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Organization change mgmt models
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Organization change mgmt models


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Organization change mgmt models

Organization change mgmt models

Published in: Business
  • I am not so convinced about the comment you apply to Prosci's methodology. Having completed the Prosci Change Management Practitioner course, I can affirm that as well as providing a solid framework for the process side, Prosci focuses on two very key personal areas: leadership (stakeholders and other related executive roles) and line managers. And there is quite a lot of attention paid to the emotional dimension. There is no magic bullet. Dealing with different and sometimes quite strong personalities requires skill, and can't be built into a model. Prosci however does provide a lot of guidance around this point.
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  • In all, I think most if not all change management models are too rational. As John Kotter said: 'People don't change what they do because they are given analysis that shifts their thinking. They change because they are shown a truth that influences their feeling.' Ans social aspects, environmental cues and timing play a big role in that.
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  • Thanks alot @mmaceachern
    I think finding the right model is a universal dilemma itself!! and the solution will have to stem from the orgn, strategy as whole, deciding what is the future goals for the company and see which model would align best to these goals and strategies ..
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  • Thanks for summarizing a universal dilemma.

    How do you choose (or customize) the rigth 'model' for a specific organization, in a way that takes the best of existing models without recreating the wheel?
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  • 1. Organization Change Management Models
  • 2. ADKAR model identified that people change,
  • 3. ADKAR model identified that people change, not organizations
  • 4. & that change occurs when individual change matches the stages of organizational change
  • 5. ADKAR J
  • 6. But
  • 7. ' 3-phase Transition
  • 8. highlights the difference between change and transition
  • 9. explain how people feel psychologically as organization change
  • 10. But ’
  • 11.
  • 12. deals with preparing & accepting change, not the actual change
  • 13. T
  • 14. y
  • 15. N
  • 16. b
  • 17. f
  • 18. s
  • 19. e
  • 20. a
  • 21. Can be used successfully To obtain buy-in from key employees
  • 22. It fits well on top of traditional organization structures g
  • 23. But
  • 24. Unfreeze – Change – Freeze Model
  • 25. A period of unfreezing must be initiated through motivation and leadership to remove the resistance of change
  • 26. Change is initiated & company is moving into a transition stage
  • 27. Company refreezes after change has been accepted & can operate under the new changes
  • 28. identified that the majority of people prefer to function within zones of comfort
  • 29. Because, they like the safety, comfort & derive a sense of identity & control from their environment
  • 30. is easy to use & a lot of companies prefer it to enact major changes
  • 31. But
  • 32. 7-S model
  • 33. combines rational and emotional components
  • 34. offers a holistic approach to understand an organization
  • 35. Conclusion
  • 36. Sources Carolyn Aiken & Scott Keller. The Inconvenient Truth About Change Management CHANGE MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Change management is all about people - and processes that work for people, strategies-for-managing-change CHANGE MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP GUIDE. Ryerson University Change Management Model Comparison Kotter Change | How to Lead Change. Expert programman agement. Marty Jacobs . Models of Organizational Change: Aquick Primer November20 2012 Ron Ashkenas .”Change Management Needs to Change.” April 16, 2013 Tara Cellars Change Management Models: A Look at McKinsey's 7-S Model, Lewin's Change Management Model and Kotter's Eight Step Change Model
  • 37. Image Credits –Creative Commons Slide 1 flower Slide 9 Warriors Slide 59 Rocks Slide 24 Glasshouse