Digital Marketing Summit 2013 (Mobile Era section on Mar 13th 2013)


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- Evolution
- Trend
- Mobile Marketing
- Recommendation for Brands

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Digital Marketing Summit 2013 (Mobile Era section on Mar 13th 2013)

  1. 1. 2013  Mobile  Era  
  2. 2. Content  •  Mobile  Technology  Evolu1on   –  Mobile  Telecom  Standard   –  Mobile  Phone   •  Current  Market  Situa1on  •  Mobile  Telecom  Ecosystem  •  Mobile  Trend  2013  •  Mobile  Marke1ng  •  Some  advice  for  brands  •  Key  terms  that  we  should  know  
  3. 3. Mobile  Technology  Evolu9on  
  4. 4. Smartphone  reached  30%  market   share  in  2011  
  5. 5. Android  became  dominant   smartphone  OS  
  6. 6. Bigger  and  Bigger (Display  size)  
  7. 7. SMS  Marke9ng  
  8. 8. Mobile  VAS  (Before  Appeconomy  Era)    
  9. 9. SMS  Marke9ng   hCp://­‐SMS-­‐service.html  hCp://  
  10. 10. Current  Market  Situa9on  
  11. 11. Mobile  Market  Share   (Q3  2012)   Source  :   Non  voice  revenue  is  growing  up   (Q3  2012)   Source  :  
  12. 12. (Nov   2011)   Source   :  we  are  social     but   now   Mobile  S u b s c r i b e r s   i n  Thailand   is   around  81M  
  13. 13. Mobile  Telecom  Ecosystem  
  14. 14. Mobile  Telecom  Ecosystem     (Before  2007)  
  15. 15. The  9pping  point…  
  16. 16. Current  Mobile  Telecom  Ecosystem   Carrier   Applica1on   Stores   Hardset  Vendor   OS  Providers   3rd  Party  Players  
  17. 17. Mobile  Trend  2013  
  18. 18. Mobile  Trend  2013  •  Mobile  Device  BaCles  •  Mul1  Screen  World  •  Apps  &  HTML  5  •  Responsive  Web  Design  •  Personal  Cloud  •  Internet  of  Things  •  Mobile  Payment  •  The  rising  of  Mobile  Apps     from  Thai  Startups  
  19. 19. Mobile  Device  BaTles  Mobile  devices  will  pass   Consumeriza1on  drives  PCs  to  be  most  common   tablets  into  the  enterprise  Web  access  tools  
  20. 20. The  New  Mul9-­‐Screen  World  
  21. 21. The  New  Mul9-­‐Screen  World  
  22. 22. Apps  &  HTML  5  With  the  convenience  introduced  by  HTML  5,  it  will  be  the  preferred  standard  for  applica1on  design  and  development  
  23. 23. Responsive  Web  Design  Responsive  design  is  becoming  the  go-­‐to  way  to  present  web-­‐based  content.  Designing   specifically   for   every   device   in   the   world   is   nothing   short   of  impossible   and   this   alterna1ve   proves   to   be   a   very   reliable   op1on   to   allow  content  to  be  consistent  across  plaWorms.    Prepare  to  make  your  own  website  fluid  because  the  number  of  people  who  access   the   internet   from   tablets   and   smartphones   are   growing   at   a  skyrocke1ng  pace.  
  24. 24. Personal  Cloud  Cloud  will  be  center  of  digital  lives,  for  apps,  content  and  preferences.  Sync  across  devices.  Services  become  more  important;  devices  become  less  important.   hCp://­‐cloud-­‐solu1ons-­‐own-­‐your-­‐data/17930  
  25. 25. Internet  of  Things  Mobile  devices  and  computers  will  not  be  the  only  ones  connected  anymore,  as  we  slowly  see  the  rise  of  smart  homes  the  internet  of  things  will  be  an  inevitable  part  of  our  future.   hCp://­‐solu1ons/internet-­‐of-­‐things/  
  26. 26. Recommended  Book  hCp://  
  27. 27. Mobile  Payment   hCps://  
  28. 28. Mobile  Payment                                          mPOS  (Mobile-­‐Point-­‐of-­‐Sale)                                          has  come  to  Thailand     What  does  it  mean  for  Thai  people?  
  29. 29. Mobile  Payment   hCp://  
  30. 30. The  rising  of  Mobile  Apps    from  Thai  Startups  ShopSpot   Symbols  of  Style  
  31. 31. The  rising  of  Mobile  Apps    from  Thai  Startups   Wongnai  
  32. 32. The  rising  of  Mobile  Apps    from  Thai  Startups   Privepass  
  33. 33. What  does  it  mean  for   Thai  Digital  Marketers?  Thai  Startups   Digital  Marketers  
  34. 34. Mobile  App  business  Models  Pay  per  download   In  app  purchase   Adver9sement    
  35. 35. In  App  Purchase  
  36. 36. In  App  Purchase  
  37. 37. The  meaning  of    Top  Chart  on  Appstore  
  38. 38. Mobile  Marke9ng  
  39. 39. Mobile  Marke9ng  •  Mobile  Search  Ads  •  Real  1me  bidding  (RTB)  •  Rich  Media  Ads  •  Facebook  Mobile  Ads  •  Loca1on-­‐Based  Marke1ng  •  Campaign  with  QR  Code  •  Mobile  with  Print  Ads    •  Interac1ve  Catalogue  App  •  NFC  with  Mobile  Ads  •  Branded  Mobile  Applica1on  •  Co-­‐Campaign  
  40. 40. Worldwide  Mobile  Adver9sing  Revenue   to  Reach  $11.4  Billion  in  2013  
  41. 41. Set  up  your    Who  is  your    Target  group?  Define  Clear    
  42. 42. Define  “Call  to  Ac9on”  
  43. 43. Mobile  Search  and  Ad  Placement    
  44. 44. Mobile  Search  Ads  Deliver  relevant  ads  based  on  keywords  (Generic/Brand  Keyword)   Text  Ads   Call  Extensions  
  45. 45. Mobile  Search  Ads   Click  to  download  
  46. 46. Mobile  Search  Ads   Loca9on  Extension  
  47. 47. Real  9me  Bidding  (RTB)  Method  of  selling  and  buying  online  display  adver1sing  with  instant  auc1on.  Adver1sers  can  get  more  access  and  more  targe1ng.  
  48. 48. Understand  Many  factors   •  Demographic  of  your   target  users   •  Business  Industries   •  Crea1ve  Ads       •  Bigger  isn’t  always  beCer   for  mobile  ad  clicks  In  order  to  maximize  the  features  and  func9onality  of  each  device,  mobile     Adver9sers  should  build  different  crea9ve  for  different  screen  sizes.     “Keep  monitoring  and  op9miza9on”  
  49. 49. Mobile  Rich  Media  Ads  
  50. 50. Mobile  Rich  Media  Ads  
  51. 51. Mobile  Rich  Media  Ads  
  52. 52. Mobile  Rich  Media  Ads  
  53. 53. Mobile  Rich  Media  Ads  Perfume  Launch  by  Lancome   Average  Engagement     Time  ~  3mins     Call  to  Ac1on       “Save   invita1on”   +   “Share   on   Facebook”       Click-­‐through  rate  (CTR)     75%   higher   than   the   industry   average  
  54. 54. Mobile  Rich  Media  Ads  Nokia   Lumia   engages   smartphone   users   with   direct  interac9on  from  the  actual  device  interface   Winner   at   the   Australian   mobile   awards  2012     Average  Click-­‐through  rate  (CTR)     0.82%,   with   a   peak   of   1.39%   Engagement  levels       Average  Visit  Dura1on   2min  20sec  for  every  unique  visit       Average  %  of  new  visitors     79.3%,   achieving   the   goal   to   expose   the  product  to  new  customers  on  an   ongoing  basis.  
  55. 55. Mobile  Rich  Media  Ads  Drive  awareness  of  the  Audi  Q3  by  Audi   Peak  Click-­‐through  rate  (CTR)     1.025%     Average  Click-­‐through  rate  (CTR)   0.67%     5%   of   consumers   clicked   through   to   download  a  brochure  and  7%  clicked   through   to   the   m-­‐site   for   more   informa1on.  
  56. 56. Facebook  Mobile  Ads  
  57. 57. Facebook  Mobile  Ads   Sponsored  Stories   Promote  user  generated  content   including  likes,  status  updates,  and   Open  Graph  stories.  
  58. 58. Facebook  Mobile  Ads   Sponsored  Stories  
  59. 59. Facebook  Mobile  Ads   Page  Post  Ads,  Promoted  Post   Help   you   reach   a   broader   audience   with   the   content   you   post   to   your   brand’s   Page.  (Photos,  Offer,  Ques1ons,  Videos  or   events)     Page   Post   Ads   -­‐   can   be   targeted   to   non-­‐ fans       Promoted   Post   -­‐     can   be   shown   only   to   fans  and  friends  of  fans,  
  60. 60. Facebook  Mobile  Ads   Page  Post  Ads,  Promoted  Post  
  61. 61. Facebook  Mobile  Ads  Mobile  App  Install  Ads   Mobile  app  install  ads  help   developers   reach   people   on   mobile   devices.   When   people   click   on   the   ad   on   the   mobile   device,   they   will  be  directed  to  the  App   Store   or   Google   Play   to   install  the  app.  
  62. 62. Facebooks  news  feed  redesign  is   mobile  consistency   What  does  it  mean  for  Digital  Marketers?  
  63. 63. Loca9on-­‐based  Marke9ng  
  64. 64. Loca9on  Based  Marke9ng  hCp://­‐to-­‐lbs/  
  65. 65. Loca9on  Based  +  AR  
  66. 66. Redefine    Loca9on  Based  Marke9ng     by  technology     hCp://­‐15-­‐36-­‐37.jpg  
  67. 67. Touch  Point   QR  Code   Marker   Image    Recogni1on  
  68. 68. QR  Code   hCp://­‐that-­‐ square-­‐using-­‐qr-­‐codes-­‐for.html  Provide   a   QR   code   instead,   the   user   can   easily   scan   the   digital  informa1on  from  the  printed  page  and  go  directly  to  the  link,  
  69. 69. Campaign  with  QR  Code   Virtual  Store   hCp://­‐most-­‐crea1ve-­‐people-­‐in-­‐adver1sing-­‐2012-­‐7?op=1  hCp://­‐virtual-­‐store-­‐thailand/   hCp://­‐c-­‐virtual-­‐shop-­‐in-­‐bangkok/   What  is  the  key  success  factor  of  this  case?  
  70. 70. Mobile    Print  Ads  hCp://   hCp://­‐adver1sing-­‐campaign-­‐magazine-­‐ speak-­‐trident-­‐by-­‐adapter/  
  71. 71. Mobile    Print  Ads   Volkswagen    hCp://­‐great-­‐magazine-­‐ads-­‐dont-­‐just-­‐sit-­‐there-­‐looking-­‐preCy-­‐132401  
  72. 72. Mobile    Print  Ads  iSnap  by  the  Na9on     hCp://­‐the-­‐na1on/  
  73. 73. Interac9ve  Catalogue  App  IKEA  –  Using  Augmented  Reality  (AR)     hCp://crea1vity-­‐­‐gives-­‐ new-­‐ikea-­‐catalog-­‐a-­‐vitamin-­‐pill/236165  
  74. 74. Near  Field  Communica9on  Near   field   communica9on   (NFC)   is   a   set   of   standards   for   smartphones   and  similar   devices   to   establish   radio   communica1on   with   each   other   by   touching  them  together  or  bringing  them  into  close  proximity.  -­‐  Wikipedia   hCp:// hCp://­‐in-­‐nokia-­‐mobiles/   near-­‐field-­‐communica1on-­‐to-­‐hit-­‐android-­‐ phones/nfcexample/  
  75. 75. NFC  with  Mobile  Ads   hCp:// telstra-­‐promotes-­‐nfc-­‐in-­‐sydney-­‐and-­‐melbourne/  hCp:// hCp://­‐and-­‐ 2013/01/07/321698/crosscliq-­‐delivers-­‐marke1ng-­‐bridging-­‐gap   nfc-­‐magazine-­‐ad-­‐for-­‐blackberry-­‐rogers-­‐ and-­‐cibc/   What  is  the  key  success  factor  of  this  case?  
  76. 76. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on  
  77. 77. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on  Pampers  Hello  Baby  Pregnancy  Calendar   Useful  hCp://­‐mobile-­‐apps-­‐innova1ve/  
  78. 78. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on   Ford  2013  Fusion  App  Ac1vated  by  capturing  the  Ford  logo,  the  app  let  fans  access  a  virtual  course,  where  they  could  test  drive  the  car.  A  new  course  was  added  every  day  from  early  December  un1l  the  reveal.   Useful   hCp://­‐mobile-­‐apps-­‐innova1ve/  
  79. 79. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on   Mcdonald  This  app  uses  technology  that  accesses  McDonald’s  supply-­‐chain  and  Augmented  Reality  (AR)  to  deliver  interac1ve  informa1on  about  McDonald’s  food  (Where  their  food  has  come  from).     Useful  
  80. 80. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on   Nike  The   Nike+   Running   app   tracks   distance,   pace,   1me   and   calories   burned   with   GPS,   giving   you  audio  feedback  as  you  run.     Useful   hCp://  
  81. 81. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on   MINI  The  game  challenges  you  to  hunt,  catch  and  escape  with  a  virtual  MINI  in  Stockholm  using  an  iPhone  app  and  your  own  two  legs.  The  catch  is,  you  have  to  get  within  50m  of  the  virtual  MINI  to  hit  “Take  The  MINI  Now”  in  the  app  before  escaping  as  fast  as  possible,  because  anyone  else  who  gets  within  50m  of  you  can  instantly  take  the  virtual  MINI  back!  If  you  are  the  person  holding  the  virtual  MINI  ater  7  days  of  24/7  gaming,  you’ll  win  a  real  MINI  Countryman!   Have  Fun!   Game   hCp://­‐getaway-­‐arg-­‐game-­‐in-­‐stockholm-­‐2010/  
  82. 82. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on   Coca-­‐Cola  Turning   beachfront   concept   store   into   a   lab   for   the   company’s   “Happiness   Refill”  project.  A  dispenser  that  give  young  cellphone  users  data  credits  to  browse  the  internet  rather  than    soda.   Useful   Brand  Experience   hCp://  
  83. 83. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on   Coca-­‐Cola  Coca-­‐Colas  app  Chok  turns  mobile  devices  in  a  remote  control  that  the  user  shakes  when  a  Coke  commercial  comes  on  the  screen.     Have  Fun!   Game   hCp://­‐social-­‐media-­‐helped-­‐coca-­‐cola-­‐grab-­‐hong-­‐kong’s-­‐aCen1on-­‐once-­‐again/  
  84. 84. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on   Muji   Useful   hCp://  
  85. 85. Branded  Mobile  Applica9on   Heineken  “Cheers”  Cheers  lets  you  simulate  the  clink  sound  of  two  boCles  with  your  smartphone  and  share  contact  with  friend.   Have  Fun!   hCp://­‐mobile-­‐apps-­‐innova1ve/  
  86. 86. Co-­‐Campaign  No.  of  Users  :  10.2M  (Dec  12)  •  Number  1  in  Chat  App  in  Thailand  •  Number  3  in  the  world  ater  Japan    Taiwan  •  Increase  of  1,150  %  in  just  one  year  •  Co-­‐campaign  with  brand  (Telco,  Airline,  FMCG,  Banking,  Tourism  etc.)  
  87. 87. Co-­‐Campaign   SHAZAM    Old  Navy     hCp://­‐old-­‐navy/  
  88. 88. Recommended  Book  Review:  hCp://­‐app-­‐mobile-­‐case-­‐study-­‐book/  
  89. 89. Some  advice  for  brands  
  90. 90. 1  
  91. 91. Check  your  goal    Check  your  resource    Mobile  Web    •  Deliver  content  •  Establish  broad  mobile  presence     (Easily  found  on  search  engines)    Mobile  App  •  Interac1ve  engagement  •  Work  like  computer  program      
  92. 92. 2    When  we  develop  mobile  product…..  •  Set  up  your  goal.    •  Which  devices  your  users  use  most  and  design  for  the  right  device.  •  Start  with  People,  not  Technology  -­‐  User  experience  is  heart  of  any  product.  •  User  shouldn’t  search  very  far  for  your  product’s  key  value.  •  What  is  product’s  key  value?  Don’t  try  to  put  everything  !!   –  few  key  features  and  make  it  work  well   –  feature  set  fits  the  mobile  experience  •  Agile  Development  and  Test  Test  Test!  
  93. 93. 3   Key  terms  that  we  should  know..   Gamifica9on   Case  Study  :  MINI   Gamifica1on  is  the  concept  of  applying  game-­‐ design  thinking  to  non-­‐game  applica1ons  to   make  them  more  fun  and  engaging.  –    Case  Study  :  Foursquare   Case  Study  :  Shopkick   Case  Study  :  NIKE   hCp://   hCp://  
  94. 94. 3   Key  terms  that  we  should  know..   SOLOMO   Case  Study  :  MINI   Social   Local   SOLOMO   Case  Study  :  NIKE   Mobile   Real  life  x  The  internet  x  Real  Time  
  95. 95. 3   Key  terms  that  we  should  know..   ZMOT   hCp://­‐zero-­‐moment-­‐of-­‐truth   hCp://   hCp://  
  96. 96. “To   win   consumers’   aTen9on   and   trust,  marketers   must   think   less   about   what  adver9sing   says   to   its   targets   and   more   about  what  it  does  for  them”                    –  Jeffrey  F.  Rayport  
  97. 97. Reference:    Video  Clips      Volkswagen  hCp://  ShopKick  hCp://  Pamper  Hello  Baby  hCp://  Ford  Fusion  hCp://  Mcdonald  (Trackmymacca)  hCp://  Nike+  hCp://  Mini  hCp://  Refill  Happiness  Coke  hCp://­‐nL-­‐YM  CoCa  Cola  Chok  hCp://­‐rFA  Heineken  hCp://  Shazam  Old  Nav  hCp://    
  98. 98. Oranuch  Lerdsuwankij  TwiTer:  @mimee  Email  :  Website  :  hTp://