Wikibrands Western Sponsorship Congress


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Presentation - October 25th, 2011 by Sean Moffitt

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  • We wrote a book – some smart people liked it, we’ve been travelling the last 9 months evangelising our business manifesto – would love for you to join us
  • Shocking, but buisness is coming around
  • And it is deplorable that as a nation, our businesses are dragging their feet when our customers are the most primed for engagement in social media – we are at the top of the ranks of all key usage points online and in social media
  • Wikibrands Western Sponsorship Congress

    1. 1. WSC Logo - Wikibrands, WikiSponsorships -Reinventing Business and Properties -in a Fan-Driven Marketplace -Sean Moffitt @seanmoffitt October 2011 @wikibrands Western Sponsorship Congress
    2. 2. Who Am I – Sean Moffitt
    3. 3. Perhaps closer to the truth….
    4. 4. Wiki Sponsorship Unplugged MASS DIRECT WIKIBRAND/MARKETING MARKETING SOCIAL INFLUENCEControl CollaborationHype AuthenticityDecisions DialogueFeatures PurposeBroadcast Connection
    5. 5. Beyond Facebook/Twitter Pages Offence • Content/Campaigns • Social media/networks • Influencer outreach/paid media Midfield • SEO/search marketing • Community management/moderation • Mobile/Apps Defence • Metrics/Analytics • Org. Integration/Culture • User experience/design • CRM/eCommerce
    6. 6. Why Care? - Wikibrands/Wikisponsors Win
    7. 7. If Lubricants, Scissors, Magic Markers and Insurance Can Master It, So Can You
    8. 8. Keynote Speaker Cardinal Rule:• In the first 2-3 minutes:  Get them to laugh  Get them to understand importance  Get them to like you  Get them to believe you  Get them to act
    9. 9. Literary Credibility – Wikibrands How Do Top 100 Brands Put Their Digital Pants On 2011 BookList Top Business BookTwitter: @wikibrands Website:
    10. 10. Professional Credibility - My Personal Olympic Rings….Sponsor/Event Cred Geek Cred Marketing Cred Sports/Property Cred Social Cred
    11. 11. Practitioner Credibility - Agent Wildfire– Canada’s Customer Engagement People
    12. 12. Insight Credibility – Recent Stuff – Buzz Report, CommunityMgmt, WikiCauses, SxSw PTI, nGenera
    13. 13. Stand Up and be Counted…Who here has used digital/social media insponsorship efforts? Keep Standing if: - You want your sponsorship efforts to be AWESOME -You want your fans to RAVE about your “thing” - You have currently achieved AWESOMENESS and RAVING LUNACY via your digital media?
    14. 14. A Crisis of Action …Not on my shift ½ of top firms don’t have a strategy to tap the benefits of new/social media 78% dont have an employee policy for use of new/social media 53% of businesses engaged in social/digital spaces do not have full- time staff to support the effort. Source: Commotion Study/Buzz Report
    15. 15. And a Crisis of Knowledge 71% of marketers are less/only equally familiar w/ new media tools than their customers. Only 14% of companies are proactive in creating external advocates and leveraging them. 90% of executives believe their agencies need to radically transform be more competitive in a wikibrand world. Source: SNCR/Buzz Report
    16. 16. An Encouraging Silver Lining – Why Now Business Executives?#1 The Need for Authenticity/ Transparency#2 The rise of social networks#3 Increasing role of wireless/mobile#4 Customers/people waning attention spans#5 Media fragmentation Agent Wildfire -The Buzz Report 2011
    17. 17. The Future Looks Bright…• “Wikibrand marketing influence (social, mobile, word of mouth) will overtake traditional media influence within the next decade” • 69% strongly agree/agree“A companys customer advocacy leader needs to be a frequent and very active participant in the social networking space” 91% strongly agree/agree Source: Buzz Report 2011
    18. 18. Moneyball Knows… Thinking Differently: “We are card counters at the blackjack table. And were gonna turn the odds on the casino.“ Digital - Sponsorship Learning: - Be the Guerrilla - Protect the Fort
    19. 19. Why Sponsorship Needs to Think Differently on a Digital Front NOW? Growth - Finding/getting intimate new audiences Value - Enhancing the fan experience Assets - Protecting or getting around the official label Test Case - You’re allowed to be the rebels The Buzz Factor – you may not be bigger, but can be cooler Tangible Results - Getting feedback, metrics, insight andstories to support effort
    20. 20. Moneyball Knows IIReframing the Game“Your goal shouldnt beto buy players. Your goalshould be to buy wins. Inorder buy wins, you needto buy runs.” Digital - Sponsorship Takeaway: - Incubate audience vs. rent media - Treat audience as asset not only revenue - Build best experience everywhere via digital
    21. 21. Reframing the Customer Thinktank/ Scout/ Sounding Mystery Turning Users, Customers and Board Shopper Consumers User Customer Consumer Into Authors, Producers, Scouts, Testers and Collaborators & BroadcastersCollaborator/ Brand Fan Community Member/ Producer VIP Insider Evangelist/ Ambassador/ Advisory Advocate Seeded Into True Fans, Community Council/ Adopter/ Cause Beta Tester Members, Advocates, Ambassadors Torchbearer and Evangelists
    22. 22. Canadian Organizations Need To Get This Ranked #1 Online penetration –79%/26.7 million Canadians online Online usage –average 43.5 hours online per month Online video – 251 videos/17.2 viewing hours per month LinkedIn usage - 15% of online Canadians use Gaming – spend 4.5 hours each week Ranked in Top 10 Social media Use– 70% use social media; ½ everyday Facebook usage –#4 worldwide/82% of online Can. Twitter usage –#6 worldwide/18% of online Can. Smartphone usage – 33% of mobile users Social media age breakdown – usage is younger-skewed but broad spread, 18-34 {86%}, 35- 54 {64%}, 55+ {43%} Mobile Usage – there are 24+ million Canadian mobile subscribers Source: comScore eMarketer/Ipsos Reid/Nielsen
    23. 23. The top 50 Facebook Brands Food Brands 12 Beverages 10 Fashion Brands 9 Websites/Networks 6 Entertainment Brands 6 Sports Brands 4 Tech/Games 4
    24. 24. The Top 100 Twitter Brands Musicians/Singers 35 Actors 11 Talk Show Hosts 8 Websites 8 Sports 8 News Groups 7 Web Personality 7 Famous for being Famous 5 Politics /Politicians 3 Brands 1
    25. 25. The Recipe for WikiSponsorship Success?..20 Principles/20+ Examples/ Many Tips
    26. 26. FACTOR #1 FOCUS– “Why are we doing this/what are we doing?” 3rd & 4th Top Reasons Why Organizations Fail In Digital
    27. 27. BALANCE FOUR FACTORSBusiness/ OrganizationSponsorship Objectives Incentives Vision Resources Revenue Talent Marketplace No Relevance Culture Partners Values Process No Execution No Direction Positioning Needs/Wants Benefits No Capability Experience Product/Service Advocacy Support Media Community Attention Brand Customer
    28. 28. Mountain DewmocracyProviding Young Consumer Choice & Freedom
    29. 29. Movember – Energizing a Community with a Clear Focus -Objectives – Vision– “Change the Face of Men’s Health”Brand – “Bring back the retro icon of themoustache to visibly support cause”Customer Needs - The right mix of:- Fun/ retro appeal- Competition- Sense of belonging to a team and a globalmovement that is making a differenceOrganizational Culture -– every interaction and donation matters “If it’s awesome they will use it, if it’s awesome they will talk about it”
    30. 30. FACTOR #2 THE IDEA– “What is the motivating concept?” Only 1.5% of tweets ever get retweeted twice
    31. 31. Top 10 Ranked Online Word of Mouth Elements Great ideas that spread are rare and valuable #1 Conversation Worthy Idea/Concept* #2 Great Product/Brand #3 Customer Experience provided #4 The Audience who Participates #5 Culture/employees of a company #6 Method in which it interacts with its audience #7 Incentives for referral #8 Strong process #9 Creative/design used #10 Tools used /platforms builtSource: Agent Wildfire Buzz Report 2011
    32. 32. Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Crowdsourcing Success
    33. 33. Kraft HockeyvilleRallying Communities
    34. 34. #3 LANGUAGE“do I like this/can I identify with this/do they know me?”
    35. 35. “It doesn’t matter what you say, if Idon’t like the way you’re saying it” James Cherkoff, Collaborate Marketing
    36. 36. Why Can’t Marketing be Funny?
    37. 37. Language - Threadless – Possibly the Most Human Site in the World
    38. 38. #4 CONTENT IMPACT -STORYTELLING“will I repeat this? Does this resonate with me?” 38
    39. 39. The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods - Aspirations and Beliefs - David vs. Goliath - Avalanche about to Roll - Changing Assumptions - Anxieties
    40. 40. The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods - Personalities and Personal Appeal - How-to Stories and Advice - Glitz and Glam - Seasonal/event- related
    41. 41. #5 CONTENT FREQUENCY“is there enough of this?/is it timely?/ how will I produce this?”
    42. 42. CONTENT FREQUENCY-It may be cheap, but this is not a part time job The average tweet lasts 12 minutes The average Facebook post lasts 80 minutes The average blog post last 1 ½ days
    43. 43. CONTENT IS SWEAT EQUITY–If the Customer is King, than Content is Queen Blog – Min. 3 posts per week - well-tagged Tweets – Min. 4 tweets per day, well spaced apart - 50/50 conversation/distribution Video – Min. 1 video per month - Embed in other things (blog, twitter, Facebook) Email – Min. 1-4 newsletter per month Profiles (LinkedIn/Facebook) - Pictures, Full Bio, Interests - Join Groups - Ask/answer questions
    44. 44. #6 CONTENT DESIGN“does this pass my 4 second test? Is it dynamic? Is it clear?”
    45. 45. The Gold Benchmark – Clean, Icons, Dynamic
    46. 46. Clear motives, multimedia, sponsor integration
    47. 47. Facebook Design Clarity
    48. 48. #7 OUTREACH- Who/where and why are the ambassadors? Influencers? True fans?
    49. 49. OUTREACH – Some of these people are not like the others,Forget 100,000 Followers, Start at Finding 1000 Real Fans
    50. 50. - Wikibrand Recruitment Tools - Where to Find Your Fans1. Employees (and partners, affiliates and stakeholders)2. Twitter (or other microblogging platform)3. Facebook4. Discussion Forums5. Traditional PR6. Dedicated Community Portal7. Conversion of website visitors8. Blogger Outreach Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    51. 51. Outreach - lululemon – Ambassadors who buy in
    53. 53. What is biggest “social” priority for 2011 - More sharing - More control - More time on site
    54. 54. Sharing Stuff – Brings More Traffic
    55. 55. Techcrunch - The Granddaddy of Sharers
    56. 56. 9. INCENTIVES & MOTIVATIONSINTRINSIC – “I feel good”
    57. 57. Buzz and word of mouth engagement is Core Beliefthe art of the “unexpected surprise”58
    58. 58. 9 Community Incentives - Intrinsic“The Feel Goods” • Fun & enjoyment • Creativity • Group effort/achievement • Learning • Better life/supporting cause • Challenge/competition • Satisfying curiosity • Wanting to make a better product • Meet people of similar interests
    59. 59. Kiva – Intrinsic Rewards
    60. 60. Mozilla – The Poster Boy for Feel Good Community
    61. 61. 10. INCENTIVES & MOTIVATIONSEXTRINSIC – “I look good”
    62. 62. 9 Community Incentives - Extrinsic“The Look Goods”• Recognition by company• Access to exclusive resources• Ability to join VIP circle• Access to exclusive channels• Chance for wider Fame• Recognition by peers• Published leaderboard/ranking within community• Reputation building• A larger audience/stage
    63. 63. People Do Things for 15 Minutes of Fame
    64. 64. Shine the Light on Your Fans
    65. 65. 11. INCENTIVES & MOTIVATIONSEXPLICIT – “I get something out of this”
    66. 66. 9 Community Incentives - Explicit“The Get Somethings”• Invitation to Events• 3rd party incentives• Customized/personalized treatment• Non-monetary rewards• Discounts• Points accumulation• Customer service• Information/advice• Cash rewards
    67. 67. 12. RULES, GUIDELINES & RITUALS“what can/can’t I do here?”
    68. 68. Two Different Approaches NHL Followers - 740,000 followers UFC - 380,000 followersGary Bettman - 15,000 followers Dana White 1,670,000 followers
    69. 69. Rules - Kodak – Good Empowering Rules Air Force – Good Prescriptive Rules• Experience Facilitation• Legal & Ethical Concerns• Employee Policies• Ownership Rights• Support, Training and Certification• Rituals/Customs
    70. 70. 13. PLATFORM – THE HOME GAME“What do we lure and lasso people too? How do we host thisactivity? How does it integrate?”
    71. 71. Have a Home (Platform), Neutral and Away Game Home: Neutral: Away: Website Brand Pages Social Networks Blog Personal Profiles Sharing SitesCommunity RSS Feed Other Blogs Forums Facebook Connect Influencers
    72. 72. 7 Owned WoM Tools – Your Home Game OVERVIEW: WOM WILDFIRE Online Wiki/ Monitoring Social Apps Blogs Email Community Collaboration Tools DashboardAwareness 3 2 1Perception 3 1 2Targeting 1 2 3Traffic/SEO 2 1 3User Content 3 1 2Engagement 3 1 2Purchase 2 3 1Referral 2 1 3 2 1 3Evangelism 1 3 2Thought Leadership 1 3 2Measurement
    73. 73. Getting People to Spend TimeIntuit – BtoB Community Builder
    74. 74. –An Awesome Home Base
    75. 75. 14. TOOLS – THE AWAY GAME“Where do we operate? How do we share control? Socialmedia?”
    76. 76. Sports teams put their fans to work where they are…
    77. 77. Our Social House has many rooms…and keeps expanding
    78. 78. 8 Shared WoM Tools – Your Away Game OVERVIEW: WOM WILDFIRE Social Location based Ratings/ Photo Sharing Bookmarks ForumsAwareness 3 2 1Perception 3 1 2 1 3 2Targeting 3 1 2Traffic/SEO 1 3 2User ContentEngagement 3 2 1Purchase 1 3 2Referral 1 2 3Evangelism 1 3 2Thought Leadership 2 1 3 3 2 1Measurement
    79. 79. Nike Training
    80. 80. San Francisico Giants - Twitter
    81. 81. The Away Game - Kraft- The Tools of Word of Mom
    82. 82. 14. Sponsor Tools“How do we create great events? Partner experiences?Recurring campaigns?”
    83. 83. Another 13 Tools for Being an Event Pro Registration Directory Mobile Reference Tweetwall Community Organizing Live Event BloggingSocial Awareness Social Integration Local Awareness Tweetups Email Audience Engagement
    84. 84. Another 9 for Being an Sponsorship Pro Athlete TweetersCommunities Mapping Athlete’s Social RegistrationDirectory FootprintSocial Dashboard Measurement Influence
    85. 85. 15. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT“who will lead the conversation?”
    86. 86. You can Keep Anybody Happy Initially, How Do You Get Them To Stay in Love
    87. 87. Jon Sinden, Manager – Social Media, MLSEWhats the biggest effect new media anddigital connections is having on MLSE?- The ability to connect with fans like neverbefore- Fans, Teams, Players, Staffers are now all onedegree away from each other- The “payoff” is real, trustingrelationships, translates into sales in thefuture- People want to be connected to somethingthey love. Sports teams are one of thoseconnections. The closer thefans, teams, players, staffers get; the better.
    88. 88. Top Tasks of Community Managers1. Communication2. Content Creation3. Company/brand evangelism4. Member/Customer support5. Ongoing Facilitation6. Metrics Reporting7. Event Host8. Community Evolution/Feature Development9. Internal Rallying Cry10. Community Administration11. Member Recruitment/Crowdsourcing Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    89. 89. Top Skills of Community Managers1. Leadership/charisma2. Diplomacy/Patience3. Customer/member empathy4. Persistence5. Social/Networking6. Communication Skills7. Technology Skills8. Passion for company/brand9. Change Agent10. Creativity11. Leads the lifestyle of the customer Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    90. 90. 16. METRICS, MEASUREMENT,INSIGHTS & ROI“what do we measure and look for?”
    91. 91. Implementation Issue – Lip Service > Action The biggest obstacles that continue to exist in implementing wikibrands in your company/clients?1. Inability to measure 40%2. Lack of budgets 31%3. No accepted standards/benchmarks 29%4. Fear of loss of control 29%5. Inability for culture to accept 25%6. Technical skills/expertise not in place 23% Source: Agent Wildfire Buzz Report 2010
    92. 92. Digital Media Measurement - No Silver Bullet Formula
    93. 93. Different Brand Yardsticks - Measure The Applause, Not the Attendance -Try many small testable experiments -Have goals, track over time
    94. 94. 17. LIFE STAGE OF THE COMMUNITY“when do we need to adapt?”
    95. 95. The Life Stage of Social Media/Community Milestone achievement User generated content Incentives materialized Mass supported Expansion Expected cycle of activity Broadened focus Company culture change Self-governance Tiered membership Fresh produced content Highlight contribution Incentives pitched Networked Seeded audience
    96. 96. Life Stage ManagementTHE GREAT Experiment Quarterly (Threadless) THE GOOD Reinvent every 2 years (Dell) THE BAD Not monitoring/moderating daily THE UGLY Not reviewing weekly
    97. 97. #18 Culture Change Required– “Live the brand, listen before saying, letting go?”
    98. 98. The Biggest Wikibranding Sin - Social Deafness - Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Buzz Report
    99. 99. Molson uses LIAM• Leveraging what we see in conversations• Initiating discussion and dialogue• Acquiring people for our community• Managing our communities
    100. 100. Internally,Get Employees on the Bus…
    101. 101. #19 MONETIZING“what do we sell? How do we sell it?”
    102. 102. What Can You Sell Digitally Email Access Display Ads/Naming Promo Pages Webinars/Livestreams Viral stunt Video Sponsorship/Pre-Roll Web Competitions Augmented Reality
    103. 103. What Can You Sell Digitally Digital Signage/tweet walls Influencer/niche audience programs Tweetups and live community events Crowdsourcing competitions(photos, video. Ideas) QR Code competitions/scavenger hunts Mobile apps Web-enabled research Customized camera views/access
    104. 104. How to Do It Set up Sponsor SummitMeetings/ideastorms Early Find your focus/story – let tactics/techfollow Develop idea start with “wouldn’t it beawesome” Create a simple off-the-shelf inventory Don’t throw it all in for FREE Field some manageable tests/measure
    105. 105. How to Do ItGet Feedback/Validation fromFans/Advisors – identify wants Create a Content Calendar/Schedule Identify your top 100, 1000 fans, seedthem early Mix standard sponsor packages withcustomized ones Ask for feedback right afterevents/programs
    106. 106. Orange /Glastonbury App
    107. 107. 20. The Future
    108. 108. Types of New Media Future GrowthTech - More tablet/smartphone usage inarenas and stadiums Mark Palmer, Blue JaysLive Experience - Duplicating the at-homebroadcast experience at the stadium withcustomizable replays and content available onyour wireless device.Media reinvention - traditional media willneed to be creative to stay competitive. Theycan not communicate through the same Louis=Philippe Dorais, Tennistraditional ways they were used to CanadaCustomer Intimate Reporters - Their reporterswill need to re-invent themselves and acceptto develop new skills. The most creative oneswill be the ones customers will turn to in thefuture.
    109. 109. Types of New Media Future GrowthApps - applications or programs thatwill connect all facets of the sports Carlos Ferreira, Argosbusiness. It would be like merging theFacebooks, the Twitters, theFoursquares and websites all in one.Athlete Intimacy - read a story aboutsomething and be able to react to it insome way shape or form. I think wewill be a lot more connected to ourlikes and passions. You will be able to .get more in depth when it comes tofollowing your team. Almost like livingit alongside a player.
    110. 110. Getting Around the “Official Sponsor” Noose in Digital Ways
    111. 111. The Rise of Video – TED Talks - Video Worth Spreading
    112. 112. The Rise of Augmented Reality –QR Codes – Support, Content or Insight
    113. 113. The rise of Purpose Driven Sponsorship
    114. 114. Make Your Digital Stuff Physicaland Your Physical Stuff Digital
    115. 115. Wikibrands … A Manifesto for the Future of Business "Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is."
    116. 116. Let’s Start TheConversation…Inquire: smoffitt (at) agentwildfire.comPhone: 416-255-4500 x226URL: The Buzz Report (e-newsletter) Signup at www.AgentWildfire.comLearn: Executive Seminars
    117. 117. Q&A Contact us:Twitter: @seanmoffitt