Front cover construction


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Front cover construction

  2. 2. The programmes I will be using:Adobe Photoshop CS3- I will be using this programme to edit images.InDesign- I will be creating my magazine here.
  3. 3. FLAT PLAN Box out with freebie Poster MASTHEAD COVER LINE Main image COVER LINE Issue number Price Date COVER LINE Barcode Box out with competition on itThe layout of this Vibe magazineis the basic layout I would like my As you can see the layout verymagazine to follow as I feel it is much follows that of the magazinevery simple but still effective. opposite with a few of my own ideas.
  4. 4. Here is the background for my magazine, first I had to create it on Photoshop and thenimported it on to InDesign, I have chosen a black background as I feel the typographywill stand out and contrast well on top of it. Also black is a colour that is associated withhip hop as it represents style, wealth and authority (significant elements within hiphop).
  5. 5. In the top left hand corner I have decided to have a poster which will represent a freebie that will be present within my magazine. Freebies are an effective way of attracting the audience as they cause the audience to feel the excitement of receiving something new, this could as a result determine whether or not a magazine is brought . I firstly opened my picture on Photoshop where I edited it. Having edited it on photo Shop I saved it as PNG and placed it on to InDesign. After putting it on InDesign I had to play around with the angle until I felt it looked most effective. Here are the steps I took in producing the poster:Firstly I opened my image on to Photoshop and erased thebackground. Continued on next slide.
  6. 6. I then added the posturizeAfter this I applied a black background to the affect.image. Also if you look closely you will be able tosee a piece of thread on the face of my modelwhich is hanging down from his cap, this lookedvery unprofessional and therefore jeopardised thechances of my magazine looking genuine, as aresult of this I used the clone stamp to remove it. Icloned a part of his face and then used it to get ridof the thread. When placing or adding something on to InDesign it is important to create a new layer, this makes it easier to delete or change a certain aspect of your magazine. I named each layer as this made it easier for me to identify the aspect of the magazine that Finally I placed it on to InDesign. needed changing or improvement.
  7. 7. As you cansee here theMasthead isquite boldand simple. Masthead- On other hip hop magazines the typography is usually quite bold and simple therefore I selected a font that I felt reflected this( Gills San Ultra Bold). I have used gold because it was one of the colours I have selected for my house style. Also gold is a colour that represents wealth and power therefore by making the mast head gold I believe it will cause my audience to feel like they are buying something that buys them in to this. Having coloured my font gold I applied the outer glow effect as I feel it caused the gold to stand and made it more glossy. I did this within InDesign by left clicking and then selecting the effects option. I created my mast head within InDesign as I have previously mentioned using the Gills Sans Ultra Bold font, after selecting the font I manipulated it by increasing the height by stretching the font.
  8. 8. I have created a box out creation within InDesign which I have decided to colouredred. This is because red is a colour which is bright and will catch the audiencesattention. On this box out I added text about the freebie (the poster) . As I havementioned before freebies are an effective way of attracting the audience. I thencoloured the font which explained the freebie white as it stood out well on the red. Ihave used the font Gills sans Ultra Bold for the text referring to the freebie.
  9. 9. COVERLINES I placed the cover lines on the left third of the magazine following the codes and conventions. This causes the magazine to stand out while on the shelves and allows the audience to see the featured articles which play a part in attracting them. The articles on the cover of the magazine are another convention which play a huge part in attracting the audience as they allow them to be aware of the content inside the magazine. Therefore I had to make them short and snappy and something that sounded interesting and would cause the reader to want to read on and find out more. For the first article I used the name of my model who if genuinely famous in real life would attract the audience as it would be about somebody they admire. I varied the colour of the text to cause the article to look more diverse. For the first part of the article I left the inner part of the text black and added a gold out line, I felt this would draw the audiences attention. For the gold outline I used the outer glow effect on InDesign. After this “I wanna go solo” is in white as the contrasting colours cause the magazine to look more effective. Also to “I wanna go solo” I added a satin effect as I felt it made it look quite edgy and different reflecting the genre.
  10. 10. For the rest of my cover lines I varied the colours to enhance the appearance ofmy magazine causing it to look eye catching which would attract the audience.For the second cover line I again used the outer glow, as you can see there is apattern of solid text and text with an outer glow. I feel this looks very effective.
  11. 11. Having selected the image I wasgoing to use on the cover of mymagazine I erased the background within Photoshop, I chosea picture I felt would be placedwell on my magazine andportrayed a hip hop starspersona best. I knew the picturehad to be extremely good andexcellent quality as the mainimage of the magazine plays ahuge part in the presentation ofthe magazine. After erasing theback ground with the magicwand tool I inverse selected it Step 1- removal of theand then feathered it to give it a backgroundsmoother finish allowing it toblend in to the background well.After doing this I saved mypicture as a PNG ( so thebackground would betransparent) and imported it onto InDesign. On InDesign I playedabout with the positioning of myimage, the idea was to have itplaced so that it would beoverlapping the masthead. This isbecause I had seen thistechnique used on a number ofother magazines, and I feel itlooks very effective.
  12. 12. Step 2-Select inversingthe image
  13. 13. Step 3- Feathering my image using a feather radius oftwelve.
  14. 14. Finally I placed my image on to InDesign.Here you can see theoverlapping of theimage on to the Masthead, this is what Ihave tried toincorporate on to mymagazine.
  15. 15. I created a second box out on InDesign for the bottom of my magazine which Icoloured red as I would after put a competition on it, I felt it contrasted well withthe black and having it in red would again catch the readers attention. I varied thecolour of the words limited edition Ipod as I had it in black instead of white likethe rest of the text. I did this as I felt it emphasised the importance of the prizeincreasing its appeal to the audience.
  16. 16. As you can see herethere is a blank spacetherefore I havedecided to placesomething here. I have covered this area by adding another cover line.
  17. 17. I placed the barcode in the bottom right hand corner of my magazine front cover inthe portrait position, bar codes allow the magazine to be easily identified. Abovethe barcode I added the Issue number, date and price basic conventions whichallows the audience to be aware of what they are buying. Adding these conventionswas vital as they cause the magazine to look more professional and genuine.