Velti Mobile Marketing Presetation July12


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Velti Mobile Marketing Presetation July12

  1. 1. MOBILE MARKETING EXPERIENCEPRESENTED BYRob Shortrshortt@velti.com0207 921 5532 Let‟s get started! 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Reinventing marketing for the Mobile eraALL ABOUT VELTI WE‟RE BIG WE‟RE PRACTICED WE‟RE SMART GLOBAL REACH DEEP MOBILE EXPERIENCE AND WE BUILD SMART TECHNOLOGIES  NASDAQ listed  825+ brands and agencies  Velti‟s mGage platform reaches 4.26B  3,000+ campaigns mobile consumers  1,000+ employees with 450+ engineers  2.5 billion consumer interactions  Optimized on 6,000 devices  19 offices around the world per day  End to end: from asset creation to  10-years of profitable growth promotional marketing mobile CRM, we do  2010 revenue of $116.3m with EBITDA  11B monthly impressions it all of $27.2m 3
  4. 4. Velti market leadership Blue Chip customer base in 68+ countriesALL ABOUT VELTI idle east 4
  5. 5. An overview of the services we can offerALL ABOUT VELTI Mobile Commerce Mobile Marketing mCommerce / mweb and Your strategy MULTI CHANNEL marketing / multi OS native apps mobile advertising / sms / QR / social Rewards based marketing Vouchers Mobile CRM Promotions Loyalty Location Based 5
  6. 6. Velti market leadership In Retail Velti has a global portfolio of retail clients however our key strength is that we leverage experience from our other sectors and bring themALL ABOUT VELTI to retailers 6
  7. 7. Velti market leadership in APP developmentALL ABOUT VELTI 7
  8. 8. What Velti Does:‘Text to Enter‟• Use QR code or “shortcode” as text response mechanism to open mobile to all users• Capture numbers and respond with confirmation or offers via MMS or custom web pages.• Customers who text in are then added to the customer opted in database for future mobile marketing promotions• Customers who redeem can be sent new collection updates, offers or vouchers „Text to Buy‟• Include a direct response mechanism on adverts• Customers are taken through a mobile registration to receive SMS for a mSite/App or store voucher• Customer is taken directly to the purchase page for the specific item realising a quick and convenient purchase 8
  9. 9. 1. Vertical scroll Mobile Email2. Horizontal scroll – to view bullet points shown in „3‟3. Desktop view4. Mobile optimised email showing bullet points 1 4 2 Try it here: Before After 10
  10. 10. Cross-Channel EngagementPlatform ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM REWARDS RELEVANT COMMUNICATIONPROVIDE Enables an ongoing dialogue Flexible reward schemes to incentivize product purchase with consumers through an and continuous brand …as in personalized and targetedCONSUMERS interactive, entertaining engagement communication increasing playability and repeat purchase experienceYETANOTHERREASON TOBUY YOUR LEVERAGE MOBILE AS AN ALWAYS ON AND ON THE GOPRODUCTS MEDIUM
  11. 11. Objectives Solution Velti worked with ASOS to maximize Velti put in place a dedicated shortcode that allowed ASOS customers the auction of Cheryl Cole‟s dress to make a lowest unique bid for the dress of their choice. The collection. reverse auction mechanics meant that users could be knocked off the winning slot and were prompted to bid again.THE VELTI RESULTThe auction was available for 10 days and attracted over 70,000 unique bids (of £1) during this time.Press coverage was excellent driving further revenues for The Princes Trust. 12
  12. 12. What Velti Does:• Utilises the latest HTML5 mobile web technology to deliver a fast app like experience• Mobile traffic increased by 500% within 3 months of launch – conversions are higher than the website• Key features include: • Optimal experience served to each device • Full API integration into eCommerce platform • „One Click‟ checkout for registered users • Accordion menus to reduce page refreshes WINNER - Most Effective mCommerce Solution Mobile Interactive Group – New Look 2011
  13. 13. Objectives Solution• Increase sales • Check price, locate nearest in stock store, reserve• Improve customer service and collect your product• Strengthen brand loyalty • Customer notifications /alerts • Targeted marketing messages with unique voucher codesTHE VELTI RESULT 4.5 m customer 6M opt in profiled 54 M consumer 5.8 M customers interactions for interactions forinteractions per interactive services mobile marketing month 14
  14. 14. What Velti Does:Objectives SolutionTo improve customer loyalty and engage them through Mobile app that enables customers to earn pointsnew channels; every time they scan the purchase receipts and forTo offer customers loyalty rewards through a other interactions via the applicationsolution that would not impact at all the existing EPOSinfrastructureRESULTS800 230 CUSTOMERDownloads day 1 Barcodes scanned day 1 SATISFACTION *united STATES 15
  15. 15. Overview resultsJCPenney wanted to gain an advantage over their Utilizing mGage Communicate JCPenneycompetitors by building a Loyalty/CRM program to have built a database and recruited overpromote events and drive store traffic. 1.5 million opted-in customers receiving 4-8 alerts per month. Due to the success ofUsing mGage Communicate they were able to build a the campaign, JCPenney are aiming to usehigh quality opt-in data base by offering the following: mGage Communicate to build a database of• Offers to incent opt-ins to mobile - $10, $20 coupons over 4 million customers. tied to spending level• Sweepstakes offer through partners (AOL, Rascal Flatts), to drive opt-in for alerts• Similar offers via Facebook to drive participation 16
  16. 16. ALL ABOUT VELTI IT‟S BEEN Be sure to visit for more information and to read our blog on mobile marketing insights Rob Short Tel: 0207 921 5532 Email: 17