contents pages from what I have noticed. The date in this one is in a green leaf shape at the top which is outstanding from anything else. Websites are commonly put next to page numbers and this applies to this magazine as well.
  14. 14. This magazine uses a minimalistic style to keep things not confusing, it can also be said for this that ‘less is more’. Stand first : This has been used in this article. It uses a bigger sized font than the columns in capitals and uses speech marks quoting something the star says. An aspect that shows this is higher class and more adult is that no colour change, word highlight or boldness has been used to attract attention to audience. Font: A drop cap which is a generic magazine feature has not been used for this article. A reason for this would be to break the cliché and make the double page spread original and free of convention giving it almost a holy feel with all the white and light. Text is also slightly more than 7cm horizontal and there are only two columns keeping things easy to read. One column is English the other Spanish. No sub headings have been used a reason for this would be to not over complicate things and distort the minimalistic look it gives off. Bleeding: A common convention of this would be to use a fact file or secondary image to combine a double page spread, this magazine goes against convention but uses bleeding in an alternative artistic way; The main image is of a face, and the face stares in the direction of the article, it Is more of a spiritual link as you can tell the picture is connected with the article by the way they are positioned. Main image: The black and white theme continues to this double page spread from the front page. The black and white helps with the minimalistic style but also gives meaning to it. The main image portrays a deep essence by the pose and also a connection with the page next to the image. This also relates with the higher class of the magazine as the man is in a formal suit.