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2010 global trend report pallino1021


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A look at the trends we followed in 2010

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2010 global trend report pallino1021

  1. 1. MID-YEARTRENDS2010 Can’t scan? Simply go to 1
  2. 2. 5 billion Mobile devices Global will replace PCs as the most Mobile commonConnections web access devices worldwide Source: Gartner and Wireless Intelligence
  3. 3. Trend Mobile: QR Codes “Things” get digital Quick response codes trigger easy connections with anything, anywhere, enabling personal experiences People effortlessly share content / information and learn more about products / services Image source: DC Digital Capital, Orange mobile • 2Tag - 25,000 QR tags with 5000 clickbacks and 3000 click/scan to original urls in just three weeks • Flamingos were “tagged" with stickybits’ barcodes during DCWeek. Scans enabled attendees to leave notes and pictures Business Implications: Immediate perception of brand mCommerce loyalty tool that also retains insight Targeted opportunity - create awareness, differentiate and access influence People: More personalized in-store experience Fun experience Additional details Capture and manage brand facts 3
  4. 4. “Mobile is not optional for us” - Target ExecutiveWeb retailers on average will spend $170,000 in 2010 developing mobile sites Source: Forrester Research and 4
  5. 5. Trend Mobile: Reliance Relevance is mandatory Real-time connections became an essential resource for travelers stranded by ash clouds during the first eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. Facts • Location-based relevant information – when it’s needed the most to become increasingly important • Disruptive air travel stranded millions with the impact of UPDATE 12.30 CET: approx. 4,000 flights to take delays and cancelations affecting travelers on a global place today in European airspace. On a normal scale. • Airlines tweeting steady streams of information Sunday, we would expect 24,000 #euva • Travelers with limited connections use micro blogging to endure the crisis Business Implications: Brands reinforce dedication to service Flexible response scenarios planned People: Sorry only have a 6-12h visibility over air traffic in Europe right now + we dont know final results of test Increased demand to stay in the know flights yet Created a new form of communication and a strong - Paris closed until today 20.00 CET reliance on disparate sources of information Source: Twitter 5
  6. 6. Image source: Sprint 6
  7. 7. Trend Mobile: Loyalty Checks-in Geo-location alters the course Advisor Companies watch as we check-in. Embracing check-ins e.g. Foursquare, people are quickly adopting geo-targeting, intensifying the development of relevant mobile content. • Foursquare has just over 1.9 Million users. Gowalla 340,000 (Techcrunch- 07 July 2010) • Connect-Ability -History Channel unlocks America • Fourwhere integrates tips from Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp Destination-supported implications: Emotional triggers Positive perceptions Educational moments Digital loyalty data Insight for intuitive response 7
  8. 8. Checking In On Foursquare At its current pace, Foursquare’s growth will be tough for Gowalla to equal. Venues: (approximate) Foursquare 5.6 Million Gowalla 1.4 Million 1 in 3 venues on Foursquare have been checked into only once or never. 1 in 4 on Gowalla. Foursquare users are more likely to link to their Facebook account Most popular venue name “Home,” National fast food chains like “McDonald’s” and “Burger King” There are more men than women on foursquare Source: RJMetrics Foursquare took just more than 12 months to reach 1 million users 8
  9. 9. Trend Mobile: Connected Occurrence Mobile experiences are social Intuitive communication will soon be required to create sustainable mobile connections. • 59% of all adult Americans go online wirelessly (May 2010 Pew Mobile Access) • 6 in 10 Americans connect online via mobile or laptop (wireless Internet) Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project • A large number of US mobile users (without smartphones) are open to relevant, location-based text alerts (source: eMarketer) • ESPN’s 2010 FIFA World Cup app 2.5 million downloads • Avg. 1.1 million devices accessing the app each day • Fans Can Become ‘Baristas’ on Foursquare - The brilliance that will be Mobile Twitter @earlybird shares exclusive time- Relevance bound offers “Tablet computers and smartphones are "terribly important“ a large range of devices running Microsoft software will come to market in the near future” Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO 9
  10. 10. "Beyond a Consumerdoubt one of Reports the most engineersbeautiful and confirmed thatprecise things there is a weve ever problem with made“ iPhone4’sSteve Jobs Apple CEO reception 10
  11. 11. Theoretical Scenario: 2012 Olympics Olympic Experience Mobile devices will offer many advantages that have yet to be developed, but one thing is certain. 2012 LONDON will be completely connected • Location supported life-streaming via Foursquare, Twitter or Facebook Places • Tweets/check-ins with specific venues like stadiums or events • Searches can include a particular "Place" and information • ESPN’s mobile properties generated 499 million page views for World Cup contentMobile solutions will take full advantage of 2012Olympics. Fans will rely on mobile connections to MUNIFI - Boris Johnson is certain he can create astay on top of the games and in the moment! connected London. WiFi enabled “Every lamppost and every bus stop" equipped with a router orImagine |•App designed to provide immersive experiences repeater. ( Engadget ) could include partnerships such as ESPN /Coca-Cola – game details, suggestions and beverage locator Business Implications:•Mobile video “my Olympic view” Mobile tags and “allows” will provide extreme levels of•Olympic streak for prizes…win two free beverages detail that will enable smart targeting and intuitive content and details of location near where you are now. Targets drill down to precise levels (e.g. Olympic fan, •More wins could involve NIKE /Adidas/ swimming fan, team USA fan, Phelps fanatic) Speedo for souvenirs at location near you.•GPS and Tags will create useful opportunities to People: manage relevance of messages and timing. Full Olympic experience Personalized experience – My Olympics 11
  12. 12. Trend Mobile: Fusion, Function and Interactivity Disruption of Traditional Channels Laptops and mobile devices continue to replace traditional methods for connecting. (e.g. video viewing, capturing, ebooks, gaming, learning, and social interaction) • 65% of global smartphones connect to the internet every day (PEW) • 47 million + daily mobile internet users in the U.S. (Pew) • 89 million people in the U.S. have used the mobile internet in Image source: Donovan Koch /via Gizmodo the past year (Pew) • 61% of Fortune 500 companies integrate mobile ecommerce /sales (Kony Solutions Inc) • Ease of integration across multiple devices Image source: Apple • Virgin mobile offering free calls to landlines • Skype becoming an important mobile feature • 18% of under-25 social media users check/update Facebook/Twitter before they get out of bed in the AM (Retrevo) Business Implications: Gen Y are seasoned veterans of real-time connectors – high percentages rely on social media Functionality of mobile apps must include service Insistent on seamless mobile viewing People: Access to content they need and want Lead a “location-smart” life
  13. 13. Image source: Apple iPad gallery iPad Numbers: 1 sold every 3 seconds 10 countries (19 by July) 8,500 apps downloaded over 35m times Survey 153 users 83% Surf web 71% Email 33% eBooks Sources: ChangeWave|Engadget live blog of WWDC 2010 Apples iPad…access for business SAP, Tellabs, and Mercedes-Benz have all embraced the use of iPad across their businesses Mercedes-Benz purchased iPad for 40 dealerships for sales related tasks “Envisions finance officials or account representatives using devices like the iPad to approve multimillion-dollar wire transfers” - Amy Johnson, VP, Wells Fargo online portal and mobile strategy
  14. 14. Trend Mobile: Banking Banking NOW Mobile banking could easily impact PC-based financial connections in the US. Regarding CRM-Problem solved. •Mobile purchases of digital, physical goods $200B – 2012 (e.g. Barcoding, and apps) (Juniper) • Global forecasts for mobile payments said to increase in 2010 by 54.5% - 108.6 million*** • 13.2 million people (US) will access accounts via mobile – an increase of 70% in 1 Year ** • 50% or more US mobile users to use mobile banking by 2015* • 4.6 B mobile users live in developing countries and will rely heavily on mobile banking • Tata Teleservices/ mChek microfinance customers in rural India Business Implications: Channels –SMS, browser and app development Loyalty /CRM – garner essential buying behavior People: Magnetic Stripes Are So Last Century Increased service -DailyFinance Attention to privacy Convenience and intuitive purchasing powerSource: *eMarketer, **ComScore and ***Gartner
  15. 15. Trend Mobile: APP Driven Life Business via mobile platforms Companies are moving quickly to expand brand experiences and introduce new services via mobile apps. But, what does Vuvuzela 2010 this mean for web-driven devices? (free app) 3.5 million+ • 33% of active Twitter users share opinions about companies or products, 32% make recommendations (Source: Performics) global • 40% of Smartphone users consult apps (at least) sometimes when downloads making shopping decisions • 32% more inclined to buy from those connecting via apps. (Source: Knowledge networks) • Disney Interactive media had more than 1 million downloads in 2009 • 300,000 downloads of Android apps in just few weeks • Jan - Gartner forecasted worldwide app downloads would surpass 21.6 billion by 2013 Business Implications: iTunes enables businesses to target and connect on personal levels 150 million credit card accounts 5 billion+ downloads via Apple’s app store Analysis of mobile and understanding /use of context defined via mobile interaction Next- Apps for notebooks /tablets, web-based TV and Autos People: Improved use and access to the internet via mobile Adoption of eMobile and social gaming Web-driven devices could disrupt and/or incite a different direction for APPs
  16. 16. Mobile: Not Just Another May and June at Apple •28 June - iPhone 4 sales are over 1.7 Million •22 June - Apple sells 3 Million iPads (80 days) •07 June- Announces iPhone 4 /Safari 5/ iAds •31 May - Apple sells 2 Million iPads (<60 days) •28 May - iPads available in nine more countries •26 May -Apple became the world’s largest technology company •03 May - Apple sells 1 Million iPads Image source: @theappleblog
  17. 17. Trend Mobile: Seamless Experience iAd 1 billion emotional impressions a day iAds will need to be relevant, entertaining and resourceful Smartphone users seem to welcome branded interaction. Depending on the relevance within the content, messages may not even be considered as intrusive ads, but helpful information. • 110,000 people per minute used ESPN’s online and mobile services to access World Cup content (ESPN) • More than 4 billion mobile devices • Mobile ad spend continues rapid growth rates • Mobile ad spend to more than triple by 2014 $7.7billion and > 7% total online marketing (PWC) • Apple anticipates 50% share of mobile ads in the second half of 2010* (appleinsider) • Nissan, Disney, Sears and others committed $60 million for iAds in 2010 The Next Web -Click through rates could be much • Mobile ad spending in Russia is set to jump from $6.4 billion higher with eCPM (Effective cost-per-thousand in 2010 to $22.4B in 2012 (eMarketer) impressions) breaking new ground • Apple mobile ad requests have risen 33% Business Implications: “Ad offers advertisers the emotion of TV with the Integrated mobile data must include sentiment interactivity of the web, and offers users a new way to analysis, performance and usage data collected via explore ads without being hijacked out of their favorite nonintrusive methods apps” Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. Allow users to opt out of personal data collection * Based on JP Morgan, “Nothing But Net—2010 Internet Investment Guide,” January 3, 2010. 17
  18. 18. SHARE 18
  19. 19. Trend Mobile: Whats Now Interact, Drop, Drag, Systematize Mobile interactions will be intuitive, highly resourceful and people will demand relevance • 3 billion mobile users worldwide will be able to make electronic transactions by 2014 (Source: Gartner) • More than 500 million customers (China Mobile) • Globally, mobile data traffic will double every year through 2014(Cisco) • Android’s market share gaining ground on iPhone(ComScore) • Android and iPhone users spend 79-80 min/day (AdMob) • Google is activating 160,000 Android phones every day • YouTube’s redesigned mobile site – HTML5 • 3.4 Billion Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by 2015 (Ericsson) • 40,000+ visits to in-app Mercedes-Benz microsite in 5 weeks (ZuMobi) • Carrabba’s Italian Grill SMS sees 68 % redemption rate (Mobile Commerce) • VoIP agreements will impact usage-based plans (IBM) Business Implications: Leverage OOH to extend brand experiences Create emotional connection with fans. Enable Image source Marketwire personal giving / enhance events (e.g. sports, concerts) People: Typing could be replaced with "Swyping” Swipely turns purchases into conversations among *Source: Eric Schmidt, CEO Google told The Guardian family and friends.
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Trend Mobile: Global Acceleration “Everything becomes a mobile internet device” - SoftBank Source: admob 5 Billion Global Mobile Connections (Source: Wireless Intelligence) •India and China make up 47% of mobile growth Mobile device penetration: •130% in western Europe •Africa 52% Global Mobile Internet Use: •Eastern Europe 123% 92 Countries have generated more than 10 • Softbank…transform lifestyles through the mobile internet – million requests in May • Shops without Wi-Fi compares to shops without air conditioning Region- May 2010 • Next thirty-year vision sites dedication to expand lifestyle tools increase happiness of people through touch .enabled by mobile and remove business and North America 42% geographic boundaries Asia 31% • iPad Developers and Advertisers access new tools from Google’s AdMob Western Europe 10% • Mobile ad spending in Russia could jump from $6.4 billion ( Africa 7% 2010) to $22.4 billion (2012) (Source: eMarketer) Latin America 4% Source: admob, eMarketer, Softbank _Presentation and Next Thirty Year Vision
  22. 22. Trend Mobile: Measurement Differentiated by Transparency Measuring a mobile ecosystem Branded mobile connections promote products and offer service, but they also create personalized content / experiences. • Nonintrusive and observational data collection vital • Multi-screen agendas require useful metrics and integration of data Webtrends ‘ suggests the following key performance indicators: • Mobile cloud services advance • Use of applications • Mobile ads and apps capture meaningful user data • Level of engagement and loyalty • Performance mobile ad networks -TARGET • Adoption of high value activity and transition to customer • Advertisers increased rich media spend 85% in May (Millennial • Retention and sustainable usage Media) • ComScore well positioned within mobile analytics M:Metrics and now Nexius (ComScore) GSMA and comScore have partnered with O2, Vodafone, Orange, T- Mobile and 3UK - GSMA Mobile Media Metrics (MMM) “A pioneering census-level solution for mobile media reporting” Business Implications: GSMA supports a common mobile media currency Advanced methods of data collection that include naturally captured data (e.g. behaviors, attitudes and experiences) Payment models and applicable direct measurement evolving “Mobile phones now offer a utility for us Augmented Reality requires more functional metrics to better interact and transact” Ability to make near real-time adjustments Saj Cherian, principal at Valhalla Partners
  23. 23. Implications:•Social media will have an increasingly important role in how people connect, access and share current information and news•Prepare for and expect high volumes of traffic during major world events or risk declining levels of confidence Source:
  24. 24. Trend Social: One Hundred and Ten Billion Global Minutes Time spent on social/blog sites As we envisioned, the adoption of social connections is extraordinary. The results of all this connectedness…world changing disruption of everything. •The world spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites •Decision making - revolutionized •Borders - erased •Roles – redefined This presents quite a challenge for brands, as •Social media is dominate factor for internet usage in Asia they develop real-time platforms, to expand Pacific (Nielsen) brand experiences and introduce new services . • Korea ‘s Naver, attracts 95 percent of the Korean internet population monthly (Nielsen) •The most popular social brands online are Facebook and YouTube. In Brazil, the list includes Orkut, a social networking site owned by Google. •Brazil – 86% of people online visit social networks Business Implications: Identify key triggers for seeding back into the social graph… Action not Interest! The result…fresh and compelling dialogues that will naturally influence people World Cup 2010 Twitter Visualization via Lead-Follow-Listen-Learn-Respond- Rinse- Repeat 24 Source: The Nielsen Company *Global refers to AU, BR, CH, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK & USA only
  25. 25. Trend Social: Pick-Me!Foundation of social media... All things real - think people-to-people. People want brands to be social and yes… friends When people invest their time and attention… response required - an authentic reaction will motivate powerful butt interest • Tremendous potential - people identify facebook as a good place to find information about companies • People think Facebook is a good way to get information about companies and products (ROI Research) • Even the most simplistic manner of interaction helps people to feel of value to brands • Relevance is crucial and ensures ideal interaction…designed “Social networking has greatly contributed to the shift from to incite positive extensions of a brand’s experiences. strict consumerism to more lively, two-way participation between brands and everyday customers” Daina Middleton, CEO of Performics, Business Implications: VirtueThe Evaluator shows an actual media value, truly putting an ROI on social media efforts Leverage people-to-people...enable these natural connections within a branded social media space Don’t just Broadcast- respond from time to time “Pick me” Make time for conversation with less interruption Identify the right time and place to nurture dialogues, take care not to disrupt the natural process of discussion
  26. 26. Trend Social: Unlimited People-To-People People want to be connected. Community is now a virtual way of life Social aggregators have a significant role in creating useable combinations from disparate sources of social connections •Facebook could impact Orkut’s share in India (Nielsen) •People are more likely to follow /fan a company/Brand if friends also fan/ follow (ROI Research) •“A Culture of Sharing” Charlene Li • A natural process of engagement is essential for supporting evolving dialogues Business Implications: Global companies need to approach developing markets with complete openness to social interaction that does not recognize traditional borders Consumers have become an inherent part of the entire business model and the heart of communication Interest based connections – targeted by action
  27. 27. Twitter: Now the Worlds Fastest Growing Search Engine 800 million queries a day
  28. 28. Trend Social: Immersive Experiences People plunge in Emotional connections are created when people are immersed in the process and the occasion •Connecting with people via social media helps them to feel more involved and in real-time •Brands must form an attachment through an ongoing emotional connection •Bring people into their organization…partners standing Benziger Family Winery is a superb example of a brand that side by side…plunged into every aspect of the process immerses people in the experience. Visit their website, through immersive experience Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube account or get their app •Improve everywhere brings a bit of the movie to life for your mobile device. •Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) launched a framework to guide social media measurement in the UK You feel a part of their program as much as a winemaker or vineyard laborer on the estate. Business Implications: It’s not enough to just courteously chat. People must feel, from top to bottom, immersed in the experience (Attention + Emotion)*(Connecting + Sharing) = They take you from the winery to the vineyard and completely Performance immerse you in the: who, what, where, when, why and how of everything Benziger. 28
  29. 29. Trend Social: Wherewithal Click for Video People are conditioned to deal with business, media and government People will drive change and must be understood from an extremely personal perspective •51% Of Chinese netizens actively participate in social networking(TNS) •Facebook- More than 500 million active users •50% of active users log on any given day •Average user has 130 friends •People spend over 500 billion minutes per month (Facebook) Fueled by passion •09 Revenue Neared $800 Million (Reuters) Justified •People communicate using a combination of methods. Strengthened by Friends •Intent to communicate on broad levels has never been stronger •The average value of a Facebook Fan in NA is $136.38 (Loyalty accounts for almost half ) (eMarketer) •Intel leverages passion for innovation via their Intel Insiders Initiatives (Intel) Business Implications: Agility - Brand’s new role is service, resourceful provider and enabler… sustainable connections will follow Consumers have the edge –disrupting traditional business and demanding attention to their needs. Prosperous markets are increasingly controlled by people Implication for change is massive!
  30. 30. Trend Social: Shopping “Like“ builds sales by socializing the shopping experience Even the most traditional of marketers seek to socialize shopping experiences. TNS ICAP – expanding vast retail expertise to include the digital life of shoppers (tns-icap) •35% of US online marketers have added a “like” button (eMarketer) •69% of online shoppers regularly use social media sites (ForeSee Results) •Edgy products and services seek to identify unmet consumer needs •e-commerce sales will grow to $624.17 billion in 2020 (Goldman Sachs) •Facebook accounts for 8.59% of all U.S. users visits to web sites. (Hitwise) •Target has more than 1 million followers on Facebook •Foursquare shoppers check-in at Ann Taylors’ New York City stores receive 15% off their full-price purchase. Mayors get 25% off of non- sale items after 5 check-ins. Business Implications: Adopt technologies that add new platforms for messages and support the collection of real context and behavioral data Omniture SearchCenter Plus, allowing marketers to measure, manage and optimize targeted display advertising buys on Facebook
  31. 31. Understanding the role of online in the consumer journey IAB Euro has teamed up with Google and TNS Infratest to offer the Consumer Commerce Barometer A FREE tool that provides internet purchase insight (buy/search) across 27 countries and 36 product categories
  32. 32. Trend Social: People and Privacy Our issues with “privacy” may be changing Privacy, once a major concern, has become of less importance as we seek to connect and engage •Microsoft and Facebook make life easier by connecting Facebook to Outlook, but not without attention to privacy •May 31 2010 offered a strong suggestion of how “privacy” is across social networks “We built the Outlook Social Connector with privacy and •Displeased Facebook users encouraged a mass security in mind.” The information people share is a exodus , yet less than 20,000 signed up and out personal choice, so its up to you to determine what you •Photo and image tagging is becoming a natural part of social sharing share, and with whom. (Microsoft) Business Implications: Privacy could become a key factor in the adoption of social credit initiatives like App2User credits on Facebook Personalized and relevant communications via interactive channels enable optimization, channel Privacy and discretion in the intrusive integration, and in-depth memory reality of the instant connection @ ErnieLaCoste
  33. 33. People LOVE to play
  34. 34. Trend Social: In "Social” Time Marketing in an ever-changing media landscape Effective People jump in the line and/or start their own line Leveraging social connections creates a supply of consistent energy feeding a system of knowledge and interaction •Facebook fans spend, on average, $71.84 more than non-fans over a two-year period •Loyalty (meaning ability to influence and promote brand loyalty within a target audience) -- Facebook fans are 28% more likely to continue using a brand than consumers who are not fans on Facebook •Propensity to recommend -- 68% of fans are "very likely" to recommend a product to family and friends (as opposed to 28% of non-fans) Mini Keeps Passion Alive •Brand affinity -- 81% of fans feel a connection to the brand (versus only 39% of non-fans) (Syncapse) Business Implications: Participatory communication requires brands to develop real-time platforms and intuitive content/dialogue strategies that works along side of analytics Social and search combine to become the "new metric” Digital media teams - support an integrated approach for measuring effectiveness. Metrics positioned to articulate dwell, share, sentiment and behavior analysis
  35. 35. Trend Social: Connections The art of conversation Companies have learned to avoid intrusive sales-like dialogues; stimulating interest with images, ideas and news that is truly important to their audience • Be careful not to disrupt the natural process of communication , links or connections to like-minded individuals. This natural process of influence creates a learning opportunity and brings key variables of influence into view • The recent Old Spice “RESPONSES” project is a brilliant example of conversation driven connections. It’s not enough to simply have millions of followers or likes… RESPOND to understand the benefits of real dialogues. Starbucks- Ten Million + Fans • Questions that provoke an emotional response/connection offer extreme levels of insight and form stronger –trusted bonds. • Example: Disney asks “ What is you favorite memory, character , celebration” …thousands of endearing People are willing to follow, join branded company responses pages, comment on posts and share their opinions about products and services. (eMarketer Study) Business Implications: Inclusive view of personal style and behavior Captive audience / personalized experiences Visualize and refine direction as new ideas will emerge Measurement must include full lifecycle with context People Memories are provoked, flooding social spaces with Outlet for creativity, genuine perceptions and multiple points of devoted anecdotes and enduring emotional ties. participation -Touching the process through real dialogues
  36. 36. Case Study: Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi Wineries are investing more in online activities restyling online, mobile platforms and paying close attention to the people that love their products Social environments are a great place to connect with people. Through natural dialogues; Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi introducesSharing a-way-of-life integrated across all platforms their products, services and a way of life. At the same time they discover more about the role their wines play in the lives of people around the world. Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi suggests: Identify the right communities “We are trying to be closer to the consumer...meeting Use language that is easy to understand them in new places like social networks, trying to speak a language easy to be understood and offering content Interaction, conversation and engagement that is in-line with what they are looking for” are very important… try to include these Filippo Marini,Group Marketing Manager- elements Marchesi de Frescobaldi
  37. 37. A Visual Look at the Ten Principles of Facebook
  38. 38. Trend Social: Disruptive Models Traditional business patterns are obsolete The ability to apply smart targeting will secure sustainable advantages •Rumor – Google Me could be unwelcome news for Facebook •Facebook lets you find friends and then identify shared interests •Kiss My Bundt- a Los Angeles bakery uses more than 2000 Twitter followers and 1,000 Facebook fans for new ideas and quick feed back Kiss My Bundt •Walt Disney World asked "Got a favorite snack at the parks" 20 mins + more than 1300 comments = real-time feedback Relevance ensures ideal interaction and positive •Other quires garner more than 6000 responses extensions of a brand’s experiences. I support an •86% of the social networking users have come across a negative integrated approach for measuring digital comment on a brand online(TNS) marketing effectiveness. Business Implications: Deeper sources of market data—like social media—for success metrics Leverage every resource effectively Metrics should be positioned to articulate dwell, share, sentiment and behavior analysis, and a level of personalization exhibited Open social aggregators will allow people to track friends and family regardless of preferred platforms
  39. 39. June 2010All Comments (176,409+)Video Responses (1237+)
  40. 40. Trend Video: Online Advances Creating new viewing experiences Viewing experience will continue to evolve and challenge businesses to offer a hybrid of content and communication options • YouTube - more than two billion downloads per day (ZDNET) • By 2014- (Cisco) •The sum of all forms of video will continue to exceed 91% of global consumer internet traffic •Global online video will approach 57 % consumer internet traffic Business Implications: Set-top box products replaced with embedded software in CE devices “Live TV” will innovate IP video technology to meet the challenges of multiple device viewing Options for viewing via multiple devices will continue to grow and require advanced analytics Online Video, VOD, Life-stream / P2P and TV Traditional screens will develop into extreme viewing
  41. 41. Kantar VideolyticsTM captures viewer interaction to analyze engagement Kantar VideolyticsTM Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Was the video actually received by the intended audience What was the quality of the delivery How long users watch your videos (Video Play Through) Which segments of the video are replayed Which ads are viewed and clickedEcho Video combines data sets for optimal How the users interacted with the videos -viral video analytics started, stopped, skipped segments, etc. How your video is syndicated across theEcho Video looks behavioral and buzz data - internet• Reach• User sentiment towards the video and the How profitable each video is brand(s)• Behavior of searchers• Subsequent actions (e.g. Site visit and share)
  42. 42. Trend Video: Connectors Video forms enduring emotional connections Well positioned video increases brand awareness and creates positive perceptions across social environments • People watch 13 billion videos on YouTube each month. (ComScore) • Facebook users are currently watching 2 billion videos every month (Facebook) • Ustream empowers everyone • Shared viewing experiences will connect people and define stronger emotional connections to content Cisco’s The Connected Life Business Implications: Performance-based decisions that include behavior and I’m Morgan and channel preferences and levels of engagement needed you’re watching Cisco Medianet adds intelligence to business IP Network “MY” Service providers must pay attention to changing consumer needs Eyewonder AdVolve cloud-based interact ive measurement People Video solutions that make it easy to “LIFE-STREAM” Opportunities to personalize video viewing experiences
  43. 43. Trend Video: Cross Platform Viewing Video will dominate IP traffic growth Online video content encourages sharing, interactivity, and more importantly engagement. •Video – more than 91% of global consumer IP traffic by 2014. (CISCO) •Americans would choose the Internet over TV if they could only access one of the two (Hitwise_US) •ESPN World Cup 4.4 billion online minutes -semifinals. Old Spice is talking directly to fans! Responding via YouTube • 110,000 people per minute monitored World Cup action with engaging Old Spice dialogue. ~ Thanks @TheEllenShow during the tournament for "Massaging my ears with your compliment laden twitter •Nike Write the Future almost 20 M YouTube views prose“ and offering proposal of marriage for Johannes S. • Adidas - Star Wars™ Cantina 2010 almost 4 M YouTube views Beals - within one hour of his tweet the video was uploaded (More than 38,000 views) Business Implications: More targeted audience opportunity for less intrusive connection Influence social sharing of content by creating personalized experiences Meaningful analysis of interaction “where” offers context People NIKE WRITE THE FUTURE - Nike needed a perfect opportunity Personalization and control of viewing experience to strengthen the swoosh as a global force in Football. Nike tried to capitalize on the significance of individual viewing Less concern about recording / dvr moments, how they really do stimulate global Easy to share and embed video content connections…and perhaps “WRITE” the world.
  44. 44. Cross-Platform Integration Mr. Mustafa aka: “Old Spice Man” Responded in near real-time, often less than an hour, to questions posted via Twitter and Facebook on July 13th and 14th 65 response videos 5.2 million+ views on YouTube The Old Spice Channel “most viewed” July 13 Twitter followers grew from 3,000 to 48,000 (New York Times) “4 Billion times a day P&G brands touch people around the world” Procter & Gamble’s integrated approach to entertaining content was aimed at women, as research suggested women purchase as much as 70% of shower gel for men in their household (P&G)
  45. 45. THEN – 2008 - multi-screen video NOW – 2010 – LIVE and SOCIAL Globally, mobile data traffic to double every year through 2014, increasing 39 times between 2009-2014 (Cisco)
  46. 46. Trend Video: Destiny of The Games Compelling experiences that create strong emotional connections Gaming – The personal level of interaction within epic action-role playing games are so immersive that the player knows he is the HERO of his game. • America’s Pre-Order July 2010 -NCAA Football 11 Xbox 360 ,PlayStation 3 total 183,000 (VG CHARTZ) • Rumor - Google looking into Social Gaming • Google -504,703,000 unique visitors on May 23 (Pac-Man) (Wolfram Alpha) • Google Pac-Man consumed 4,819,352 hours of time in 1 day (Rescue Time) • CDC China has more than 160 million registered users (CDC CHINA) • DC Universe online subscription $14.99 per mo. Business Implications: Content designed to support “share” and data collection Continued growth of massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORP) Gaming devices playing a stronger role as content providers People Real-Life role -Companies like Blizzard are increasingly involving players in development and service of the game
  47. 47. Trend Video: Solutions Innovative tools for competitive advantages Business use of video tools has clearly produced advantages. Opportunities provide rich experiences that support collaborative business design and competitive advantages. Image source: myciscocommunity • Cisco Prosumer Video for business – Flip camera content can go to a central site for edit. • ComScore Video Metrix® provides the transparent, end- to-end video measurement • U.S. Internet users watched nearly 34 billion videos in May •Google Sites -top video property with 14.6 billion videos •Hulu ranked second with 1.2 billion view .Microsoft Sites ranked third with 642 million •Vevo with 430 million •Viacom Digital with 347 million (Cisco) Business Implications: Support collaborative projects for rapid growth New digital ad models to support social triggers People Quick and easy editing of video content 47 Enable content to connect on other screens/devices.
  48. 48. Trend Video: Social People + Live Video… Everyday life in live video People FLIP, Capture and Stream their way of life •Google Sites -top video property with 14.6 billion videos •43.1% of all videos viewed online • YouTube accounted for the vast majority of videos viewed at the property •Ustream empowers everyone to connect •The Panasonic Communication Camera TY- CC10W has four built-in microphones that provide directional sound. (The New York Times ) •Skype on new Panasonic / Samsung screens Business Implications: Live video – immersive experience can alter perception Enable personal, social, and interactive capabilities Support adoption of advanced video service Emotional attachment to live video creates sustainable connections People “One-to-Many” sharing of personal video content Life-sharing enablers Image source: Karen Kavett
  49. 49. Intuitively understand what I want to viewRecall my favorite viewing mode...color/soundConnect with others, as they are watchingInteract with and/or suggest shows to friends inreal-time Allow me to purchase or get info seamlesslyduring viewing
  50. 50. Unilever Integrates Digital Media Not only are we investing more – we are investing smarter as well… Our advertising quality continues to improve and we are actively embracing the move into new media, with our digital communication spend up by 90% in the quarter. Unilever 2010 Q1 Results 73 cities on Jan. 1,2010 17 million viewers - sent more than 6.4 million greetings More than 4.3 million users received greetings (Converget) Leading new and emerging media… “In China, for example, 100 million people took part in a viral campaign run by our Lipton brand to celebrate the Chinese New Year” Paul Polman CEO Unilever AGM speech, 2010
  51. 51. Trend Measurement: Quick Decisions Made Here Observe What do we do now? Measure Data visualization tools enable a comprehensive, easy to Examine navigate path for immediate modifications Quantify Refine Measure/Refine (Again) Then observe…one influencing/tiny comment Observe -Disruption Repeat Carrot Search Circles is an interactive visualization of hierarchical data structures Groups of documents Network domains
  52. 52. Trend Measurement: Useable Data Disciplines evolve to make better use of technology 62 percent of CMO’s plan on “improving customer segmentation and targeting” (CMO Council) •Creating Custom Advanced Segmentation via (Google) •Hyve NetnographyInsights© guides sensitive learning (Hyve) •Xplus One innovating data analysis with “Bring your own data” (Xplusone) •TRA — Received $18.2M in Series C funding from Intel ng a BYOD campaign? Capital, WPP, and Arbitron Investment Arm •Measure what is defined as VALUE to consumers Business Implications: Synchronize analytics with learning and need for real-time content &trends feed Netnography as an innovative market- Simplify, filter and nurture what is most relevant to decision research tool delivered much more making than just insights: In an idea-workshop, Think about how data will be used and integrated before together with identified lead-users, we collecting. What are the opportunities to create a system for collected and constructed amazing using data across several disciplines product ideas.” Feed stimuli Stimulate ideas Dr. Anne Grünhagen, Molkerei Alois Create direction and intelligent response Müller, Hyve The challenge is within the lack of context. Social places have to allow for a very natural expression of the user
  53. 53. Visualization of Tweets duringthe MTV Movie Awards [Click]
  54. 54. Trend Measurement: Audience Centered Online Experience Capabilities, consumers and competition Integrated capabilities offers global digital content providers useful intelligence • Advertisers, agencies and publishers are seeing an increase in online display over 2009; +27.4 % +20 % and +60 % • Targeting is being used for both branding and direct response objectives • Audience targeting has helped the majority of publishers increase revenue; 71.7 % of publishers offer audience targeting • Agencies are more likely than advertisers to employ the full array of audience targeting capabilities (Audience Science) • Identify patterns and similarities/abrupt changes • Understanding how people consume content • How content persuades behavior requires a fully integrated approach Audience Science is accessing 200 billion data insights into 386 million people worldwide Sample Data Source: Brea Keating, Audience Science
  55. 55. CASE STUDY: Audience Science Creates Useable Insight Targeting proves beneficial for every stage of business and essential for creating Partnering with other data effective content and connections providers offers integrated targeting qualified prospects and relevant messages Audience Science’s Audience Gateway for Advertisers™ allowed a Multi-channel home furnishings retailer to explore customers’ on site activity. Custom audience segments were used to design relevant content and messages Data included: Search, pages , categories viewed, and shopping cart abandonment as captured from the retailer’s online site Results: ROI Improved by 160% Custom audience segments outperformed Site Re-Targeting by 185% 225% increase in ROI for Kitchen Enthusiasts segment
  56. 56. Thomas J. Watson became a part of IBM in 1914 [Computer-Tabulating Recording Company]"Thought," he says, "has been the father of every advance since time began” Imagine what advancements can be made now that “thought” can be collected and shared
  57. 57. Trend Business: Connected Businesses Cope with Change Decisions made quickly even Please, don’t simply broadcast messages… in the event of uncertainty Creative mindset has become the most important element of success. Creating and sustaining connections enables the flow of inventive stimuli, and direction to face the complex global environments • Passion has to be fueled • Must have a clear view of global differences / perspective • Actionable sentiment analysis • Context from mobile connections Foursquare Yelp Gowalla essential to creating meaningful messages • Include purchase behavior from banking via mobile , influence of location and tags “Whats the first attraction you • Serious view and information that must be retained to refine future interaction/messages/ offering remember riding” • Mixpanel is a real-time analytics service that helps companies Disney World has more than 1.7 million understand how users interact with web applications fans on facebook. This particular query harvested more than 6,000 comments and 900+ likes. Business Implications: Make sense of social insight to develop products/services Engaged co-creators construct wider/deeper/loyal process (non- intrusive stimuli and collection of data needed) "We are down to just four countries where we arent the leading social Refined R&D and seamless integration of marketing network." Mark Zuckerberg. Vertical solutions and professional services expertise Connections are tremendous, but without response you may not 58 be engaged
  58. 58. Look Inside: Coca-Cola 5000 conversations take place every day about Coca-Cola via Social media outlets Source: The Coca-Cola Company. Investors. pdfs. investor_relations_overview 2010
  59. 59. BE SOCIAL IBM Manyeyes 60
  60. 60. Trend Business: A Cloudy Life Integration of everyday life Device agnostic connections will require advanced systems of cyberspace-based platforms • EyeWonder - AdVolve “Intelligent creative optimization tool” and EyeOne ”Next-generation cloud-based interactive ad platform” • Borderless networks • True collaboration • Via video and virtualization • SaaS validates the Cloud (Gigaom) • Diverse systems to work together offering advanced security, privacy, and quality of service • Dell is partnering with Microsoft to support "Azure” Business Implications: Performance-based decisions that include behavior and channel preferences Cloud-based interactive measurement quickly aligns with consumer needs Cloud technology will really help small business compete Cross-Company collaboration will be achieved People Consumers will ensure the cloud offers value
  61. 61. Trend Business: Experience Savoir-Faire Brands broaden in-person engagement Bring new products to life and reintroduce existing products within creative new environments • Apple retail store insists on personal shopping • Appointments are made with specialist offering one-to- one interaction • Full experience for people and great learning for Apple Disney sprinkles a little magic everywhere! 20 new stores in the US and Europe redesigned using multimedia technology, interactive storytelling and more."This is truly an immersive, one-of-a-kind retail experience for children and families that only Disney could deliver" Jim Fielding, president of Disney Store Worldwide
  62. 62. Trend Business: Fanatical Personalization Accept and encourage personalization of branded content Strengthens emotional connection to brands and instantly motivates sharing of content • The process of creation forms a truly emotional connection • Embrace the age of “all things me” • Coca-Cola has more than 7 million Facebook fans • More than 6,000 Coke fans have downloaded their personal image of the brand (FB) • Threadless selects and prints hundreds of awesome new tee shirt designs every year • Last year, Threadless awarded over one million dollars to artists around the world (Threadless facebook page) Business Implications: Ability to visualize products in new ways Involvement in the creation of “my brand” supports strong loyalty and sharing Ideal opportunities to connect with people, applaud and share their passion with others
  63. 63. Trend Business: Open Co-creation Customized Interfaces for Electric Vehicles Deeply immersed business models Companies have the ability to build their own channels of insight with access to diverse audiences at any given time. A collective process will have an effect on mindset, resources and infrastructure • Environments must be conditioned to perform and respond to a rapid pace of change • Innocentive and Quirky are product development models that nurture the creation process with the advantages of crowds • Creative leaders support innovation with much higher levels of success • Absolute co-creation is realized by presenting the ability to share experiences and exchange ideas in real-time Business Implications: A powerful partner ecosystem will support collaborative strategy Consumers have unique potential for co-creating unforeseen value (Collaboration and Co-creation: New Platforms for Marketing and Innovation. Gaurav Bhalla (Author) with Deanna Lawrence and Gabriela Head. Springer 2010
  64. 64. Trend Business: Collaborative Design Immersive learning powers innovation The dynamics of collaboration and open innovation have changed the way companies prepare, design and think about business MIT Living Labs adds dimension to learning through “interdisciplinary-expert” experiences in real living environments . gridSMART– Enables consumers to make Advantages: Expansive designs and direction for smart energy decisions responding within ever-changing world. “Oh, we didn’t think of that moments” Business Implications: Dow Chemical has adopted a collaborative Inclusive / immersive learning approach for designing better products and Accurate course for innovation and messaging bolstering competitive advantages. Dows People Ventures & Business Development Business has created “Collaborate to Innovate”. Products and services that included multiple disciplines and perceptions Initiatives encourage intelligent partnerships and an involved perspective. Advancements that are thought-out and truly tested