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Introducing solo taxonomy
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Introducing solo taxonomy


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. GCSE PE Year 10 Be able to develop the use of Critique Understand what SOLO taxonomy isI know the basics of I know what SOLO I fully understandwhat SOLO taxonomy is and what SOLOtaxonomy is understand the taxonomy is and can various levels use it to assess levels of thinking
  • 2. ActivateInitiate SOLO Taxonomy •A method of developing deeper understanding of a topic. •Allows you to go beyond the topic as well and link in other areas. •High level thinking/deep learning •Allows you to check progress •Shows you what to do next •Great for peer assessment and critique
  • 3. Activate Initiate What does it all mean?Pre-structural I know nothing about this topic What are the principles of Errr..what? training?
  • 4. Activate Initiate What does it all mean?Uni-structural I know one idea about this topic Isn’t that What are the something to principles of do with training? specificity?
  • 5. Activate Initiate What does it all mean?Multi-structural I know a number of facts & information about this topic. Can’t yet see how they link together. Isn’t that Specificity, What are the Progression, principles of Overload, training? Reversibility and Tedium?
  • 6. Activate Initiate What does it all mean? I know a number of facts & information aboutRelational this topic and can see how they link together. They include specificity, What are the progression and overload. principles of It is where you use these training? principles to plan out your training over a number of weeks….
  • 7. Activate Initiate What does it all mean?Extended Abstract I know a range of information which are linked together. I can also bring in new ideas or think about this in an extended way. They include What are the specificity, progression principles of and overload. It is training? where you use these principles to plan out your training over a A Rugby player may number of weeks…. use the principles to include specific drills into their training….. They might also have to think about their diet or training method….
  • 8. ActivateInitiate SOLO Taxonomy •Word sort the two topics (Diet and Somatotype) •Where would you place each statement on the taxonomy? •Why?
  • 9. Demonstrate Previously I asked you to: •Create an A4 comic strip that explain Fatigue or Stress. •You must include all of the information we covered including definitions, different types and how they both effect performance.
  • 10. Demonstrate SOLO Taxonomy •Mark the Comic Life work •Have an attempt at creating a SOLO Taxonomy success criteria for this piece of work. •What level of thinking/understanding is the work at on the taxonomy?
  • 11. Demonstrate SOLO Taxonomy •Critique the work. What level do you think they are at? •What do they need to do to get to the next level? •Use the critique rules •Feedback & Feedforward
  • 12. ReflectWhere are you in terms of SOLO taxonomy? Any questions?