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Web Analytics and Google AdWords 101


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The following is a lecture I gave to MBA students at the Digital Marketing and Social Media course (College of Management, Israel). …

The following is a lecture I gave to MBA students at the Digital Marketing and Social Media course (College of Management, Israel).

The presentation provides background to web analytics, covering metrics lifecycle process, the world of web/google analytics, sem and seo common terms and definitions, advanced metrics (goals, a/b testing, funnel, in-page analytics), social marketing analytics and tips for 1st time google adwords users.

I recommend downloading the file and viewing it in slideshow mode (F5) as there are animations and embedded youtube videos.

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  • 1. analytics and measurement
    MBA Program, Advertising & Marketing
    Course: Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • 2. Star trek & analytics (video)
  • 3. Agenda
    Analytics Metrics Lifecycle Process
    Everything can be measured
    The world of (Google) Web Analytics
    Definitions – SEM and SEO
    Google Analytics, hands on (demo)
    Goals, A/B Testing, Funnel, In-page analytics
    Social Marketing Analytics
    Google AdWords – Tips for 1st time users
  • 4.
  • 5. Recommended reading/rss-ing
    Google Analytics Blog:
    Jeremiah Owyang:
    GA Youtube channel:
    Web Analytics – An Hour A Day – AvinashKaushik
    Web Analytics 2.0 – AvinashKaushik
    Advanced Web Metrics with GA – Brian Clifton
    Gartner: Key Challenges in Web Analytics – Bill Gassman
    Altimeter Group: Social Marketing Analytics
    Forrester: Appraising Investments in Enterprise Analytics
  • 6. Everything (can) should be measured
  • 7. Are you using a web analytics tool?
  • 8. Web analytics
    • Over 30 different web analytics tools
    • 9. Google Analytics was introduced Nov 2005. A week after launch Google froze new registrations due to overwhelming demand
    • 10. Today, GA can be found at almost 60% of the 10,000 most popular websites (WW), and 80% of the 100,000 most popular websites
    Disadvantages of using a cloud-based web analytics
    • JS code can be blocked by browser add-ins or the user
    • 11. Not all cellphones support JS in their mobile browsers
    • 12. A user can either block or delete the cookie
    • 13. Privacy issue
  • SEO – Terms and definitions
  • 14. SEM – terms and definitions
  • 15. Google analytics – hands on (demo)
  • 16. Advanced metrics
    +20% sign ups
  • 17.
  • 18. +250% opt-in rate
  • 19. +5% download rate
    (A/B/C testing)
  • 20. Funnel, goals
  • 21. In-page analytics, advanced segments and filters (video)
  • 22. Social marketing analytics
  • 23. Social Marketing Analytics is the discipline that helps companies measure, assess and
    explain the performance of social media initiatives in the context of specific business
    There is currently no single vendor that can effectively measure all aspects of social media.
    Source: Social Marketing Analytics report, The Altimeter Group, April 2010
  • 24. Social marketing analytics
  • 25. Google adwords
  • 26.
  • 27. AdWords Ads Guidelines
    • Ad title up to 25 characters
    • 28. Product/service description: 2 lines, up to 35 characters in each line
    • 29. Displayed URL: up to 35 characters
    • Static (JPG, PNG), Animated (GIF) or Flash
    • 30. 8 possible formats (image size)
    • 31. Weight: up to 50Kb
    • 32. Flash: up to 30sec, 15-20 frames per second
    • 33. Family Status: Family Safe, None-Family Safe, Adult Sexual Content
    • 34. No funny business: Windows/Mac/Linux pop-up boxes, System Errors, Mouse effects, etc
    Google AdWords Advertising Policy
  • 35. 10 Tip for 1st time Google AdWords Users
    • Use your keywords in the ad itself (Google will highlight once searched)
    • 36. Create several Ad Groups, with fewer keywords in each group
    • 37. Create, test, analyze several ads in each Ad Group, both textual and image
    • 38. ‘Free’ boosts performance (clicks, actions, conversion)
    • 39. Thin slice your audience – designated landing pages
    • 40. Schedule your campaign according to user trends (Weekdays)
    • 41. Use negative keywords
    • 42. Use Site Exclusion
    • 43. See what your competitors are doing
    • 44. Analyze, Analyze, Analyze
  • 45. Thank you
    MBA Program, Advertising & Marketing
    Course: Digital Marketing and Social Media