Movie magazine eval


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Movie magazine eval

  1. 1. Magazine draft 1 This was my first draft, it wasnt that good because you couldnt tell if it was a hip hop magazine or movie magazine. Also it didnt look like a proper magazine it looked to fake. The big circle in the bottom stud to much out, it took the dark scary movie look out of it. I edited by using stencil and Engravers mt front. I also used the green screen for the picture because it made it easier to cut the people out from the background because the colour dont clash with there clothes and rubbed out anything around it. I used a print screen shot of my music video that relates to the movie for the black and white picture. I used the paint brush on top of he hunts, he kills and no escape to try give it a bloody effect but it just stood out to much and didnt look good because it looked to childish.
  2. 2. Magazine draft 2 I used a slight different approach with how things are laid out in this draft but I only used stencil, I got rid of the big yellow circle and just left it as yellow writing and put a little boarder at the bottom of the page. For the picture it was a picture of person with the mask on, so I used the paint brush and faded around the edges of the mask, coloured the eyes in black and rubbed out everything but the mask. Also in this one I added in page numbers, which was missing from the draft 1, Also I didnt had music artist names on the front because that was the main reason why it looked like a music magazine. Plus its clear what the magazine is mainly about.
  3. 3. Magazine draft 3 This is very similar to draft 2 but its a mix of them both. Both pictures have been used, because just from seeing both pictures you can just see what its about without reading. I used the barcode from draft one, and the picture to be the main one. I used the lay out from draft 2 and the title. Also all the space that could be used was used to add information. Ive also laid out things in the way I want you to read it. Also anything to do with the movie is highlighted in red. Also I added a web page in this draft because there was empty space. I also took out the yellow writing because it just messed up the colour code.