What the books about social media don't tell you


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Social media campaigns are hot. Yet, it isn't about the campaign but about transforming your company into a cocreation environment where customers are part of your organization.

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What the books about social media don't tell you

  1. 1. Things you don’t need to knowbut that might come in handywhen you’re thinking of openingup Pandoras box of social mediafor your company / organization. What the social media books don’t tell you Koen Delvaux @kodel
  2. 2. Disclaimer: I should not be here
  3. 3. Because it’s not about campaigns
  4. 4. A campaign is like a session with a shrink: not a real conversation
  5. 5. Sometimes, social media feels like this
  6. 6. But when you’re prepared to loose control, it becomes like this
  7. 7. Give it time togrow** now is thetime to learnand observe.As yourself, notas a company.
  8. 8. Don’t start if you have things to hide
  9. 9. Because the truth is out there…And people want to know what you’re up to.
  10. 10. Why do youwant to dive into social media?
  11. 11. We wanna be social, to do… Promotion (campaign) Support (helpdesk) Recruiting (jobtweets) Wrong. It’s not a tool, it’s a way to achieve business transformation
  12. 12. You have to be social to… make customers part of the organization And then support them, let them promote your service or find new employeesBuzzwords to lookup: reverse CRM, customer centricity, prosumer, socialcrm, conversation manager, employee brandbuilding, VRM, crowdsourcing
  13. 13. Case : Partyplanners.be
  14. 14. “Let’s do this social campaign” 450 followers later…
  15. 15. What happened?Twitter users discover the first “winner” isan account of partyplanners themselvesand suspect the iPad will not be awarded.Partyplanners says they made a mistakebut will appoint the correct winner.They take the page with the winner offline.Busted?
  16. 16. Result: twitterstormFight, fight, fight!A lot of negative reactionsGoes from defensive to offensive
  17. 17. Repair attempt 1: appoint new winner (yes, me!)Mistakes: Not proactively communicating mistake Trying to divert attention Staying impersonal (“we” vs. “I”, name)
  18. 18. Repair attempt 2: apologize and explain (on my advice)Mistakes (corrected later): Accusing whilst apologizing Pointing fingers to an individual Very bad spelling & grammar
  19. 19. Repair attempt 3: give up on social media (note: private message to me)Mistakes: Tweets deleted in a cover-up attempt Not commenting on hostile blog posts Withdrawing without explanation
  20. 20. End result: disasterconvicted without a trial… (or: didn’t show up in court)
  21. 21. Learnings from partyplanners1. Get good advice2. Treat people with respect: honest & open3. Behave like you’re at a cocktail party (taking the stage is for the in crowd only)Never start with a campaign. If you have tocampaign, do something relevant.
  22. 22. Let’s put practice into theory
  23. 23. 3 steps to a social organization 1. Set up your infrastructure 2. Interact with people 3. Campaign
  24. 24. 1. Set up your infrastructure* Purpose Tools Monitoring Policy *a lot of social media advisors to choose fromChoose the media appropriate for you
  25. 25. 2. Interact* Inside & outside Open organization Real life stories Employee branding *BrandShake sells a program for thisPeople do not want to talk about yourbrand. They want to talk with you.
  26. 26. 3. Campaign* (there, I said it) Amplify message Connect audience Make it sustainable Remain yourself *a lot of agencies to choose fromDo it for your fans, not for strangers
  27. 27. So, there isno magicalformula.It’s justhard work.
  28. 28. Picture Start to finish http://mylongwalk.com Shrink http://thisismarilyn.com/John_Florea Hamster http://thinkplandoreview.wordpress.comcredits Drinking http://www.picasa.com/Dunedin__Websize Pregnant http://www.righttolife.to Airport scanner http://nationalpost.com Xfiles http://www.cybermage.se Dummies http://karthik-btech.blogspot.com/ Band http://hooplanow.com/University of Iowa Magician http://www.theallteach.comContact koen@del-mot.be www.del-mot.be Koen Delvaux Innovation Consultant +32 478 482111Enjoy transforming yourbusiness through social media