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Q1 Trends 2008 Pdf


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From Q1 2008

Published in: Business, Technology
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Q1 Trends 2008 Pdf

  1. 1. TRENDS UPDATE: Q1 2008 Collaboration Web Monitoring Visualization IPTV platforms Social Communities Focus on Business Focus on Consumers Expanding Markets/Spaces Behavioral Targeting Widget applications New Mobile Apps
  2. 2. Summary: Key Trends Covered in Previous Trends Update Open Source Data Consumer Leading Business in and Research Autonomy a connected world  Collaboration  IPTV platforms  Focus on Business  Web Monitoring/ Visualization  Social Communities  Focus on Consumers Emerging markets: Shifting boundaries Mobility global, virtual, and of Market Information Convergence new products  Expanding Markets/Spaces  Behavioral Targeting  New Applications  Widget applications 2
  3. 3. Relative Rate of Change of Key Trends: Quick Summary Accelerating Changing Slowly Staying the Same Peer-to-peer Social Media Traditional influence Search measurement advertising via CGC as choice for Focus moved print and digital away from television (limited entertainment competition and view) more on Consumer created consumers Search revenue, Social / niche but will soon environments Consumers as decrease advocates and Channel agnostic brand Social marketing ambassadors responsibility Mobile location (Green practices) Global economic aware focus Accountability Mobile (Shared metrics Video tracking /critical entertainment and interaction importance) DRM-fr*ee Amazon ―Open‖ solutions
  4. 4. KEY Q1 2008 TREND: SOCIAL MEDIA 4
  5. 5. Consumer Revolution Consumers have a voice / venue controlling business and communications descript: Implications: • Ability to monitor vast levels of consumer generated content (multiple platforms will offer clients an added view. Offering consumers a direct channel for interacting with brands will enable stronger communication Concerns on image or paste • Monitor and understand multiple online gpmmbg personas and the multifaceted actions of consumers 5
  6. 6. The Power of Social Search Full-circle consumer influence: Rank/Share views within special interest communities $920 million invested in U.S. social network sites in 2007 up to $1.6 billion expected in 2008 Ad dollars are moving away from keyword advertising Niche targeting in social environments gaining ground Implications: • Understanding the discovery / search experience from the consumer’s perspective. Social groups offer trusted recommendations and have become the REAL influencers in the buying process • Create virtual platforms for engagement as the gateway / driver of influencers 6
  7. 7. Social Media Investments Clients engaging Mass / CGC Social sites and creating their own social communities Implications: • Provide clients with contextual insight gained from creating collaborative environments for consumers • Design/develop highly effective platforms, offer ethnographic immersion/ interactions/monitoring and analysis 7
  9. 9. Digital Viewing Television transitions to online and mobile platforms YouTube opens ad-revenue sharing ―partner program 55% of adult Internet users watch video on devices other than their TV The number of users screening entire shows on the Web has doubled in a year, to 16% of consumers, with 80% saying that Web viewing does not impact how much traditional TV they watch, - Conference Board and TNS Media Intelligence Implications: • Advances in the filtering, monitoring and targeting of digital video both Sponsored and UCG • New possibilities for advertisers 9 Source: ChoiceStream
  10. 10. Integrated platforms, portable media and Consumer Generated Digital Entertainment ―all-in-one‖ devices The future of entertainment downloads is By 2012 a vast amount of free, ad-driven content ―entertaining‖ content will be peer-to-peer Implications: • Multi-platforms require integrated measures for spending and influence • New measure for CGC entertainment Source: Deloitte’s 2007 State of the Media Democracy and 10 Circular Entertainment," Nokia
  11. 11. ADVOCATES, AMBASSADORS and INFLUENCERS Brand Ambassadors generate buzz, influence and link ―friends‖‖ Sony offers advocates products samples, gifts, discounts and token cash payments—anything from $700 worth of free electronics equipment to discounts at local golf courses. Implications: • Ability to understand, measure and predict levels of influence are essential to client strategy • IPR (influence predictability ranking Source: Adweek 11
  12. 12. GLOBAL - Mobile AWARE Opt-in location-aware marketing comes of age Interaction increases digital media (e.g. billboards, print train station ads) 90% of all Japanese have a mobile telephone 4 out of 10 use mobile to surf the Internet Europeans expect phones to be free ―Next frontier will be mobility and location-based services," - Acxiom Implications: • Next frontier will be mobility and location-based services, clients require vast new methods of measurement and monitoring • Opportunities for consumer management (i.e. access 12 panel management) for receiving communications
  13. 13. Open Mobile Google enters the wireless world Geo-specific Ads & Mobile internet devices are Android’s future Google’s offering $10 million in contest prizes to encourage programmers to build new software for the phones Google Maps service - driving directions – Location based ads Implications: • Mobile measures require multiple language and geographic capabilities 13
  14. 14. Any Content Any Device iTunes Movie rentals… Now playing everywhere AT&T new social platforms promote CGC influence US outdoor advertising revenues will continue to rise to $10.2 billion in 2011. Geo web metrics / opening geographical data/ encourages outside firms and programmers to develop applications Implications: • Multiple platforms and Multiple device options require a comprehensive mix of consumer level insight • Data integration / Consumers demand relevance across touch points 14
  15. 15. KEY Q1 2008 TREND: Global Emerging Markets 15
  16. 16. Global Markets: Emerging Growth opportunities in emerging countries are impacted by technology /digital shift in advertising World Ad Spending Growing Faster than U.S. in 2008 Ability to measure without language / demographic barriers will help companies as they adopt a "Mind- shifting‖ global approach to design and market strategy Sales in "BRIC" countries -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- will grow to almost $3 billion in fiscal 2008 ending in June from about $1 billion three years ago. 16
  17. 17. Appendix 17
  18. 18. A Sampling of Sources Used for Monitoring Emerging and Accelerating Trends Additional: Anderson Analytics CMO Council ComScore IBM 18