Wikibrands, Wikigames - Reinventing Your Lottery in a Player-Driven Marketplace


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Presentation authored and delivered by Sean Moffitt on January 26th, 2012 in London, England to the World Lottery Association and European Lotteries

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  • Happy to be in hometown recognized as master – whereas my last 2 years have been talking about the socialization of business and Wikibrands – my real roots are brands and word of mouthFor those following at home – the relevant hashtags are below
  • enti
  • We wrote a book – some smart people liked it, we’ve been travelling the last 9 months evangelising our business manifesto – would love for you to join us
  • Get through 17 chapters, the real core idea is that as brand owners, managers, agencies and stakeholders, we are in the middle of the poarticpation age – whereas brands represented important distinctions in the past based on ownership, equity, aspiration, preference or affinity, now the real limus test is are you providing forums for people to engage and particiapte more deeply with your brandThe stats prove it – according to Forrrester, those that engage deeply grow their value by 18% and those that don’t 6% - chicken or egg argument
  • We wrote a book – some smart people liked it, we’ve been travelling the last 9 months evangelising our business manifesto – would love for you to join us
  • So before we go on a pretty heady WoM trip, I wanted to profeer to you that in a social tech, word of mouth world there really are 4 overriding laws, the Hammuraboi code, the 10 commandments of the social net so to speak
  • We are pre-wired to talk – what social media has done is make it easy for usThe average person has 2 really close friends, 8 close friends and 33 social friends, if you are on facebook/Twitter/LinkediN you now have 385 friends
  • My colleague Emanuel Rosen wrote a two great bnooks on the subject of buzz and he nails it – we have 6 basic reasons why we like to talk…and they mimic some of the key social networks/websites we like to useEvery brand owner should ask why their users fundamentally want to buy and spend time with them
  • Contrary to fly by night, coupon clippers and deal hunters, the real core of your brand social squad will join your community for fundamentally social reasons
  • We need to be real at this stuff, there is a new higher order benfit customers are seeking out and it is a sense of realness and soul behind the business, brands, people and causes we support – part of more scrutiny and part if there are less of them, brands that know themselves and are perceived by their customers as the realk thing – social media elevates authenticty
  • Shocking, but buisness is coming around
  • In a world of great noise and consumer overburden, where customers can increaisngly filter the branded message out, word of mouth is the great enabler, we rely more than ever on our friends and people like me
  • In a world of great noise and consumer overburden, where customers can increaisngly filter the branded message out, word of mouth is the great enabler, we rely more than ever on our friends and people like me
  • In a world of great noise and consumer overburden, where customers can increaisngly filter the branded message out, word of mouth is the great enabler, we rely more than ever on our friends and people like me
  • If you thought I would expound on the nittygritties of usingKlout vs. peerIndex, hosting communities on Salesforce vs. Lithium , measuring on Radian vs. Sysomos, sorry to upset but think again….it’s really the sociology and psychology of business and its customers that is the main gap
  • In a world of great noise and consumer overburden, where customers can increaisngly filter the branded message out, word of mouth is the great enabler, we rely more than ever on our friends and people like me
  • We wrote a book – some smart people liked it, we’ve been travelling the last 9 months evangelising our business manifesto – would love for you to join us
  • Wikibrands, Wikigames - Reinventing Your Lottery in a Player-Driven Marketplace

    1. 1. Wikibrands, Wikigames - Reinventing Your Lottery in a Player-Driven MarketplaceSean Moffitt January 26, 2012 @wikibrands@seanmoffitt EL/WLA, London
    2. 2. In our Canuck defence… Ranked #1 Globally Online penetration - 79% of Canadians Online usage - average 43.5 hrs/mth. Online video- 251 videos/17.2 hours/mth. LinkedIn usage - 15% of online Canadians Social gaming - spend 4.5 hours/wk. Online Banking - 65% of Internet users do
    3. 3. The Jason Bourne ofBusiness + Digital + Marketing
    4. 4. Wikibrands…Customer Leadership for the Digital Age ___________________2006 “Digital Participation Wins” 2011/12
    5. 5. More than just a Facebook page, Twitter wall and mobile app…
    6. 6. The Four Fs of Digital Media - Search Engine Exposure/Traffic - Awareness/recognition Get Found - Visibility - Market education - Improved Perception/PR Get Fame - Grassroots credibility/affinity - Pass along/viralness - Thought leadership - Leads/Revenues Get Fans - Online community/ambassadors - Word of mouth/referral - User generated content Get Feedback - Dialogue & Conversation - Ideas and innovation - Competitive Intelligence - Reviews/ratings/ testing
    7. 7. Stand Up and be Counted…Who here is personally on Facebook? Keep Standing if:  You are doing digital media for your lottery/games?  You want your lottery digital efforts to be AWESOME  You want your fans to RAVE about your “thing”  You have currently achieved AWESOMENESS and RAVING LUNACY via your digital media?
    8. 8. 28 Insights/45 Minutes•5 Deep Thoughts•6 Inconvenient Truths and ImmutableLaws of the Social „Net•10 Success Factors for Digitally-Engaged Organizations•7 Smart Lottery 4.0 Ideas for theFuture
    9. 9. #1 - WHAT IF YOUR LOTTERY WAS A MAGAZINE? Do I find your contentfrequently? And is it relevant?
    10. 10. #2 - WHAT IF YOUR LOTTERY WAS A SPORTS TEAM? Are you fan worthy?
    11. 11. #3 - WHAT IF YOUR LOTTERY COULD CHARGE FOR THE TIME PEOPLE SPENT WITH YOU?$5$2.50$0/perdrink Have you turned a commodity into an experience?
    12. 12. #4 – WHAT IF YOUR LOTTERY TOTALLY REFINED WHAT IT WAS? Top 3 Differentiation Drivers* 1. Unique 2. Dynamic 3. Different Great content starts with… “Wouldn‟t it be cool if…? Great content ends with… “You have to check this out…”Do your initiatives get noticed & talked about? Source: Y&R Asset valuator
    13. 13. #5 - WHAT IF YOUR LOTTERYBECAME A MASTER STORYTELLER? Do your initiatives resonate and inspire people to action?
    14. 14. The State of The Union
    15. 15. The State of Lottery 2.0
    16. 16. The Lottery/Gaming 2.0 Scorecard…Area (point value) CriteriaFocus/Idea (10) Simplicity? Conversation worthy? Different?Content (10) Frequency? Variety? Quality? Curated? Pliable? Helpful?Incentives/Outreach (10) Calls to action? Substantive? Engagement?Platform/Website (10) User-friendly? Desirable? Searchable? Dynamic?Tools – Social/Community (10) Social media? Blogs? Forums? Ambassadors?Tools – Innovative/Mobile (10) Video? Apps/mobile friendliness?Integrated (10) Consistent? Embedded? Distributed?Language/Tone (10) Human? Conversational? Transparent? Intimate?Initiatives/products (20) Customized? Fast? Entertaining? Open? Awesome? Future-driven?
    17. 17. The Lottery/Gaming 2.0 ResultsFocus/Idea 5.2/10Content 5.3/10Incentives/outreach 2.3/10Platform/website 3.5/10Tools – social community 3.1/10
    18. 18. The Lottery/Gaming 2.0 ResultsTools – innovative/mobile 3.4/10Integration 3.0/10Language/tone 5.1/10Initiatives/product 7.9/20Overall 38.8/100
    19. 19. Customer don‟t forgive businesses for bad web experiences!
    20. 20. Do we need to change and get better?..
    21. 21. Shift Happens…Customer Needs Change Freedom • iTunes, Craigslist, Zipcars Customization • Nike ID, Converse, Jones Soda Scrutiny • Amazon, RED, Patagonia Integrity • Innocent Drinks, Vans, Trader Joes Collaboration • John Fluevog, Wikipedia, Doritos Entertainment • Red Bull, Axe, You Tube, Skittles Speed • Zara, Calvin Klein, Google Innovation • Nokia, Toyota, Ace Hotel Source; Moxie Insight/nGenera Global Study
    22. 22. Agent Wildfire/Wikibrand‟s 2011 Buzz Report Survey“My business may not survive over the next 10 years if we dont act swiftly to technology/digital culture” 65% agree/strongly agree
    23. 23. The 6 Immutable Laws of the New „Net Socialness AuthenticityPresence Influence Psychology Versatility
    24. 24. People engage to be social not to be your brand BFF… The 1st Law of the New „Net - Socialness 31
    25. 25. – Online Community Motivation – Why Do True Fans Join?#1 - Social Connection#2 - Shared Community Values/Culture#3 - Expression/Creativity/Venting#4 - Establishing influence with key decisionmakers#5 - Access to Special Information/Advice#6 - Appealing to Hobbies/Interests#7 - Making a difference/to matter/support acause Source: Agent Wildfire 2011 Community Management Survey
    26. 26. You really can’t fake, broker or shortcut this stuff… The 2nd Law of the New „Net - Authenticity
    27. 27. Top Reasons – New Media Why Now Business Executives?#1 The Need for Authenticity and Transparency -42%#2 The rise of social networks - 38%#3 Increasing role of wireless/mobile - 35%#4 Customers/people waning attention spans - 25%#5 Media fragmentation - 22%#6 Change in mass marketing effectiveness - 20% Agent Wildfire -The Buzz Report 2011
    28. 28. Most brands are irrelevant most of the time to theircustomers… The 3rd Law of The New „Net – Presence
    29. 29. This is a constantly shifting landscape… The average tweet lasts 12 minutes The average Facebook post lasts 80 minutes The average blog post lasts 1 ½ days
    30. 30. In a constantly splintering world…
    31. 31. Some of these people are not like the others… The 4th Law of The New „Net – Influence
    32. 32. Influencers Make Themselves Known Online 13.8% of online population… …create 80% of the online influence posts6.2% of onlinepopulation… …create 80% of the online influence impressions
    33. 33. We know how to find these people now
    34. 34. Having the best software suite matters little… The 5th Law of The New „Net – Psychology
    35. 35. Top 10 Ranked Word of Mouth ElementsGreat ideas that spread are rare and valuable #1 Conversation Worthy Idea/Concept #2 Great Product/Brand #3 Customer Experience provided #4 The Audience who Participates #5 Culture/employees of a Company #6 Method in which it interacts w/ its audience #7 Incentives for referral #8 Strong process #9 Creative/design used #10 Tools/technology platforms built Source: Wikibrands Buzz Report
    36. 36. New digital media is just not media… The 6th Law of The New „Net – Versatility
    37. 37. Digital Media Does Not Equal Marketing Earliest Reason – Brand Perception Most Bankable – Brand Support/Service Most Lucrative – Brand Content Most Overlooked – Brand Insight Most Popular – Brand Advocacy Most Unplanned/Viral – Brand Serendipity
    38. 38. The Recipe for Success? ..10 Factors
    39. 39. #1 FOCUS– “Why are we doing this/what are we doing?”
    40. 40. BALANCE FOUR FACTORSBusiness/ OrganizationSponsorship Objectives Incentives Vision Resources Revenue Talent Marketplace No Relevance Culture Partners Values Process No Execution No Direction Positioning Needs/Wants Benefits No Capability Experience Product/Service Advocacy Support Media Community Attention Brand Customer
    41. 41. Movember – Energizing a Community with a Clear FocusObjectives – Vision – “Change the Face ofMen’s Health”Brand – “Bring back the retro icon of themoustache to visibly support cause”Customer - The right mix of fun, retroappeal, competition, sense of belongingto a team and a global movement that ismaking a differenceOrganizational Culture -– every interaction and donation matters - If it’s awesome they will use it, if it’s awesome they will talk about it
    42. 42. #2 LANGUAGE, CONTENT& OUTREACH“do I like this/is there enough of this/can I identify with this/dothey know me?”
    43. 43. “It doesn’t matter what you say, if Idon’t like the way you’re saying it” James Cherkoff, Collaborate Marketing
    44. 44. LANGUAGE –The 7 Golden Rules of Social ContentReciprocalEthicalHumanAwesomeHelpfulAuthenticSocial
    45. 45. CONTENT–If the Customer is King, then Content is Queen Activity per Great Good Minimum Month Blog Posts 30+ 12 5 Tweets 400 200 100 Video 12 4 1 Email 8 4 1
    46. 46. OUTREACH – The Community Richter Scale
    47. 47. #3 INCENTIVES & MOTIVATIONS“what‟s in it for me?”
    48. 48. 27 Community Incentives - Intrinsic“The Feel Goods” • Fun & enjoyment • Creativity • Group effort/achievement • Learning • Better life/supporting cause • Challenge/competition • Satisfying curiosity • Wanting to make a better product • Meet people of similar interests
    49. 49. 27 Community Incentives - Extrinsic“The Look Goods”• Recognition by company• Access to exclusive resources• Ability to join VIP circle• Access to exclusive channels• Chance for wider Fame• Recognition by peers• Published leaderboard/ranking within community• Reputation building• A larger audience/stage
    50. 50. 27 Community Incentives - Explicit“The Get Somethings”• Invitation to Events• 3rd party incentives• Customized/personalized treatment• Non-monetary rewards• Discounts• Points accumulation• Customer service• Information/advice• Cash rewards
    51. 51. Kiva – Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Explicit Rewards
    52. 52. #4 RULES, GUIDELINES &RITUALS“what can/can‟t I do here?”
    53. 53. Rules - Kodak – Good Empowering Rules Air Force – Good Prescriptive Rules• Experience Facilitation• Legal & Ethical Concerns• Employee Policies• Ownership Rights• Support, Training and Certification• Rituals/Customs
    54. 54. #5 TOOLS & PLATFORM“how and where does it work?” A home, neutral andaway game…
    55. 55. The Essential 8 Away Game Tools OVERVIEW: WOM WILDFIRE Social Location Ratings/ Photo Bookmarks based Forums SharingAwareness 3 2 1Perception 3 1 2 1 3 2Targeting 3 1 2Traffic/SEO 1 3 2User ContentEngagement 3 2 1Purchase 1 3 2Referral 1 2 3Evangelism 1 3 2Thought Leadership 2 1 3 3 2 1Measurement
    56. 56. The Away Game - Kraft- The Tools of Word of Mom
    57. 57. The Essential 7 Home Game Tools OVERVIEW: WOM WILDFIRE Online Wiki/ Monitoring Social Apps Blogs Email Community Collaboration Tools DashboardAwareness 3 2 1Perception 3 1 2Targeting 1 2 3Traffic/SEO 2 1 3User Content 3 1 2Engagement 3 1 2Purchase 2 3 1Referral 2 1 3 2 1 3Evangelism 1 3 2Thought Leadership 1 3 2Measurement
    58. 58. An Awesome Home Game - Threadless
    59. 59. 7. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT“who will lead the conversation?”
    60. 60. You Can Keep Anybody Happy Initially, How Do You Get Them To Stay in Love
    61. 61. Community Managers –The Social Web‟s Best Party Host
    62. 62. Top Tasks of Community Managers1. Communication2. Content Creation3. Company/brand evangelism4. Member/Customer support5. Ongoing Facilitation6. Metrics Reporting7. Event Host8. Community Evolution/Feature Development9. Internal Rallying Cry10. Community Administration11. Member Recruitment/Crowdsourcing Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Surve
    63. 63. #7 LIFE STAGE OF THE COMMUNITY“when do we need to adapt?”
    64. 64. Life Stage ManagementTHE GREAT Experiment Quarterly (Threadless)THE GOOD Reinvent every 2 years (Dell)THE BAD Not monitoring/moderating dailyTHE UGLY Not reviewing weekly
    65. 65. #8 METRICS, MEASUREMENTINSIGHTS & ROI“what do we measure and look for?”
    66. 66. The Top Measures#1 Engagement Data – comments, engaged fans,likes, retweets#2 Sentiment – opinion on what was said,positive/negative#3 Traffic – hits, unique visitors, followers#4 Conversion/leads – loyalty, purchase, referrals#5 Customer evangelism*/satisfaction - Netpromoter score, survey satisfaction Source: Altimeter Group, Digital Strategists, Nov‟10
    67. 67. #9 Get the Watercooler Engaged– “Unleash your employees/ Open up the boardroom”
    68. 68. - Wikibrand Recruitment Tools - Where to Find Your Fans1. Employees2. Twitter (or other microblogging platform)3. Facebook4. Discussion Forums5. Traditional PR6. Dedicated Community Portal7. Conversion of website visitors8. Blogger Outreach Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Surve
    69. 69. Internally,Get Employees on the Bus…
    70. 70. #10 Culture Change Required– “Live the brand, listen before saying, letting go?”
    71. 71. The Biggest Wikibranding Sin - Social Deafness - Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Buzz Report
    72. 72. Lottery 4.0 Ideas
    73. 73. Lottery #1AdverSocialotteries 1. Pts. currencies 2. Real and virtual goods 3. Branded Entertainment
    74. 74. Lottery #2Social Syndicating
    75. 75. Lottery #3Augmented Reality Lotteries
    76. 76. Lottery #4The Lottery Diaries
    77. 77. Lottery #5The Spoof Lottery
    78. 78. Lottery #6 – Crowdcausing Lotteries
    79. 79. Lottery #7Daily Gaming Infographics
    80. 80. Never Forget – Humans are HardWired Social and Influential Animals They crave things that are awesome, social,authentic and customer-driven to talk about… Some among us will talk a lot more than others..when they do, they share stories 97
    81. 81. Because 894 goals and 310 sweat- soaked pages can‟t be wrong "Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is."
    82. 82. What – Wikibrands? Published by McGraw-Hill Twitter: @wikibrands @seanmoffitt Website: Email: Phone: 416-458-2818