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Ancillary Tasks Evaluation       Bethany Harvey
Relationship between the tasksPoster                                                                         Clip from tra...
Broad IdentityAs you can see throughout the poster, magazine and trailer I have used the same house style all the way thro...
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Ancillary tasks evaluation


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Ancillary tasks evaluation

  1. 1. Ancillary Tasks Evaluation Bethany Harvey
  2. 2. Relationship between the tasksPoster Clip from trailer MagazineAs you can see from my final poster, magazine and trailer they all have something in common. This is so that my filmis recognisable from every advertising aspect of it. As you can see, if they were to see the poster and the trailer theonly thing that would link them together are the characters and the mask within the letters of ‘Tick Tock’. I didn’twant them all to relate to each other to much because if the audience were to see the poster, and then search for thelatest movie trailer they wouldn’t relate them together. Therefore, if they weren’t appealed by the poster and theydidn’t know that the trailer was to the film in the poster then they would soon see that they do have a relationshipand also will hopefully appeal to them all.However, to emphasise the magazine I used the green screen so that I could take a new picture of the eye so that Icould see the whole pupil in order to colour it red. This was so the magazine was advertising a horror and I felt thisadded to the effect and the genre of the film.
  3. 3. Broad IdentityAs you can see throughout the poster, magazine and trailer I have used the same house style all the way through;Black, red and white. I used these colours because they all represent horror in some way, e.g. black symbolises death.Red symbolises blood and white symbolise purity. Because I used the same house style you can easily recognise therelationship between all three type of adverts.I have used dark backgrounds on all because as I produced my drafts I found that the darker background was gettingbetter feedback from my peers and also it made it more suitable for the genre and I kept this for all three so thatthere was a relationship between them.I have used the same font image of ‘Tick Tock’ for both my poster and magazine so that they recognisable. However, Idecided not to use this for my trailer also because I felt it would be to much for the audience and I didn’t want thetrailer to be as recognisable within the relationship between them as the other two tasks so I used a different font forthe title within my trailer.The images are all in relation to each other in some way. Both the poster and the magazine have the same text imageof the title of the trailer and the magazine and the trailer have the same scene image. This is so there all recognisablewhen the audience see’s each advert as well as being effective towards the horror genre.I have placed the images where they am in the title image on the poster and magazine because I thought it lookedmore effective and also I didn’t want the magazine or poster to be to full of information, but enough information togive the audience an idea about what the trailer is about. Therefore, I placed the images within the text to save spacebut also to be informative to the audience.The image placed on the magazine and the trailer are used so they can relate to each other and also to show thehorror of the trailer.With the house style, colours, fonts, images and the background all being in relation to each other, it makes mytrailer, poster and magazine recognisable from any angle of advertising and also gives them a broad identity for theaudience.