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Content Supply Chain Webinar Summary


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If you want to understand the true value of your content, develop a definitive strategy to maximize its value and understand the processes required to deliver back a significant return, you have found the right resource.

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Content Supply Chain Webinar Summary

  1. 1. Content Supply Chain Getting your content to sing and dance!© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC.
  2. 2. Content = Core Marketing Strategy Smart before the cart: Seek content at every point of decision journey Reviews and referrals: Drive more sales than online ads Right content breaks through: People today do not have 30 seconds to be marketed to, but a lot of people have 30 seconds for a great story “” Jon Thomas 2© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC.
  3. 3. State of Content Today Implications Content proliferation—marketers and brand Every company is a publisher managers generate escalating amounts of content Consumers connect with brands—and their Companies need to understand the role of content—in fundamentally new ways content in customer engagement and brand management Content production is inconsistent and Inefficiencies in content creation and distribution; uncoordinated; content creation input cycle lacks missed opportunities to break through content strategic direction clutter Content is not considered perishable Difficult for consumers to find content that is relevant and timely Content is not treated as an asset Companies are missing opportunities to optimize the value of content As more consumer touchpoints become digital, Strategic management of the entire content content plays a larger role in the purchase supply chain can drive customer engagement, decision journey loyalty and revenue Content purpose—and role in socialization—is Companies are not taking full advantage of their unclear and ill-defined social media properties and channels© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 3
  4. 4. The Consumer Decision Journey Content, Conversation, Community Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase Post-Purchase • Needs • Options • Informed • Identified • ExperienceConsumer • Wants • Education Triggers conversation preference • Research • Searches • Researches • Product-set • Coupons • ExperienceConsumerResponse • Talks • Talks with family • Others like me • Samples • Mentor • Researches and friends • More conversations • Deals • Helps others • Steals People want to be People want to People want to tap People want a great People want to helpConsumer informed before they understand their introduction to the Desire the knowledge of others; spread the have conversations. options and have experts or others like product. word; drive affinity. informed them. conversations. • SEO • Forums • Communities • Content • Advocate Private • Communities (Advocates) • Advocate stories – Websites Community • Content • Communities • Forums – Deal sites • Content amplification • Content • Content – Campaigns amplificationStrategy Social – Partners amplification amplification – Social media – Credible sites – Features/functions – Stories – All points of – Studies – Reviews decision – Stories/experiences – Impact journey – Influencer content Outcome Experienced Credible Resources Informed Options Informed Decisions Loyal Advocates Influencers © COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC.
  5. 5. According to McKinsey & Company, embedded costs25% alone for a content supply chain can range from $50 million to $75 million for a consumer products OEM to over $300 million for a globalOf marketing budgets is spent on technology companycontent creation and distribution—The Custom Content Association YET! Few companies have created the roles and “” systems needed to manage their content supply chain and create a coherent customer experience —Harvard Business Review© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 5
  6. 6. Brands = Publishers Two crucial steps: 1. Define contentCorporations face many of the valuesame issues as commercial 2. Adopt supply chain approachpublishers: Enormous Value: Audience development • Drives revenue Content topic roadmap (story • Expands the social graph of content along budget in publishing terms) the decision journey • Optimizes staffing and maximizes Content mix and volume resources • Builds strong content partnerships Content development • Amplifies content exponentially • Creates high value, high performing Targeted content distribution across content multiple genres and channels • Ensures relevance and timeliness Resource allocation and • Tracks content performance against organizational structure business KPIs© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 6
  7. 7. Most marketers, failing to adopt the discipline of a multimedia publisher, don’t realize that deep within their “” Common content pain points: A lack of operations, they are facing escalating production costs, understanding of how to organize the content unnecessary duplication, creation and distribution process and build the inconsistent quality of content right mix of supporting resources and second-rate interactions with customers —McKinsey Quarterly Develop content based on market demand and business strategy Establish processes for creating the right mix and volume of content Manage the publication process Understand and leverage distribution channels Measure content equity and ROI© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 7
  8. 8. Content = Business Asset • Well-run companies manage supply chain to produce products efficiently and create enterprise value – Core competency with defined roles, processes, quality measures and performance goals • Content needs to be sourced and managed like any other raw material – It needs to be transformed into an asset with defined value© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 8
  9. 9. Steps in the Content Supply Chain1. Insights or Sourcing 4. Socialization and Amplification or Logistics Applies comprehensive discipline to Delivers content across multiple identifying the right topics and stories distribution channels. that reflect the companies’, brands’ or organizations’ legacy, points of distinction and vision.2. Creation 5. Measurement Aligns with the manufacturing process, it Quantifies return on content applies a “news bureau” approach to the assets, tracks the performance of development of content assets in multiple specific content “SKUs” and provides the formats. data points needed to control cost and quality and drive better performance.3. Management Encompasses all the controls and quality oversight needed to manage workflows, archive and curate content, manage versioning and integration across all phases of the content life cycle.© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 9
  10. 10. Socialization and Insights Creative Management Amplification Market Needs Content Creation Publication Process Distribution and Outreach Process Consistent, replicable Filters for relevance content creation process differentiations Owned• Listening • Content • SMEs • Content library Authors• Conferences consumption • Partners • Content roadmap Earned• Partners • Product • Customers • Expiration/sell-by• Search terms management • Content creation • Refresh cycles• Trends • Customer specialists • Campaign codes Paid• Competitive insights • Versioning scan • Customer • Touchpoint management• Community support • Segment relevance • Curation tools Mass • Message check Filters actions • Consumption profile and (Designated process by • Voice genre personas • Sales support distribution type) • Thought leadership Measure • Support decision journey • Drive lead gen • Generate revenue© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 10
  11. 11. Content Equity KPI 1: Drive SEO Uncover GenerateSupport KPI 2: Increase brand KPI 5: Generate KPI 6: Monetize content assets consideration Sales-ready leads RevenueDecision LeadsJourney KPI 3: Increase brand preference KPI 4: Drive support around government affairs or issue management © COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 11
  12. 12. Tracks the return on content assets against specified KPIs Measurement Enhance SEO Define content mission Tweakstrategy, insights Align with KPIs and channels Displays Index per KPI like a stock ticker Track, report, diag Define metrics set nose for each KPI 12© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC.
  13. 13. TOP 10 INSIGHTS CREATION MANAGEMENT AMPLIFICATION MEASUREMENT 1. Define content mission against 3. Create content filters and 5. Drive management 8. process with content Include a mix of owned, earned, 10. Measure and index performance business objectives scorecards to strategists; facilitate paid and mass against each and define aligned gauge content content logistics with social media in the content KPI to track KPIs. effectiveness. right mix of tools and amplification mix; ROI and calibrate technology. evolve and grow content strategy. the mix over time. 2. Assign topic beats 4. with editors, Develop dynamic publishing 6. Develop system tracking a 9. Develop aapproach outreach custom reporters and cycles, not strict by assigning each for each channel sources that will time-stamped content asset a type and venue. drive a dynamic models. unique code. insights process that cuts horizontally across 7. Curate content to deliver the right type functional silos. of content at specific points along the decision journey.© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 13
  14. 14. Contact Info Steve Hershberger Kevin Lynch ComBlu ComBlu 312-649-1687 312-649-1687 Link to Study K:Sales & MarketingThought leadershipContent Supply ChainMarketing materialsContent Supply Chain webinar summary deck.pptx© COPYRIGHT 2012, COMBLU, INC. 14