Why lean is the future of content marketing


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You've heard it before: you need a content strategy. But how can you make it impacting without huge budgets and resources?

At Scoop.it, we started meetup groups in San Francisco and then in NYC to discuss best practices around that precise topic. Following more than a year of great sessions with speakers from uservoice, task rabbit, linkedin, slideshare, buffer, moz, mozilla, facebook, likeable media, vaynermedia as well as thought leaders like beth kanter or jeremy goldman, we've put together the first framework for Lean Content.

Lean content is not just content marketing "for the rest of us" but the smart and efficient way to have an impact with strong focus.

Join us!

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  • I heard from a friend of mine how many people had to put advertise over 3 & 4 hundred times just to get their place at the top of the list of the internet listing for people to consider logging onto their site URL'S for them to get business because of all the competition they have with other different businesses in the tree care industry ! Because in order to keep there SEO ''Search Engine Optimization where it's at instead of losing there place for them to make a profit they have to advertise as much as possible for people to get familiar with the fact of knowing they are not lazy is why certain companies are at the top of the internet list rating at the top to make their living !
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  • Isn't consistency more important than frequency?

    Yes, I agree quantity is important to produce quality... but you risk dinging your brand message in the pursuit of quality. Too many businesses put out crap without having established basic strategy, knowing their buyer personas, and creating a style guide that establishes minimum quality standards.

    Just 'doing' content for the sake of doing it is no different than the mindset of running an ad in the Yellow Pages because everyone is 'doing' it.

    When comparing content marketing returns and costs of creating content, too many businesses under budget producing quality from day one.
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  • @ParmveerSandhu The point on quantity is intentionally provocative - and I admit - might sound like a paradox: we all want quality of course (and as we say on slide 3 we have no choice anyway). But an inspiring argument made by one of our speakers - Leo Widrich from Buffer - was that to obtain quality, you needed practice.

    This is what slide 19 is about: no one delivers quality from day 1. And if you wait to be perfect to start, you never will. Don't be afraid of the quality of your first content pieces: just do it. As you repeat and learn, you will move quality up and the needle for your content marketing.

    Makes more sense?
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  • good points... but should have been more clearer .... Quantity over Quality ... ??? Yes frequency matters but on what cost...?
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Why lean is the future of content marketing

  1. 1. @gdecugis #LeanContent: 
 Content Strategies
 for the rest of us Why lean is   the future of content marketing   Guillaume Decugis Co-Founder & CEO – Scoop.it
  2. 2. @gdecugis You’ve heard it many times before: 
 you need a content strategy
  3. 3. @gdecugis But only great content makes an impact Google and social networks killed low quality content… … not to mention that it hurts your brand.
  4. 4. @gdecugis Great content = cost + time Type of content Cost to produce Time to produce Blog 2-4 man hours 1-3 days Infographic $2,000-$10,000 3-6 weeks Video $5,000-$150,000 4-12 weeks White paper 5-20 man days 3-8 weeks
  5. 5. @gdecugis Some have deep pockets to solve this Do you?
  6. 6. @gdecugis Content strategy for SMBs Low cost but no impact Low cost / fast / high impact Costly Flops Costly Wins Cost / Time Impact
  7. 7. @gdecugis Think: (lean) startups Low budget Fast and agile Change the world
  8. 8. @gdecugis A framework: L.E.A.N. Content Leverage
  9. 9. @gdecugis A framework: L.E.A.N. Content Leverage Experiment
  10. 10. @gdecugis A framework: L.E.A.N. Content Leverage Experiment Automate
  11. 11. @gdecugis A framework: L.E.A.N. Content Leverage Experiment Automate N’ measure
  12. 12. @gdecugis Leverage existing audiences 60M monthly uniques, excellent SEO Blog knowing people asked the question Get your blog posts bundle with others’ for greater discoverability And many more!
  13. 13. @gdecugis Leverage your community Encourage contributions. Start a blog contribution program. Write round-up posts from testimonials.
  14. 14. @gdecugis Leverage existing content Don’t just create. Curate. 85% of professionals who used content curation in 2013 said it helped them save time to maintain their online presence*. *Scoop.it 2014 survey on the impact of Content Curation for US professionals. 1450 respondents.
  15. 15. @gdecugis Leverage existing content Repurpose. Remix. Turn a blog post into a SlideShare, a SlideShare into an infographic, an event into a blog post, etc... © Red Bull Media House
  16. 16. @gdecugis Experiment: don’t overthink Testing > Over-thinking
  17. 17. @gdecugis Experiment: put quantity before quality. Only practice makes perfect. So because you need quality, you have to start with quantity.
  18. 18. @gdecugis Automate repetitive tasks Content sourcing Cross-posting Scheduling Integrate all your content properties through your own content hub
  19. 19. @gdecugis Automate authentically Keep it real. Keep humans in control.
  20. 20. @gdecugis Measure Traffic. Engagement. Leads, CPL / CPA… But make sure to define your objectives first.
  21. 21. @gdecugis Learn & repeat Low cost but no impact Low cost / fast / high impact Costly Flops Costly Wins Cost / Time Impact
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