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Where to Look Next? Trends for 2009


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Ever heard of the semantic web? Cloud computing? The Transmission Effect? Lori H. Schwartz, SVP, Director of the Interpublic Emerging Media Lab presents the most up-to-date and exciting emerging trends. Don’t get left behind!

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Where to Look Next? Trends for 2009

  1. 1. Beyond the Hype NEXTMEDIA – Monetizing Digital Media November 19, 2008
  2. 2. Cloud Computing Sony Home IPTV Skype DVR YouTube Google WAP Second Life Android Yahoo! Social Media Widgets the Semantic Web Interactive TV DRM Influencers QR Codes iPhone 3G Minority Report P2P Microsoft Viral Video Ad Exchages Electronic Ink Print Web 2.0 UGC Digital Out of Home Microsoft Surface Broadband Social Vibe Blogs Longtail Wikis Privacy Issues RFID MAC Mobile TV Flash Casual GPS Silverlight Gaming Twitter Voice Recognition VideoBlogs VoIP Blog Roll Chrome Smart Appliances Virtual Reality Green technology
  3. 3. WHY NOW? BRAND MARKETERS – TOP 10 WISH LIST #1 Deeper digital knowledge #2 More “pull” - less “push” SAPIENT SURVEY SNAPSHOT #3 Leverage virtual communities ▪ 200 respondents #4 Lead by example #5 Chief Digital Officer - key indicator ▪ CMOs/Sr Marketing Execs #6 Web2.0/social media savvy ▪ Buying authority #7 Understand consumer/digital connection ▪ Timeframe – Summer 2008 ▪ Planning horizon – 1 year 80% = Digital strength “important/very important” Almost half moving to digital “savvy” agencies Digital insight is a strategic imperative
  4. 4. IPG Emerging Media Lab Accelerating Marketing Innovation by Empowering Agencies and Brands
  5. 5. WHAT SETS US APART? Immersion Center FOCUSED EXCLUSIVELY ON YOUR Events SUCCESS IN EMERGING MEDIA IMMERSION CENTER Examine new media trends and demystify technologies in a casual, hands-on environment Education that’s a hub for industry events & Consulting RESEARCH FACILITY Plan and drive primary research and focus groups in our fully-equipped suite CATEGORY EXPERTS Interact with forward-thinking specialists who understand media platforms, consumer behaviors, Focus Groups / and their business implications Market Research Thought ALLIANCE FACILITATORS Leadership Gain access to industry allies and pilot programs that help your clients leverage new media ALWAYS ON Get answers anytime from media pros who offer advice and support online, on the phone and in person
  6. 6. Setting The Stage Setting The Stage
  7. 7. Slow economy is making its mark Slow economy is making its mark Even with downturned economy, 60% of marketing professionals planned online advertising is expected to to increase their spending on online grow from $24.5 billion in 2008 advertising in reaction to the downturn. to $28.5 billion in 2009. The combined growth rate for online Toward interactive, digital marketing ad revenues in Q1 and Q2 among the top four US portals—Yahoo!, Google, AOL and Microsoft—was 19%. -Source, eMarketer -Source, MarketingProfs Online includes several categories: search, display (banners, rich media and video) and e-mail ad spending.
  8. 8. Current Marketplace Major Digital Media Players • AOL – Platform A • Microsoft – Aquantive/Atlas/DrivePM • Google – DoubleClick/AdWords for Search, Display & Video • Yahoo – AMP/Fusion The major players offer a full suite of targeting options and millions of eyeballs: • Behavioral Targeting, PPC Search, Geo, Demo and Contextual Targeting Vertical Integration is within sight for the two largest players • Microsoft – Aquantive/Atlas & Atlas VOD/DrivePM/Navic Networks (Cable TV and Online Video) • Google – DoubleClick/AdWords/Google TV (Echostar & NBCU), Google Radio, Google Print Next for Them: • Conquer agency media planning and back office Alarmist POV: • Full-service media offering, circumvents a traditional agency relationship
  9. 9. Open Platforms Drive Ubiquity SOCIAL MEDIA Development MOBILE Development Google’s Open Social OpenSocial defines a common API Google’s Android is a software stack for mobile for all social applications across devices that includes an operating system, multiple websites. middleware and key applications. Developers can create apps that Apple opened the doors to its “App Store,” access a social network's friends accessible through the standard iTunes and update feeds. interface. And within 3 days of its debut, more than 10 million applications were downloaded GOAL: One operating system for all mobile GOAL: All social apps working across all sites. phones.
  10. 10. New consumer Reverses the 80/20 rule We used to spend 80% on distribution (“media”) and 20% on content (“production”), We will now spend 80% on the content (platforms), and 20% on distribution (drive traffic)
  11. 11. New Hollywood Traditional Model is Broken For Content Subscription Sponsorship Hypersyndication How Display Ads Short Form Broadcast
  12. 12. 2009 Trends Beyond the Browser •Chrome and the like •Cloud Computing •Extensions to Browsers •Semantic Web •Cool Iris •Stumble Upon Conversation is King •Social Reputation Management •Personal Branding •Making the consumer work for you Transmission Effect •Raw Reality •Twitter Journalists •Shared Sharing •Individual to Group •Brand Management •Privacy Pushback Retail on Fire •CRM and new tools •In store to On line •RFID •Store ‘out of home’
  13. 13. The browser is becoming the new operating system with applications, content and the growing pipe feeding off it as a platfomr Beyond the Browser
  14. 14. Beyond the Browser Cloud Computing – Putting The Foundation in the Cloud Services, storage and applications all exist in the internet(cloud) and a user taps into the cloud using a device. Google’s Chrome User/Businesses can start relying on the internet for satisfying all their “What we really needed was not just a computer browser, but also a modern platform for web pages and applications, and that's what we set out to build.” -Google Blog Developers are looking at browsers as a communication layer…so that + Beefed up Javascript Engines + Better stability + More extensions
  15. 15. Beyond the Browser Semantic Web The semantic web is an evolving extension of the internet. Information is exposed and filtered by computer intelligence, not humans. •Semantic Profiles assembled from shared information and learned behavior will allow virtual “agents” to personalize your online experience. •Sets the stage for Intelligent execution of requests and hyper-relevant information retrieval. Stumbleupon is a toolbar that, once clicked, takes you to a unique webpage that’s matched to your pre-set personal preferences. It allows you to quickly stumble upon countless of fun/useful pages you never would have found otherwise. Twine is an online application that keeps tracks of your interests and allows you to collect and share online content. It then organizes your content, “learns” what your interested in, and recommends new things to check out.
  16. 16. Sits In Your Tool Bar as an ‘add on’ Program Your Interests…and it will feed you content
  17. 17. Beyond the Browser Extensions to the Browser Before: Browser extension added little value to your internet experience. Now: Extensions can completely redefine it. Cooliris, transforms your browser into a fully-immersive cinematic slide show
  18. 18. For individuals and brands, web presence alone is no longer enough—now it’s about engaging customers in conversation and managing relationships online Conversation is King
  19. 19. Conversation is King I am online therefore I exist. Personal branding •How we are represented online will determine how the world views us •How we get jobs and the friends we keep are influenced by our online presence. •Branding Strategies include •Personal Websites •Twitter •SEO •Blogs •Social Networks
  20. 20. Conversation is King Focus on Expert Users Word of mouth will shift from the many to the few— expert users who are defined and trusted by the community
  21. 21. Conversation is King Expert User Case Study: Gen X and Gen Y Moms Gen X moms' top three Web activities are using photo sites, rating and reviewing products, and shopping. •The top three online activities of Gen Y moms •Reading blogs •participating in an online community of moms •creating and sharing their own video.
  22. 22. Conversation is King Brands are learning to listen--no, really Companies are starting to trust consumers— a fundamental shift in perception Brands are enlisting their audience for crowdsourcing (i.e. design input, product development, etc.) Conversation management: Brands are learning to listen to conversations wherever they are occurring, giving them an opportunity to respond and improve service and products
  23. 23. Conversation is King Social Media as CRM The New ROI = Return On Involvement Question: What metrics do you primarily rely on to measure the success of your social marketing efforts? (Select up to three.) 54% Clicks 30% Registrations 30% Impressions 17% Brand survey metrics 15% Ad hoc buzz monitoring 15% Number of forwards 11% Buzz monitoring service Advertisers Must Use a 7% Engagement metrics Combination of Metrics to 5% Maximize Engagement Analysis Change in search behavior 0% Number of quot;friendsquot; 0% Number of people posting content 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Source: JupiterResearch Social Marketing Executive Survey (2/07), n = 76 (engagement marketers who ran social marketing Campaigns in the past 12 months, US)
  24. 24. Conversations and content are moving faster and spreading everywhere Individuals become groups become organized units that can move mountains. Transmission Effect
  25. 25. Transmission Effect Content can’t be controlled All content is viral content •Content cannot be controlled, but the tone of the conversation around the content can be set and The HD DVD •Brands need to be encryption key present at every stage of a that conversation. Digg could not keep off their site •Brands must respond, not react Comcast technician falls asleep on man’s couch – video leaks on •Reputation management YouTube, receives national press tools can help brands keep coverage up. was featured “Tronguy” on South Park
  26. 26. Transmission Effect The New Editorial Twitter has influenced the format for breaking news Live blogging of events and live mobile video are increasing speed by which news is transmitted Flixwagon, Livecast and other providers are making live mobile video broadcasting possible
  27. 27. Transmission Effect Group to Group Communication •Groups each have their own personality, manners, memes, and vocabulary • Groups that share members become meta groups
  28. 28. Transmission Effect Brand Reputation Management - Need to Manage Group Think Brands must have a web reputation strategy to manage web resurrections
  29. 29. Transmission Effect Privacy Pushback Overexposure of online profiles drives a privacy pushback •Behavioral Targeting under heavy scrutiny by FTC •Anonymous email services used for sign- ups •In-browser private browsing settings •Already in Chrome and Safari, planned in Firefox and IE •2006-2008 saw a blitz of personal information broadcast •2009 is going to see a fine tuning of those broadcasts
  30. 30. From Smart Signs and interactive mirrors to RFID and loyalty programs, retail is undergoing dramatic changes to become more interactive and meet consumers’ and brands needs. Retail solutions soar
  31. 31. Retail solutions soar Online Experience Influencing In-World Decisions Consumer’s shopping experiences are enhanced with the ability to constantly be connected to the web via mobile phone. SnapNow Photograph any retail product to receive price comparisons and peer ratings from
  32. 32. Retail solutions soar Smart Signs and interactive mirrors Customer interaction triggers an online-like experience that features: •Product details •Customer ratings •Side by side feature comparisons Solutions provide ‘Real Time’ statistics of every customer interaction
  33. 33. Retail solutions soar Audience Measurement In Store Brands want to know who is watching and when. Advances in analyzing audience data will provide ways to generate more relevant, targeted ads. 20ft Identifies any number of concurrent viewers within the field of view. ° 125° Measurement
  34. 34. Retail solutions soar Pop-Up Retail Big Box retailers in small doses
  35. 35. Get in The Game – Develop A Content Strategy Social Media Broadband Mobile Digital Broadcast Out of Home