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CMD students from KHLIM gathered in Kaai16 in Hasselt. Goal was to listen to and interact with Dorien Aerts and Koen Delvaux from City Live on their vision on mobile internet technology and business models.

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Mobile Phone Love

  1. 1. The magic of mobile
  2. 2. 1. Mobile phone love 2. The new mobile internet 3. Widgets to the rescue 4. Where is the money
  3. 3. European figures Some European facts (via Eurostat, figures 2006) – 95 mobile phones for every 100 Europeans – Top three countries mobile subscriptions per 100 persons 1. Luxemburg (155) 2. Lithuania (139) 3. Italy (134) ... Netherlands (113) Belgium (89)
  4. 4. Global figures Some global facts • India is the largest growth market, adding about 6 million mobile phones every month (via wikipedia) • The number of mobile phone subscriptions in the world will reach 4 bln by the end of 2008 driven by growth in developing economies (via • In Japan half the top selling books are written on mobile phones (via Techcrunch) • The majority of marketing directors (60%) favour mobile marketing over online marketing (via
  5. 5. What do people do on their mobile phone? Text Call Calendar/ alarm clock/ games/ringtones/... Surf?
  6. 6. Mobile search Amount of people that accesses a mobile site for mobile search at least once a week
  7. 7. What do people surf to?
  8. 8. Situation in Belgium 60% Internet enabled 2% phones Mobile internet users 9
  9. 9. De Standaard (Belgian newspaper) Mobile website made attractive Mobile relevant content Dynamic links for stickiness 10
  10. 10. VT4 (Belgain TV channel) Create brand identity Install on phone Mix content with adds Focus on premium content 11
  11. 11. Mobile right now • Not very innovating Sms, ringtones, wallpaper Mobile content and services are copies of online counterparts • Closed Handset manufacturers, operators, content and service providers
  12. 12. 1. Mobile phone love 2. The new mobile internet 3. Widgets to the rescue 4. Where is the money
  13. 13. About you and me
  14. 14. Open environment
  15. 15. You take your phone everywhere Context adds value LTAP = Location Time Activity Profile
  16. 16. A glimpse of the future Google Android apps
  17. 17. “Location-based Mobile Social Networking Will Generate Global Revenues of $3.3 Billion by 2013” “The recent emergence of location-based mobile social networking services offered by providers such as GyPSii, Pelago and Loopt is revolutionizing social networking by allowing users to share real-life experiences via geo-tagged user-generated multimedia content, exchange recommendations about places, identify nearby friends and set up ad hoc face to face meetings.” Via, August 2008
  18. 18. Article by Unizo shows relevance 20
  19. 19. 1. Mobile phone love 2. The new mobile internet 3. Widgets to the rescue 4. Where is the money 21
  20. 20. Mobile internet: what do we miss ? content marketing design ... 22
  21. 21. Nice design ? Design is wrong. But: Interaction model is right! 23
  22. 22. About broken interaction models Mobile internet = new usage model (the web is not the net) 24
  23. 23. Mobile interaction models • Limited interaction time (30 seconds) • Fun factor is more important then productivity • Staying in touch • No rational value perception • Personalisation is important • More lean-back than forward (constant change of context)
  24. 24. The mobile web will be • not about the web • not about the device • It’s about services – That live in the net – Are available on multiple devices – Can interact to become better 26
  25. 25. The widget model is fit for... API 29
  26. 26. Orb
  27. 27. Nabaztag
  28. 28. City Live technological model Customer project CMF Custom Customer website GLOWE Widgets integration clients CSP platform Supported by: GLOWE CMF Supported by: Community GLOWE.ORG Mobile Widget Management GLOWEME.COM Platform Framework HYDRA Transactional Managed Services Framework Supported by: GLOWEBACK.COM 33
  29. 29. What is GLOWE ? Define in XML description, run on multiple platforms 34
  30. 30. Situation: Mobile runtime environments Application Framework Runtime Mobile OS Hardware
  31. 31. Situation: Widget environments Widget Widget Widget Syndication Publication Creation Mobile B2C Widget sites
  32. 32. Web runtime of tomorrow Webbrowser architecture UI (chrome) Flash Silverlight AJAX HTML Javascript Java renderer engine Plugin architecture Device API Google Gears Future: Webkit extensions Open location UID camera API Opera widgets (Android ?) local proxy DB
  33. 33. 1. Mobile phone love 2. The new mobile internet 3. Widgets to the rescue 4. Where is the money 38
  34. 34. Where is the money ? The user pays ATTENTION 39
  35. 35. Attention brokering broker my preferences “Testdrive the new Dodge Viper” 40
  36. 36. What is attention management ? • Lots of parties want our attention (classical = advertsing) • What do we “pay” when we pay attention ? • Attention management is about • tracking the things you pay attention to (or ignore) • mining and storing that data • putting it to good use (optimize service) 41
  37. 37. Mobile context adds value for advertisers pay for the result pay for being found $/sale pay for being seen CPC CPM pay for space $/month 42
  38. 38. Mobile advertising 1 to 50 € per filled in form 43
  39. 39. Mash-up business model 44
  40. 40. Stay in touch 45