Eval 2


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Eval 2

  1. 1. In what way does your mediaproduct use, develop or chalenge forms and conventions of a real product.
  2. 2. TrailerBefore making my trailer I decided to analyse some current film trailers that were available to me.One of these film trailers was Paranormal activties.
  3. 3. What I found out after AnalysingQuick fast shot with little clarity, leaves viewer in suspenseDark areas, dark scene make people feel uncomfortable, and start getting scaredUse of victimUse of final scare
  4. 4. Conventions used and not used.My product is very similar to products already out there were the victim in the end becomes the killer.Like I found in my research I have used small snappy shot, in dark areas to keep the viewer in suspense and on the edge of there seat.On my possessed character I made them whiten there face to make it look as though something had happened to them, this again is something I saw when doing my research.
  5. 5. My trailer also starts of happy with the soon to be murder walking happy on there phone, where as at the end of the film he is possessed with his eyes rolled saying he is going to kill somebody.The second section also moves along a lot faster than the first section
  6. 6. Film magazineIn order for me to create a good film front cover for a magazine I needed to do some research to give me some insight.
  7. 7. Codes and conventions I foundThe main film was the biggest thing second to the title of the magazine.Often placed at the bottom middle coming up to meet the title.A lead character is normally used and the image used gives a clear insight to what the trailer is about .Other headings are present that are not necessarily linked to the main film.The pull line scroll down both sides of the cover.
  8. 8. posterAswell as doing trailer and magazine research I also went and did research into posters to create a good one my self.
  9. 9. Codes and conventions I foundThe title is always very clear to see and usually at the top of the page.The image is usually of the victim or villian.Very often dark colours are used and in most the colour red.Effects are often added to the poster to add the scary effect.There is other heading but not many and not very long.