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YGDA Advance Teaser Deck - Connecting for Global Good


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An advance preview of need, vision, goals and elements of the YMCA Global Digital Accelerator program - Venture Pitch and Workshop to be convened November 11th and 12th in Melbourne, Australia at the World Urban Network conference

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YGDA Advance Teaser Deck - Connecting for Global Good

  1. 1. + “Connecting for Global Good” Advance Preview and Teaser Deck WUN Melbourne
  2. 2. + Last year, on July 21st 2012 in Madrid - We polled you about digital - We educated you on the need for the digitally-engaged CEO champion - We had deep discussion on 10 lead digital ideas TOGETHER - We called for the need for collective digital action - We said we would come back with a PLAN!
  3. 3. + This year in Melbourne, we are coming to complete the deal… - We have an exciting venture idea - We have 12 pioneering YMCAs involved - We have a talented guiding team and technical resources - We have a business model with interest - AND WE HAVE A CLEAR VISION, MISSION, GOAL AND PITCH…
  4. 4. We have narrowed down to a great idea for 2014 rollout … April‟12 - 56 Interesting Ideas Generated July‟12 – 10 Potential Ideas Harvested Guiding Team Industry Experts CEOs Youth Change Agents Feb‟13 – 4 Alpha Ideas Developed June‟13 – 2 Big Ideas Tested
  5. 5. Our 2014 Lead Project… “A YMCA Global Youth Leader Network”  Connecting/empowering global youth Y LEADER HUB  Fueling local fundraising/cause advocacy  Building tomorrow‟s leaders  Crowdsourcing the best ideas and leveraging YMCA scale  Inspiring positivity and civic engagement
  6. 6. GLOBAL YOUTH LEADER NETWORK Y Daily Discoveries section – a daily updated, curated and interactive series of shared learning and leadership experiences fueling youth curiosity, exploration, imagination and development, authored by Y staff/guest experts Global Good Days challenges – hosting one-day ideastorms/collaboration challenges involving youth‟s creativity, photography, video, ambition and passion Y Thunderclaps – amplifying messages via YMCA scale and creating waves of attention through social media, so our most important headlines are not only spoken, but heard and seen
  7. 7. GLOBAL YOUTH LEADER NETWORK The Movement Triangle - an advocacy area that puts together the online tools of fundraising, a platform to show off their stories and advice on the art and science of igniting movements in the hands of our global youth, wherever they exist Y Crowdsourcing for Good – a platform that brings together the world‟s top youth to collaboratively work on local YMCA‟s and corporate partner‟s most important youth relevant opportunities and issues Y Digital Startup Accelerator – investing and mentoring social innovation ventures put forward and led by youth in our communities
  8. 8. GLOBAL YOUTH LEADER NETWORK Y Heroes and Mavens Gallery – a global and local events and video-based forum, sharing stories and awards that profile the world‟s most inspiring youth/role models The Youth General Assembly - a global engagement hub for meaningful youth leader social interaction/networking, connected through Facebook, Twitter and other social „nets “What’s Good” Headlines – an interactive area where thousands of youth come together and elevate the conversation by sharing only the most exciting, positive and substantial stories of the day amongst themselves, and for the world to enjoy
  9. 9. + Extended Commercial/Partner Interest
  10. 10. YGDA: The YMCA World‟s + Leading Global Digital Project “The World Alliance of YMCAs is in full support of YGDA. This brilliant project is a ticket to the future and will help us to reach more young people engaging them in modern technologies.” Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General – World Alliance of YMCAs
  11. 11. + Youth Agent Endorsement – Adi Davies, Kosovo Youth "Our YMCA movement is all about giving individuals space, that space is most often a physical space like a youth center, meeting room, sports facilities... but to make it relevant we also need a collective digital space where our combined voice can be seen and heard and impact the world more..."
  12. 12. + Our YGDA Digital Accelerator Sessions in Melbourne 1. We have a clear pitch inviting your involvement on Monday afternoon, November 11th, 2013. 2. We have an entertaining and stimulating workshop planned for Tuesday afternoon, November 12th ,2013. 3. We will make ourselves available during the full week of the conference for individual sessions. 4. We have a clear path to our first global initiative at World Council on June 29th, 2014.
  13. 13. + Let‟s Imagine a Better World Online in WUN Melbourne… We want your engagement, your enrolment and your commitment. We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne! Dave Ball, Sean Moffitt and Cinzia Marrocco, on behalf of the YGDA Guiding Team