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Creative Talent Sourcing Strings


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Creative Boolean Strings on different social media sites

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business

Creative Talent Sourcing Strings

  1. 1. Strings
  2. 2. Creative Boolean strings…
  3. 3. Creative Boolean strings…
  4. 4. find the right candidates more quickly
  5. 5. you exhausted searching the basics
  6. 6. “because the basics have a higher ROI than exotic sourcing and result in the vast majority of hires.”
  7. 7. in developing a creative sourcing strategy..
  8. 8. Ok, lets Start
  9. 9. social media sites
  10. 10. social networking sites
  11. 11. Creative Design sites
  12. 12. Image Sharing sites
  13. 13. Document Upload sites
  14. 14. IT Centric sites
  15. 15. Others
  16. 16. Hope that helped!
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  18. 18. Disclaimer-- I am not affiliated with any particular tool