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A presentation given by Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands at the New Marketing Congreso Internacional in El Salvador, November 15, 2012

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  • I think we’ve all been trained on marketing’s 4Psa for the last 50 years it is has been a marketing stapleWhenever I talk to my colleague Don Tapscott, he believes brands are a much more complicated construct shared between company and users nowadays – we prefer the 13Es as a new model of wikibranding – with the key driver being Evangelism – a true litmus test of a healthy business and brand – would you recommend me to others?
  • We wrote a book – some smart people liked it, we’ve been travelling the last 9 months evangelising our business manifesto – would love for you to join us
  • Wikibrands New Marketing 2012

    1. 1. Wikibrands:Reinventing your Company in aCustomer-Driven Marketplace Congreso Internacional New Marketing El Salvador November 15, 2012
    2. 2. #wikibrands #NewMktSV @seanmoffitt @wikibrands@newmarketingme
    3. 3. The Jason Bourne ofOrganizations + Digital + Marketing + Innovation
    4. 4. Ranked #1 GloballyOnline penetration –79% of Canadians onlineOnline usage –average 43.5 hours online/mthOnline video – 251 videos/17.2 hours/mth.LinkedIn usage - 15% of online Canadians useSocial gaming - spend 4.5 hours each weekOnline Banking - 65% of Internet usersRanked in Top 10Social Media Use – 70% use; ½ everydayFacebook usage –#4 worldwide/82% of online Can.Twitter usage –#6 worldwide/18% of online Can.Smartphone usage – 33% of mobile users
    5. 5. “Who is leading this change in your company?”
    6. 6. Who will lead big change: Lead Customer Engagement? Rally Employee Culture? Help Understand a Fast Moving World? CEO? COO? CIO? CFO?
    7. 7. Forget social media……we need engaged business
    8. 8. There’s a new currency on how to build business… “Something you Buy” “Something you Trust” “Something you Want” “Something you“Something you Prefer” “Something you Love” Participate In”
    9. 9. “In a connected world, power shifts to those best able to connect.” Dov Seidman
    10. 10. Forget Marketing’s 4Ps…Embrace the Wikibrand 13Es
    11. 11. Five Other Core Messages “Be Strategic” “Get Digitally Buff” “Stay Up to Speed” “Don’t Ration the Passion” “Go for Awesome”
    12. 12. Business/brands to Emulate Top Tools and Apps The Future Best Resources Breakouts Group Discussion Q&APlaying to My Audience?
    13. 13. Vs.Vs. Vs.Vs.
    14. 14. I. The Anthems/Himnos –“The World is a Blur”II. First Half/Tiempo Primo–“The 4 Rules of NewMarketing”III. Second Half/TiempoSegundo- –“FLIRT Model –The 12 Ingredients to EngagedMarketing”IV. Extra Time/TiempoAdicional -“What’s Up Next”
    15. 15. #1 The World is a Blur
    16. 16. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin
    17. 17.  The average lifespan of a companyis 15 years and dropping quickly… The average amount of jobs youwill have by 42 is ten. Life expectancy is now 81 yearsold. Source: US Department of Labour/Yale S&P Study/StatsCan
    18. 18. Which industry will be affected the most?
    19. 19. #1 Education #4 Media ($3 Trillion) ($0.8 Trillion) #2 Health Care #5 Finance ($4 Trillion) ($7 Trillion)#3 Entertainment #6 Energy ($0.7 Trillion) ($6 Trillion) * Source: Draft results from Wikibrands 4th Annual Global Buzz Report
    20. 20. Source:
    21. 21. Change is Survival“My business may not survive over the next 10 years if we dont act swiftly to technology/digital culture” 69% agree/strongly agree * Source: Draft results from Wikibrands 4th Annual Global Buzz Report
    22. 22. 1892 1937 2010 2008 20091926 19922001 1996 2007 2007
    23. 23. The world is a blur …social networks
    24. 24. The world is a blur …cameras. 1996 2012Average Mega Pixels Average Mega Pixels 0.5 MP 16 MP
    25. 25. The world is a blur …razors
    26. 26. Mobile Subscriptions s 4 Billion 6 Billion 9 billionMobile Data 0.1 Billion 1.5 Billion 4.5 BillionFacebook users 0.1 Billion 1.0 Billion 1.5 BillionInternet Video 654 PB/mth 16,880 PB/mth 45,280 PB/mthOlympic – Tweets 0.2 Million 150 million 4,500 million * Estimates Sources: Ericcson, Cisco, ATOS, Twitter 1 PB = 250,000 DVDs
    27. 27. Fit for Change? Are you digitally buff?
    28. 28. The Full Digital Playing Field..not just Facebook Offence • Content/Campaigns • Social media/networks • Influencer outreach/paid media Midfield • SEO/search marketing • Community management/engagement/moderat ion • Mobile/Apps Defence • Metrics/Analytics • Org. Integration/Culture • User experience/design • CRM/eCommerce/Fundraising
    29. 29. Warning Signs in the Mirror1. You are reading bad headlines about yourself or organizations like you.2. People say they are satisfied but not in love with you.1. People are not willing to spend time with you.1. You are laughing at an innovative competitor/peer company.1. You can imagine a different world w/o much friction.
    30. 30. #2 The FourRules of New Marketing
    31. 31. What are the top changes that are happening to marketing?
    32. 32. #1 Increasing Wireless/Mobile Connection #2 Waning Attention to Mass Media #3 The Need for Authenticity in the Customer Experience #4 The Explosion of Big Data (particularly customers)* Source: Draft results from Wikibrands 4th Annual Global Buzz Report
    33. 33. We don’t have the answers….yet#1 Social Media #1 Customer#2 Customer Analytics/Managing DataAnalytics/Managing Data #2 Social Media#3 CRM #3 Mobile/new channels#4 Mobile/new channels #4 Shifting Demographics Source: eMarketer 2012
    34. 34. The 1ST Law of the New Marketing - Socialness 36 36
    35. 35. Six Hardwired Instincts on Why We Talk #12 website To Survive #1 website To Connect #6 website To Make Sense of the World #10 website To Reduce Risk & Uncertainty #23 website To Benefit Economically #3 website To Relieve Tension
    36. 36. The Power of Your New Marketing Grapevine Close Friends 2 X 30 = 60Offline Socialness Good Friends 7X5 = 35 Colleagues 150 x 1 = 150Offline Socialness Followers 208 x 208 = 43,264 Connections 70 x 70 = 4,900 Friends = 68,644 262 x 262
    37. 37. New Marketing Socialness
    38. 38. The 2nd Law of New Marketing - Awesomeness There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey 40
    39. 39. Fact - The World is Not Created Equal…Whether its business, products, services, restaurants,TV shows, people…. There is the “AWESOME” - 1% There is the “GOOD” - 20% There is the “MEH” ~60% There is the “BAD” - 20% There is the “UGLY” - 1%
    40. 40. The Law of Awesomeness Online Only 14% of your Facebook posts ever … Receive commentsOnly 1.5% of Tweetconversations go… Two levels (replies) deepOnly 5.0% of LinkedUsers have… 1,000+ contacts Source: Compete
    41. 41. In an attention-starved world-Act different, be different, think different Top 3 Attributes That Make People Talk: 1. Unique 2. Dynamic 3. Different Great content starts with… “Wouldn’t it be cool if…? Great content ends with… “You have to check this out…” Source: Y&R Brand Asset valuator
    42. 42. New Marketing Awesomeness
    43. 43. New Marketing Awesomeness
    44. 44. The 3rd Law of the New Marketing - Authenticity
    45. 45. A Culture Change is Required MASS ERA DIRECT ERA INFLUENCE/WIKIBRANDS ERAControl CollaborationHype TransparencyDecisions DialogueFeatures Purpose
    46. 46. The CEO Topspin –The Peters and Deborahs Get It • 82% of people trust a company more who has a CEO who is involved in social media • 94% believe it leads to a better brand image • 78% believe it leads to better communication Source: Brandfog
    47. 47. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin
    48. 48. The 4th Law of New Marketing – Customer-Driven
    49. 49. Customer Experience ReignsWho Knows Better Than Your Customer Executives who believe the Customer Experience is the new battleground - 95% Executives who believe they are delivering a positive customer experience - 80% Customers who agree - 8%
    50. 50. People Fan Brands All the Time…- 85% of people want companies engaging with theircustomers in social media- Twitterers are three times more likely to embrace brandsthan average population
    51. 51. Customer-Driven New MarketingNew Jersey Devils Mission Control
    52. 52. #3 Courageous Steps The 12 Step FLIRT Model
    53. 53. Get FLIRT y
    54. 54. THE WIKIBRAND 12 FACTORS – FLIRT and MILC ModelsBUILD – FLIRT IT MAINTAIN – MILC IT• Focus/Strategy • Measurement/Metrics• Language, Content, • Internalizing Success Outreach • Life Stage Management• Incentives/Motivations • Listening• Ideas That Spread• Rules, Guidelines, • Community Rituals Management• Tools & Platforms • Culture
    55. 55. What is the most importantingredient for: creating raving fans and getting noticed and talked about in 2012?
    56. 56. Top 10 Ranked Raving Fan Elements Great ideas that spread are rare and valuable#1 Conversation Worthy Idea/Concept #2 Great Product/Brand #3 Customer Experience provided #4 The Audience who Participates #5 Culture/employees of a Company #6 Method in which it interacts w/ its audience #7 Incentives for referral #8 Strong process #9 Creative/design used #10 Tools/technology platforms built Source: Wikibrands Buzz Report
    57. 57. #1 Focus – The Wikibrands Couch
    58. 58. BALANCE FOUR FACTORSBusiness/ OrganizationSponsorship Objectives Incentives Vision Resources Revenue Talent Marketplace No Relevance Culture Partners Values Process No Execution No Direction Positioning Needs/Wants Benefits No Capability Experience Product/Service Advocacy Support Media Community Attention Brand Customer
    59. 59. FOCUS one step down – Answer the Specific Questions… Area of Benefit Scale/Size of“what do you want to Collaboration achieve?” “how big will it be?” Depth of Exclusivity of Collaboration Membership“how much member “how open is your involvement is community?” expected?”
    60. 60. Movember– A Million Moustache Wearers Supporting Prostate Cancer -
    61. 61. Movember – Energizing and Focusing a Community - -Objectives – Vision – “Change the Face of Men’s Health”Brand – “Bring back the retro icon of the moustache to visibly support cause”Organizational Culture – - $125MM raised in 2011 “If it’s awesome they will use it, - 850k participants - 10 times more social presence if it’s awesome they will talk - 3 times more donations, about it.” healthy amount via Facebook
    62. 62. II. The Language, Tone and Content of a Connected Engaged Brand Reciprocal Ethical Human Awesome Helpful Authentic Social
    63. 63. “It doesn’t matter what you say, if Idon’t like the way you’re saying it” James Cherkoff, Collaborate Marketing
    64. 64. Quality of Content 57%Content Interaction 33%Content Quantity/Variety 10%Content Quality vs. Quantity/Variety vs. Interaction?
    65. 65. CONTENT QUALITY –Shoot it, Visualize It, Provoke It, List It, Link It, Friend It, Say It
    66. 66. The age of infographics…
    67. 67. CONTENT FREQUENCY-It may be cheap, but this is not a part time job The average tweet lasts 12 minutes The average Facebook post lasts 80 minutes The average blog post last 1 ½ days
    68. 68. CONTENT FREQUENCY –If the Customer is King, then Content is Queen Activity per Great Good Minimum Month Blog Posts 30+ 12 5 Tweets 400 200 100 Facebook 60 30 15 Posts Video 8 4 1 Email 8 4 1
    69. 69. III. INCENTIVES. MOTIVATIONS ANDOUTREACH“what’s in it for me?”
    70. 70. Three Reasons Why People Join Anything The Feel Goods – The Look Goods - The Get Somethings - “How do I identify with, “How do I appear to “What is my direct, help the community?” others?” tangible reward?”Fun & enjoyment (#1) Recognition by company (#1) Invitation to Events (#1)Creativity (#2) Access to exclusive resources (#2) 3rd party incentives (#2)Group achievement (#3) Ability to join VIP circle (#3) Personalized treatment (#3)
    71. 71. Kiva – Leveraging Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Explicit Rewards75 employees, $250 million in loans, 1 million people in Kiva Community, 20k Lending teams,435k on Twitter, 140k on Facebook, Number of Loans per Kiva lender 7.3
    72. 72. OUTREACH- Who/where and why are the ambassadors? Influencers? True fans?
    73. 73. OUTREACH – Some of these people are not like the others
    74. 74. Some of these people are not like the others… who are your top 100/1,000 fans?
    75. 75. Outreach - lululemon – Ambassadors who buy in-60 Elite Ambassadors-4,000 employees and localambassadors across 140 stores- 35,000 R&D participants- $1,700 revenue per square foot
    76. 76. IV. Big Ideas That TravelSimple, Unexpected, Concrete, Emotional
    77. 77. Ideas That Travel– 10 Storytelling Methods - Aspirations and Beliefs* - David vs. Goliath - Avalanche about to Roll - Changing Assumptions - Anxieties
    78. 78. Ideas That Travel– 10 Storytelling Methods - Personalities and Personal Appeal* - How-to Stories and Advice* - Glitz and Glam - Seasonal/event-related* - Spoof/Imitate
    79. 79. Plan Canada – A Manifesto that Resonates
    80. 80. V. Rules and Governance - Rules, Guidelines & Survival Guide -- 94 Pages of Digital Goodness - Guidelines - Online Brand Values - Dos and Don’ts - Best Practices - Decision Tree and Q&A - Top 150 Supporting Websites
    81. 81. What Causes Big Digital Blowups…Plan Ahead #1 Exposure of Poor Experience #2 Poor Influencer Relations #3 Violation of Ethical Guidelines #4 Rogue Employees #5 Inappropriate Content Source: Altimeter
    82. 82. VI. Tools and Platforms Have a Home, Neutral and Away Game Home: Neutral: Away: Website Brand Pages Social Networks Email/Blog Employee Profiles Sharing SitesDatabase/Community RSS Feed Other Blogs Forums Facebook Influencers
    83. 83. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10#11 #12 #13 #14 #15#16 #17 #18 #19 #20
    84. 84. VII. Measurement, Metrics and the pursuit of ROI: There is no silver bullet to measurement
    85. 85. “Learning to Ride the Bike” Measurement Axiom - The more you use it, the more you prove it
    86. 86. VIII - Internalizing Success -Get Employees on the Bus…
    87. 87. The Need to Produce Hero Employees
    88. 88. Charity Water’s EmployeesCelebrate Their Funders on YouTube
    89. 89. IX. Life Stage Planning of a Connected Community Milestone achievement User generated content Incentives materialized Mass supported Expected cycle of activity Expansion Broadened focus Fresh produced content Company culture change Highlight contribution Self-governance Incentives pitched Tiered membership Networked Seeded audience
    90. 90. X. LISTENING SYSTEM“what’s being said? Where are they saying it? How doesthat affect us? Do they know we’re listening?”
    91. 91. The Biggest Wikibranding Sins- Social and Digital Deafness is Tops- Source: Agent Wildfire 2011 Buzz Report
    92. 92. A battery of listening tools…
    93. 93. XI. Culture and Leadership A Culture Change is Required“A companys customer advocacyleader needs to be a frequent and 95% agreevery active participant in thesocial networking space”“Top Executives/CEOs willbecome much more active on 74% agreethe web over the next 3 years”“Smaller organizations are betterpositioned to do social media than 66% agreelarger organizations”
    94. 94. Livestrong Leadership Leads
    95. 95. XII. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT“who will lead the conversation?”
    96. 96. You Can Keep Anybody Happy Initially, How Do You Get Them To Stay in Love
    97. 97. Top Tasks of Community Managers1. Communication2. Content Creation3. Company/brand evangelism4. Member/Customer support5. Ongoing Facilitation6. Metrics Reporting7. Event Host8. Community Evolution/Feature Development9. Internal Rallying Cry10. Community Administration11. Member Recruitment/Crowdsourcing Source: Agent Wildfire 2011 Community Management Survey
    98. 98. The 11 Cs of Creating Community101 Broadcast - Communication/Content i.e. photo/video/albums/news - Competition i.e. rewards, contests, status - Customization i.e. widgets, avatars, profiles - Conversation i.e. blogs, forums, comments201 Interaction - Connection i.e. messaging, integration, feeds - Community i.e. social networks, groups, teams - Categorization i.e. tagging, sections, levels, lists - Collective Wisdom i.e. rating, ranking, voting, polls301 Collaboration/Core Altering - Co-Creation i.e. CGM, ideas, reviews - Contextual Extensions i.e. mobile, offline, online, IM - Culture building i.e. recruitment, engagement, causes
    99. 99. #4 What’s Up Next
    100. 100. What Tomorrow’s Customers Want,Which is the Top One? #3 #2 #4 #1
    101. 101. Innovation – Blurring the Line Between Real and Virtual
    102. 102. Top Growth Segments (next 3-5 years) 1. Mobile Marketing 2. Cloud Computing 3. Cash payments/eWallets 4. Location- specific/GPS/NFC communications 5. Big data analytics * Source: Draft results from Wikibrands 4th Annual Global Buzz Report
    103. 103. Platforms on the Rise and The Fall for Business Use Fast Risers Dropping Fast#1#2#3#4 * Source: Draft results from Wikibrands 4th Annual Global Buzz Report
    104. 104. Top Counterforces at Work (next 3-5 years) 1. Social Network Burnout 2. Privacy 3. Failure to Monetize 4. Corporate Resistance 5. Intellectual Property/Legal Issues * Source: Draft results from Wikibrands 4th Annual Global Buzz Report
    105. 105. TV Gets Social 75% agreeWill social TV be realized over the next 3 years? * Source: Draft results from Wikibrands 4th Annual Global Buzz Report
    106. 106. Facebook – Still the Standard? 56% agree 31% agree 2009 2012Will Facebook be the most dominant network in 3 years? * Source: Draft results from Wikibrands 4th Annual Global Buzz Report
    107. 107. Takeaways The World is a Blur - Embrace Change NOW Do Not Break the 4 Rules of the Internet  Socialness  Awesomeness  Authenticity  Customer-driven FLIRT a Little, FLIRT a Lot  Focus, Language, Ideas, Incentives, Rules, Tools MILC your Brand  Measurement, Internalize, Life stage Planning, Listening, Culture and Community Management
    108. 108. Because 894 goals and 310 sweat-soaked pages can’t be wrong "Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is."
    109. 109. Q&A, Debate, Confessions?
    110. 110. Stay Connected…Email sean@wiki-brands.comLinkedIn: @seanmoffitt @wikibrandsFacebook:
    111. 111. Are you digitally buff?The 100 pt. Brand Buffness Test
    112. 112. Executive Leadership A)Does your executive champion digital engagement? (10 pts.) Is there an official and effective executive team sponsor and champion for digital engagement? (2 pts) Does your executive participate in new media as members? (2 pts) Does your executive believe proper use of technology is a top 3 influence on success? (2 pts) Does your executive believe customer engagement is a top 3 key to organizational success? (2 pts) Does your CEO publicly champion and celebrate new media: (2 pts) - internally - externally
    113. 113. Priority Focus B) Does digital engagement show up prominently in your annual strategy and what you track? (10 pts.) Is technology and/or digital/customer engagement a top 5 strategy? (3 pts.) Does digital/customer engagement appear in your organization’s top 7 key performance indicators? (3 pts.) Does digital/customer engagement drive +10% of executive team discussion? 20%? (2 pts.) Is more than 15% of your marketing budget spent on driving digital engagement? 30%? (2 pts.)
    114. 114. Rewards C) Do you celebrate digital engagement milestones company-wide? (10 pts.) Is digital/customer engagement prominently in your personal development/career plan? (3 pts.) At full company functions, is success in digital/customer engagement regularly celebrated ? (3 pts.) Does every employee function in the company know what you are trying to achieve/understand the targets with digital/customer engagement? (2 pts.) In monthly letters/management reports, is digital/customer engagement prominently mentioned? (2 pts.)
    115. 115. Openness D) Do you feel empowered to express support for your company in public, social media freely? (10 pts.) Are employees at every level and function encouraged to participate in new media? (3 pts.) Are your partners, suppliers and vendors encouraged to talk about and advocate your organization in new media? (3 pts.) Do you know who your top 100, 1000, 10,000 fans/influencers are? Do you engage in regular contact with them? (2 pts.) Do you feel like you can experiment in digital/customer engagement, with no repercussions if it fails? (2 pts.)
    116. 116. Education E) Do you feel the required rules, guidelines and training have been provided to support digital engagement? (10 pts.) Do you have a full and aspirational set of rules and guidelines for employees to participate in digital engagement and new media? (3 pts.) Do you have a training and/or certification program for employees and those who officially speak for the company ? (3 pts.) Have you roleplayed possible scenarios, opportunities and risks behind general and key initiatives in digital engagement? (2 pts.) Is there an up-to-date governance of new media and engagement issues generally and in crisis situations? Is there clear responsibility for who owns what? (2 pts.)
    117. 117. Transparency F) Do you have a free flowing exchange of information and insight, enabled by technology? (10 pts.) On most matters, do you feel that there are no secrets or hidden agendas behind your communication and practices? (3 pts.) Do you encourage open and free flowing contact with key customers and stakeholders? Is it in “human speak” not corporate speak?(3 pts.) Does technology help accelerate speed of information and expertise sharing inside and outside the company? (2 pts.) Does the conscience of your customer, partners and involved parties feel present in key company direction and decisions? (2 pts.)
    118. 118. Culture G) Does support for digital engagement pervade what you do everyday, from the boardroom to the frontlines? (10 pts.) Is “what does my customer want/think” a critical component to front-line decisions? (3 pts.) Is it easy to get other employees enthused about digital/customer engagement and initiatives? (3 pts.) Do employees across levels and functions regularly collaborate and cross-pollinate ideas in your organization? (2 pts.) Does your company truly value and pursue what your customers and public have to say and contribute? (2 pts.)
    119. 119. Incentive H) Do you feel like management supports time, reward, risks and resources for digital engagement efforts? (10 pts.) Are staff, community members and customers compensated for success, contributions or improvement in digital/customer engagement? (3 pts.) Does management support digital/customer engagement efforts through real investment and required resources? (3 pts.) Do people who thrive in digital/customer engagement get promoted faster/evaluated better than those that don’t? (2 pts.) Is time spent and new initiatives on digital/customer engagement actively encouraged? (2 pts.)
    120. 120. Values I) Do you have an ethos that every staff person can believe in and get excited about? (10 pts.) Is your company mission/cause motivating and compelling? (3 pts.) Do the majority of your employees share and practice these values each day? Do they express themselves unpromptedly in new media? (3 pts.) Do these values and practices resonate with external customers and prospects to the point of action and advocacy? (2 pts.) Is your organization able to self-govern itself on the “right thing to do” without the intervention of management or the risk of public damage to your brand? (2 pts.)
    121. 121. Participation J) Is participation in digital media widely adopted and coordinated across the organization? (10 pts.) Does more than 20% of your company staff participate actively in digital engagement? 30%? 40%? Is this coordinated? (3 pts.) Is your company present and active in the relevant spaces and platforms online? (3 pts.) Are you a “first mover” in establishing a presence on new spaces and platforms? (2 pts.) Do you have the required technical and customer-facing talent to lead and support your initiatives in digital/customer engagement? (2 pts.) - quality of talent - quantity of talent
    122. 122. The Brand Engagement Buffness Test +80 pts. Hardcore Buff +60 pts. Weekend Warrior Buff +40 pts. Bootcamp Ready +20 pts. Engagement Obese 0-19 pts. Emergency Room Candidate