Ancillary tasks


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Ancillary tasks

  1. 1. By Fiona Taylor
  2. 2. My tasks Scene from trailerMagazine front cover Poster
  3. 3. Relationship between the tasksmy magazine. With these different tasks they all have the sameWith all the tasks that I did for this project which was my trailer, poster and myfront cover forpurpose in which they are trying to get as many of the target audience to want towatch the trailer that I have product and also persuade them to want to watch theactual film. With my first task of the trailer with this it will be the most effectiveway in which I was able to entice the target audience to watch the trailer andpersuade them to watch the film and go on to watching the actual film. However;with the magazine front cover that I had created this will also entice the targetaudience to the front cover by using a range of different techniques such asimages and headings to encourage the customer to look at the magazine frontcover and with this it should persuade the target audience to want to watch thetrailer for this film. Now with the last task I did which was my poster this wasalso effective in getting the target audience interested in this film by the use ofthe short phrases and the image on the poster which will get the target audienceinterested and anxious to want to know what this film is about.From looking at this you can see that all the tasks have a relationship betweenone another as they all link together . With this you can also see that therelationship between all the tasks is that they all have the same purpose of tryingTo persuade the intended audience to watch the film using a range of different typesof media, which uses different elements to persuade the target audience to the tasksand entice them to want to watch the film
  4. 4. Sense of broad identity across the packageWhen reviewing all my tasks that I had done for this project I found that theyhad a broad identity that they had within all three of the tasks. The first thingthat I noticed when looking at all three of the tasks that I had created I foundthat they all had the same use of house style, with the use of the same colourscheme and the use of the same text. With using the same house stylethroughout the tasks it enabled me to show to the target audience that allthese tasks were linked together and with this the target audience will be ableto identify this. With the use of the same icon/logo that represents who thebrand / businesses selling the product or service to their customers and with theuse of the brand/logo it will be a good identifier for the target audience. Thelast thing that I thought was good with the identity of the whole of my taskswas that the use of the images as with these images I used on my tasks helpedto entice/encourage the target audience to want to look at the tasks and withthis it will entice them to want to watch the trailer then go on to want to watchthe film for this trailer.
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