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  1. 1. This scene shows a split screen close up and midshot, the split screenhere is effective as it presents two views of the same subject fromdifferent angles. The image on the left shows Alicia Keys touching a dog,as she touches the dog a purple glow appears. The editing hererepresents spirituality as she is healing the dog who seems to be dead,furthermore the glow also seems to be smoky which again connotesspirituality, unworldliness and mysticism. This then cuts to a close up of the protagonists face, The midshot here shows the purple glow being the expression on her face represents released from the back of the motorbike determination, fortitude and strength of mind which suggesting Alicia is almost spreading love and heavily comply with the lyrics accompanied by this spirituality as she rides. scene “ tonight I’m gonna make it without you boy”. 07553679577
  2. 2. The scene here begins with Alicia’spower been portrayed through thepurple glow which causes her to fly andland on top of a building. The birds eyeview shot allows the audience to seethat she is about to take off
  3. 3. This split screen shows two separate scenes in what looks like one setting, the use of split screen is very effectiveas it allows the audience to become aware that the two individuals are going to coincide in some way. The fact thata close up of the males foot is shown suggests he is working towards Alicia who’s facial expression seems to saythat she is aware that he is nearby.