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Doublepage 110303030414-phpapp02

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Analysis Colours The dominant colours on this double page spread are black red and white. This sets out the genre of the band presented. The red is used to attract attention as it connotes importance, but it also connotes danger and represents blood. These are things this band are trying to associate themselves with, and represents there band identity. The Black is used as a background colour to make the rest of the page stand out but also on the pictures. Black and white picture also creates a nostalgic mood, and helps to identify the band presented with this punk-emo, and metal genre. Layout and presentation The article is presented on the right page, this is the page that the readers immediately sees when turning the page, and therefore attracts his attention. The left page is used to present picture of the lead singer and another one of a member of the band. Hierarchy is also presented as the picture of the lead singer is bigger which makes him dominant. The title of the page is covering both pages, the heading is even tilt a small amount to create rebellious attitude as it does not follow traditional writing. A drop cap is used to present the article, the letter M is in a bigger font in red to stand out and attract attention. Caption are also used on the photos to introduce the artists.
  2. 2. Double Page Spread Analysis Lay out and presentation The main supporting photo of the article is found on the left page, with the title “fiasco @ 9:30”. The article is on the right page therefore the first thing the audience will see when turning the page. There is also a quote used to present the article. This gives the audience a small taster of what the article is about, while tried to get them to read the rest of the article. The masthead of the magazine is also found on the bottom left corner of both pages. Colours The dominant colour in this article is black, it is used as a background colour to make the rest of the article stand out. The photo used to support the article is also in those tones. The use of colour in this article is very important; it is used to show importance. The key words in the quote have been written in white, and this stands out from the other golden writing. The same concept has been is for the rest where paragraphs are in different colours to show importance.
  3. 3. Double Page Spread Analysis Colours The use of colours is important in this article. The colours red and black are used a lot to attract attention. Red connotes importance and awareness therefore t immediately attracts the reader’s eye. The heading is written over a red strip, in a white font. The white title says “teen spirit” the letters are also fading away, creating a more urban effect, which links in with the idea of “teen spirit”. The introducing paragraph is written over a black strip to stand out and get the readers’ to read it. We can also see a black box with a red quote inside on the bottom of the article. This sums up a small part of the article and tries to encourage them reading the rest. Editing The article is well edited and organised, one of the features in this article is the strips used to introducing the heading and paragraph, they have been edited to make it look like liquid has been dropping down on them. This supports this idea of “teen spirit” with street effects and things done in the last minute. However this same dropping effect on the red colour also connotes blood which perhaps implies what kind of genre this is. Layout and presentation This double page spread follows the codes and conventions of magazines, like on many double page spread the photo supporting the article is found on the left of the article. The picture takes up the whole page and there is no writing on it. It is the only picture on the double page spread therefore it attracts reader’s attention. The article is placed on the right page, and divided into columns to create a more classic magazine impression. The first letter of the article is bigger than the other and in red which again follows the codes and conventions of magazines but also makes it stands out. A red box on the bottom of the right page is also layout showing what the band is “made of” this is a unique feature; it also tries to get the readers interest by using humour.
  4. 4. Double Page Spread Analysis Layout There is only one picture on this double page, which attracts the reader’s attention. The article is found on the right page, the drop cap on the first paragraph has been written in a very classical and sophisticated font and format. This sense of sophistication and classiness is found all over the page, the background implies that, the silver colour is very luxurious. Text The background of this double page is very unusual, we can see the “USA” in the background, (To promote their next tour) this written in a very big font. But does not make the article look busy because it is in the same colour as the rest background, it therefore merges in. Next to that we can also see “got the love” which is one of their most famous song, it also creates play on words “USA got the love” and still give out this sophisticated and classic effect. Colours The main colours in this double page spread are red, and silver. The colours red is used well; it is found on small amount but stands out very well and does not affect the sophistication created by the rest of the article. The colour of the women’s hair links in with the colour of what looks like the flag of the United States. This flag also links in with the word USA in the background. It looks like many features have been used to promote this tour. The colour red connotes awareness and attention, but in this double page it connotes love, which again links in with the heading “got the love”. The colour silver is very clean and neat; we can also see that the clearer silver points are in the centre of the double page, as it is slightly darker in the corners. This attracts reader’s attention. In the article itself colour is also used. The name of the lead singer, “Florence Welch” is written in blue to make it stand out in the introducing paragraph.
  5. 5. Double Page Spread Analysis Layout The main article about Metallica is found on the left page; where as the other page seems to be based on the artist. There is a small red ox on the bottom right corner which is illustrated as “frontline” and is about the lead singer. The pictures on the left and the text box are very symmetrical. Colour In this article like many others the colour red is used to show importance. We can see red lines on the top of the two pages, which makes the rest of the article stand out. Red is also used on the box on the bottom right, it may attracts the reader’s attention and encourage them to read the article. In the article its self red has been used to highlights key words. Editing The text box featuring the articling about the lead singer of Metallica is tilted slightly to the right; it creates the impression that the text box has been dropped on the page at the last minute. It gives an impression of untidiness which links in with the genre put forward which is rock/heavy metal. The picture in double page is spread across the two pages; this makes the artist look more dominant as the photo take a lot of space. This therefore shows order of importance in comparison to others member of the band who are represented in smaller photos.
  6. 6. Double Page Spread Analysis Article quote A quote is used as a title for this article, this heading is writing in a white font over black highlight. Every letter of the heading is also written in a different font, this gives a rebellious attitude to the heading. By doing this the magazine shows what kind of genre is being promoted, this kind of heading is unique to alternative, or pop music. This sort of font attracts the reader’s attention and encourages him to read the rest of the article, it also connotes anonymity. Drop cap A drop cap is used in the body text of the article. This follows codes and convention of magazines. The first letter of the paragraph is in a different font which attracts the reader’s attention. Layout The layout of this page is well thought through, the photo of the artiste presented Lily Allen, is on the right side of the double page spread. This means it is the first thing the readers would see when turning the page. The article is written in on the left page over a white background, this connotes emptiness, and the page lacks in colours, which makes the heading stands out. The only bit of colour found in the article in the name of the artist. Lily Allen is written in red bold font to make it stand out from the rest of the black and white monotone writing.
  7. 7. Double Page Spread Analysis Heading The title of the double page presents a band called “the teenagers”, however this will attracts teenager’s attention and encourage them to read the article even if they do not know the band. The title is supported by “NME LOVES” over a star shape sticker. This encourages the readers to read the article as it is supported by a well known brand; therefore this means the band is someone to look for. The heading is also goes over the main image; it is highlighted in blue and written in black block letters. This attracts people’s attention and gives the band more importance as they stand out more. Pull quote We can see a quote pulled out from the main article in the body text. This sums up some parts of the article, and the blue highlight around it makes it stand out. Therefore readers would read it before the rest of the article and will be encouraging reading on. The blue colour used to highlight the quote is also found else were in the article which links everything together. Layout This double page spread is very busy; the main text body seems to be squashed between the main image and the other text which is over a black background. This would draw reader’s attention to that text has it stands out from the black and blue colours used around it. The main photo in this article is found on the left page with very little writing, however this writing stands out as it is over a light blue box. In this double page we can also see a section called “everyone’s talking about...” this shows other bands that mint be similar and that the reader’s and fans of “the teenagers” might like. This promotes other artists in the same article.